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“The Apprentice” – Episode 307 – Project Putt Putt

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Things really heated up on tonight’s episode of “The Apprentice,” starting with the complete meltdown of the Net Worth (Street Smarts) team. It seems Audrey didn’t take kindly to being singled out in last week’s Boardroom as the “weak link,” so she went out on the balcony and threw a hissy fit, lamenting her lot in life to Angie and Chris. When John came out and tried to get involved, Audrey blew a fuse and stormed off.

Meanwhile, over at Magna (Book Smarts), everything seemed to be just peachy.

This week’s task was fairly straightforward. Each team was to design, build, promote, and run a miniature golf course. The team who could earn the most money in one day of operation would win the challenge.

When Audrey nominated herself to be Net Worth‘s project manager, it was the start of a long, slow downward spiral for the team that just a few short weeks ago seemed unbeatable. There was plenty of resistance at first, particularly from John, but Audrey actually did a decent job of making a case for herself, and the rest of the team reluctantly conceded management of the project to her. Wasting no time, Audrey immediately delegated course design to Chris and promotions to John.

Net Worth decided upon a circus theme for their course, which seemed to mean nothing more than everyone on the team dressing up as clowns. There was some talk of handing out fliers around the neighborhood, but we never actually saw any of it.

Things came to a head for the team when Audrey refused to tell the men if they should spend their time setting up the course or working on promotions. Her inability to make a simple decision drove her teammate’s frustration to new levels. Audrey could not seem to understand that, as project manager, she could not simply delegate to her teammates and expect them to figure the rest out for themselves. She could not, for whatever reason, bring herself to take an active role in the running of the project, leaving the rest of the team at loose ends.

Magna, on the other hand, had nothing but smooth sailing. Despite previous personality clashes with her team, Stephanie served as project manager this time around. Because there wasn’t much drama, we saw very little of Magna, but from what was shown, it seemed like the team did a good job of pulling together to create their jungle-themed golf course.

The most inspired idea came from Kendra, who went to nearly every business in the area with Erin and secured cross-promotion rights to market their course. The extra customers derived from this ingenious marketing scheme seemed sure to put Magna on top.

And, indeed, in The Boardroom, it was an unsurprising and clear cut victory. With only $304 in revenues, Net Worth was completely trounced by Magna’s $508 total. As their reward, Magna earned a day of real golfing with The Donald.

Net Worth, on the other hand, was headed back into The Boardroom. Audrey made the inexplicable decision to bring not two, but three people back in with her. She selected John and Craig for obvious reasons, but also wanted to bring Angie. Perhaps she thought that Angie would stick up for her, but that wasn’t exactly what happened. Trump allowed her to bring all three back with her, perhaps because he had already made the decision as to who was going to be fired.

The second Boardroom was short and sweet. It was clear that Audrey’s lack of leadership and inability to control the team had doomed Net Worth from the start. John and Craig agreed, and even Angie backtracked a bit from her early defense. Just like that, Audrey was fired.

Who’s Next To Go?

I was off the mark last week, predicting that Magna would lose and Kendra would be fired. Not only was I wrong, but Kendra actually had quite a hand in her team’s victory tonight. Nonetheless, I had pegged Audrey for expulsion earlier, so her firing tonight wasn’t exactly a surprise.

Looking at the week ahead, it appears that there finally could be some corporate restructuring going on. As such, I wouldn’t try to predict which team could win, as their members may be shuffled even before the tasks are laid out. Instead, I’ll wager that, of the remaining 10 contestants, Chris will be the next to go. He’s the youngest one left, seems to be a little bit unstable, and I think Trump was really offended by his chewing tobacco in front of children during tonight’s task.

Who’s Going To Win?

For the third week running, I still predict Tana will be the winner, with Bren as runner-up.

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  • Robert Emory

    One wonders how these candidates are chosen. It doesn’t seem to be on their brilliance. The capabilities of each might be adequate individually but they all seem to be very average in the Apprentice environment. The old bugaboo political correctness has to rear its head sometime and I think it will this go-around. I predict that Tana will win and that will boost the ratings(need those female viewers), which is the real game after all. John is a more moderate version of Michael who was self deluded about his capabilities and John is going to bite the dust pretty soon. The tobacco man will be the next to go if his team loses, imho.

  • So you’re with me then Berta, eh?

  • I hope John gets squared away soon. He’s my early favorite pick by quite a long shot. Bren’s my second.

  • Martha, you bring up a good point. The outcome of the tasks has been pretty weak for the last month or so. I thought both billboards were pretty awful two weeks ago, and the two mini-golf courses were both just above terrible this week. Magna did a minimally creative move — business-wise — to get the exclusive marketing rights, but that should have been almost a no-brainer. That Net Worth did nothing beyond (dippin’) clowns and flyers is just off mind boggling.

  • What a needy, stupid little wretch Audrey proved to be: all that whining about the burdens of being cursed with beauty (oh boo-hoo) only to turn around at the end and exclaim “Mr. Trump said I was beautiful”! Glad to see her kicked to the curb.

    Actually, though, she wasn’t my choice. I was really disappointed in John, who was a total, uncooperative asshole. He’s no longer my favorite. I expect him to fall on his own sword before too long. And that tobacco-chewing clown may as well start packing his bags. What an idiot.

  • martha berman

    I am surprised that neither team appears to have the capability of any of the previous teams. I suspect that each year there are more young adults “trying out” for The Apprentice, but for some reason, this year’s bunch—both on NetWorth and Magna teams, does not measure up to previous years. Their “attacks” on the problems are not as creative, not as “out of the bo” and they don’t seem as committed.

  • RJ – Keep in mind that for the most part they’re being asked to perform tasks and work with products and industries for which they have little or no experience.

  • RJ

    I look at these people, and I am aghast. Granted, there are time constraints, but these people in large part are not very good at business.

  • I’m surprised at how quickly Net Worth has devolved into a long and sustained meltdown mode.

    John was my early pick as winner, but he needs to take stock after this one: his smug attitude may get him into trouble, and soon. He’s good, he knows it, but if his team doesn’t start winning soon, he could be gone.

    My new pick is Bren, with the still unknown Craig as the darkhorse.

    Good job on this as always, Scott.