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The American Way: Janet Jackson et al Sued For Flash

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The Smoking Gun has the details on the first known lawsuit filed in connection with the Great Super Bowl Flash of 2004:

    A Tennessee woman yesterday filed a proposed class action lawsuit “on behalf of all Americans” who watched the Super Bowl halftime show and were somehow injured by Miss Jackson’s adorned nipple. In the below federal complaint, Terri Carlin, a 47-year-old Knoxville bank employee, contends that Jackson’s exposure and other “sexually explicit conduct” during halftime festivities caused viewers to “suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury.” Details of those supposed injuries were not further described in the complaint filed by attorney Wayne A. Ritchie II. Along with Jackson, Carlin has named as defendants Justin Timberlake, CBS, MTV, and Viacom. Carlin’s complaint seeks compensatory and punitive damages, though an exact dollar figure is not specified. But it seems billions would be in order since Carlin notes that punitive damages should not exceed the gross revenues of all defendants for the past three years.

That would only be in the billions – and you were concerned this would be unreasonable?

I would respond with the usual tut-tutting about the mindset of America today that says if anything displeases, troubles, inconveniences or offends your sensibilities, then sue the shit out of everyone remotely involved. Maybe this woman was sued by the RIAA for file sharing and is pissed at Big Media.

Whatever – it’s stupid.

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  • I have no idea what to say about this. Some people are so effing stupid. Nobody and I mean NOBODY was injured by this to the point that they should enjoy the fruits of one of the parties named in this suit. NOBODY!

  • There is a fledgling movement at racist sites to harass Jackson, including urging of frivolous lawsuits. (Barger, predictably, has posted an entry claiming one of the attacks, in which the bigot displays a picture of a bare-chested female guerilla as representing Jackson, is ‘reasonable.’) I don’t believe this woman, or the others, have standing to sue over the Super Bowl event. It is easy to file a lawsuit. It is also easy to see it get dismissed for failure to state a cause of action.

  • More. The lawyer involved, Wayne Ritchie, a former state legislator, has been active in anti-civil rights activities for years, including opposing gay rights. His name also turns up at neo-Confederate sites, but I haven’t been able to determine if he is an actual member.

  • Oops! Comment 2 should read ‘gorilla.’

  • Again, Diva insists on reaching into this post about lawsuits to shoehorn in another of her irrelevant generic racial attacks.

    HERE is MY post that she is talking about. Notice my response in comment #16.

    HERE is the Bad Eagle post that Diva’s losing her mind about. He does have comments, so feel free to let him know what a no good so-and-so you think he is.

    To underscore the irrelevance of her comment, note that none of Bad Eagle’s posts say ANYTHING about wanting to sue Jackson.

  • The posts are blatantly racist. Only a person as stupid as Al Barger could miss it. I invite everyone to read them for him or herself.

  • Actually, I will save you the trouble in regard to David Yeagley’s entry urging lawsuits. Here it is, verbatim, and unedited.

    Go to Jail, Janet!

    There are people in jail for a lot less than what Janet and Justin did during the Super Bowl halftime show.

    It’s called “indecent exposure,” and all states have laws about it. Texas has plenty of them. Indecent exposure is a misdemeanor, unless children are involved, and then it’s a felony. Millions of American children (under 17) were involved.

    Jackson and Timberlake should therefore be charge with a mass felony, and immediately convicted, and fined, and sentenced to appropriate jail time. The penalty should be in accordance with the number of people affected. Now, is it only the people in the Houston stadium that saw it, or also all the people of the state of Texas, or all the people in the United States and in the world who saw it on TV? Well, this is clearly beyond calculation.

    However, the immeasurableness of the crime should not mean that it is ameliorated by the quantitative inconvenience. The act was committed, children were involved. It is a felony, plain and simple, with millions of witnesses.

    I call for a class action suite against Jackson and Timberlake, and swift retribution.

    Now, if none of this happens, then we can only expect more and more “indecent exposure” of all kinds. Texas is “alert” to the whole sex industry, and bringing a case against Jackson and Timberlake should not be considered out of line, but first in line. Check out Texas law, then check out the laws of every state which broadcast the Super Bowl. Don’t let them hide behind “entertainment” or “free speech.” The Super Bowl incident is an onslaught of our national security, as vile and threatening as Islamic terrorism.

    Sure looks like Yeagley is urging law ‘suites’ (sic) doesn’t it?

  • He does have the single phrase “class action suite,” but that doesn’t seem to be what he’s after. The whole point of the post is that he is urging CRIMINAL prosecution for indecent exposure. That may or may not be warranted, but it’s not the same thing as grasping for cash.

    Also, in the other post, he suggests that some black people may have some racial/sexual insecurities, and that they sometimes act out. Therefore, Yeagley is an EVILRACISTBASTARD who is officially discredited and whose opinions therefore should never be considered ever on any subject- or you’re a stupid and/or evil racist bastard,too- banished and shunned from decent society. Thus spake Diva.