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The Amazing Race 11: All-Stars Brings Us More Amazing Teams (Part Two)

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As we've been anticipating, the next season of The Amazing Race is indeed an All-Star version. CBS revealed the teams the other day, so you know I have to get in my two cents on them. And, but of course, I welcome your two cents, too. For the skinny on the first six teams I wrote about, head to this article.

Here are the rest of the teams, again in no particular order:

Joe and BillOften a team I loved to hate during Season 1, I'm happy to see that Team Guido, Joe and Bill, are included this season. These guys are cut-throat, albeit very entertaining to watch. Even though they only made a third place finish in their season, the other teams shouldn't take these two lightly. They're the ones who started the matching team outfits. Mary (TAR10) may have had a very different first impression of gay men had she met Team Guido instead of Tom and Terry in her season. Ruthless competitors, but true TAR history, welcome back Joe and Bill!

View Joe & Bill on innertube now

Eric and DanielleEric and Danielle come to us from Season 9, in which they were competitors, not a team at all. Eric was teamed up with his buddy Jeremy and they made it to second place. Meanwhile, Danielle was with her best friend Dani and only made it to a seventh place finish. Oh, but they're dating now and coming together as a team for All-Stars. I'm a bit ambivalent about the idea of them as a team, but I think they might be fairly competitive. As long as they don't bicker and fuss at each other, I can take 'em on the show… I guess.


View Eric & Danielle on innertube now

Dustin and KandiceOh, no! It's the return of the "Evil Beauty Queens" from Season 10… which we just finished watching a month ago. To their credit, I admit that they're a very strong all-female team and I was surprised they only finished in fourth place in their own season. It still bugs me that they saddled the ChoBros with their wrecked car instead of taking their chances with the damage they created. That was a very low move, I say. That aside, it will be interesting to see how these two fare when the show most likely won't get into alliances.

View Dustin & Kandice on innertube now

David and Mary
Yet another Season 10 team, David and Mary touched the hearts of many viewers. With a little bit of help from their friends (and a lot of help from the ChoBros), they made it to a sixth place finish. While I find their worldly innocence and their willingness to thrive on new experiences very refreshing, they're not a strong team. Hopefully they're determined and set on succeeding because it would be a blast (and shock) if they were to win All-Stars. I don't think we'll see that happen, but it's nice to think that it possibly could. Wait… they're up against Romber and the Guidos. Make the win a fleeting thought.

View David & Mary on innertube now

Charla and MirnaLast, but only least if we're talking height (Charla), it's Charla and Mirna from Season 5, where they had a sixth place finish. This team caused a lot of controversy similar to the Peter/Sarah relationship in Season 10. Mirna fared poorly with many viewers as she seemed to use Charla's height for her own benefit. If memory serves, she also gushed at show host Phil Keoghan to the point of creeping me out. (I don't know if Phil felt the same way, but maybe…!) I actually enjoyed Charla and think she really did very well when she faced obstacles due to her stature. Mirna, I'm not so thrilled about seeing again.

View Charla & Mirna on innertube now

So, there are the teams we'll be cheering for or booing a month from now. Did your team make the cut? Any teams you'd rather see? Any guesses who might win it all? Of course, some sites had Christy and Colin in the race and they're not there. So, take any spoilers you see out there with a grain of salt.

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  • Kristy

    Get rid of Rob and Amber! They’re nothing but a couple of losers who think they are so smart but my dog is a lot smarter than the two of them.

  • Jenny

    I can’t stand Rob and Amber! I love this show but do you know that the host and producer favor these two idiots. The last time they were on they get a prize every time they come in first. Whenever any of the other team come in first they get nothing. I hope Rob and Amber get the boot so I can enjoy this show again. I’m sorry but these idiots does make the ratings for the show. They’re killing it instead. Please let this be their last reality show (15 minutes of fame) and let them go back to being the losers that they are.

  • Celso Mollo

    Unless something happened and I don’t know, the Amazing Race’s producers made a huge mistake not calling the best team ever to run the race, not only good navegating, or choosing good flights, performing well at road blocks and detours, or avoiding elimnation at the last possible moment, but the most enjoyble to watch team, with a lot of witt and determination not to forget about the laughs. Team Ken and Gerard
    And also the team that thinks outside the box, one of my favorite teams … Aaron and Areane.
    That said I have to tell that I am very, very, very excited about the all stars and I am looking forward to watching every episode twice.

  • salva

    i do like some of the teams but i wanted to see some early eliminated temas like jim and marsha (season 5), bob and joyce (season 5), gus and hera and a little bit kris and jon
    i also think that no winners teams should be in this all stars season so i hope uchena and joyce be the first eliminated team
    i also hate that there are only 11 teams