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The American Austin Powers? But Q-Tip said he was the Mac Daddy!

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Hugh Hefner is Carl’s Jr.’s new spokesman! Who would’ve thunk it? The Wall St. Journal brings it on, straight up. Brian Steinberg’s story gives us the skinny:

“Brand-image experts say Mr. Hefner exudes a certain personal charm that crosses generations, a kind of tongue-in-cheek hip sensibility. ‘He is sort of an American Austin Powers,’ notes Allen Adamson, a managing director at Landor, a branding concern. ‘As such, he has this irreverent retro appeal that – for the right product – can draw attention.’ The bottom line: 20-something consumers just think Mr. Hefner is a fun dude. ‘He has become the gentle grandpa who has just a little bit of a wild side,’ says David Morrison of Twentysomething Inc., a Philadelphia youth-marketing consultancy.”

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  • http://www.rodneywelch.blogspot.com/ Rodney Welch

    Who is Carl Jr.? Sorry — didn’t want to bother with the 2-week trial subscription to WSJ to find out.

  • Eric Olsen

    it’s a second-tier burger chain, pretty grim