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The Amazing Entry Of Musical Youth Into The Music World

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In the early 80s a group of five teenagers from the United Kingdom naming themselves Musical Youth stormed the reggae world by surprise.

Brothers Junior Waite and Patrick Waite plus brothers Michael Grant and Kelvin Grant teemed up with Dennis Seaton and demonstrated their artistry and skills in providing the best hits in the field of Reggae.

When the great trio The Mighty Diamonds hit “Pass the Kutchie” released in the 70s failed to reach the charts because of its subject – marijuana – Musical Youth were the group that came to lift up the image of the song to stardom by changing “pass the kutchie” to “pass the dutchie” (meaning food).

With hits like “The Youth of Today” Musical Youth’s popularity spread like a bush fire in the dry season. Their experience in music, as young as they were, attracted the great African-American singer Donna Summer to record “Unconditional Love” a song on her album “She Works Hard For The Money”.

Time changes, sometimes it changes with nice events, and sometimes too, tragically. After some few hit songs Dennis Seaton left the group in 1985 and the band split up. Then while Patrick Waite was waiting to appear in court on drug charges, he mysteriously died in police custody.

The group “Musical Youth” may not be active today yet the pace they set in music to inspire other youths into music can’t be erased from the history of Reggae music.

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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Joel, I love that first album – it’s still fresh and airy and sweet. The Guardian did a story on their winding path last year.

  • I remember they played a gig at my hometown of Slough, about 18 months after their 15 minutes of fame.

    They played to an audience of seven people….

  • joel savage

    Hello Tim, the “Musical Youth” thank God that at least seven people were present to watch them. In fact they were so happy….. One Sunday morning,I went to a certain big church, in a village called “Sacrofano” in Rome-Italy, to hear the word of God. The preacher was glad to see me, because he was giving sermon to only two people. My presence increased the number of the congregation to three.

  • Nathan

    It’s not all totally true, though. The ‘dutchie’ was a large cooking pot, Patrick Waite did not die in police custody, though he was awaiting a trial at the moment he died.

    BUT: Musical Youth are performing again! Due to their mindstate, neither Junior Waite nor Kelvin Grant are involved, so only Dennis and Michael now make op Musical Youth. They recorded a new single with Pato Banton and they are to release a new album by the end of the year.

  • joel savage

    Hello Nathan, thanks for your current information about the new musical youth.

  • You are very welcome. Within a few months, http://www.musicalyouth.net should be online, containing all the info. This means an authorised bio plus a full discography and, of course, the latest news.

  • craig
  • Clark Hutchinson

    What’s a Kutchie? Well that is an interesting question. Here is what I know. A Kutchie is the one that bakes “The World’s Greatest and Most Famous Key Lime Pie. You might ask where this is done? Well, of course this magic only takes place in Kutchie’s Key West Island of Kutcharitaville. Kutchie Pelaez is the one that is responsible for making this magic happen and has been preforming these amazing feats there for over three decades. If you are ever fortunate enough to visit Kutchie’s Island in Paradise be sure to also try a Goody Goody, “The World’s Greatest Cheese Burger”. You may say “what’s-up with that”? Well, just be sure to give them a try and you will know, what’s-up with that? Now that’s what I’m talking about. No, that’s what I’m shouting about. There that Damn Good.


  • don

    just to let the people know that kelvin michael and dennis did a documentary called unsung also dennis seaton folks are from the island of st kitts

  • real musical youth fan

    dennis seaton was’nt a original member of musical youth he only got in the band by junior waite and tony owens dennis has told lies about patrick. junior and kelvin in unsung dennis stated that patrick took speed which is a lie also lie about being a christian he never once mention jesus christ in the documentary unsung he also lied about it’s like going home when he went to jamaica when he has no family there in jamaica

  • donwong

    Musical youth was the first black artist to appear on MTV six months before they even play Michael jackson, they were only the child band out there as Kelvin play guitar Michael keyboards Patrick bass Junior drum and Dennis singing.Musical youth came back in 2004 as a duo Michael Grant and Dennis Seaton they did a remake of the song pretty woman with Pato Banton which was pretty awful as it fail to chart because Michael and Dennis are the least talked about members of the band as the most popular members are Kelvin and Junior.According to Michael Grant the song they done with Eddie Grant lets go to the moon was a joke of a song so what was pretty woman then 20 years after making lets go to the moon i have’nt seen any improvement at all and then Dennis wonder why Kelvin don’t want to be in the band and then he done interviews on different web sites claiming that Kelvin got mental problems if that the case Kelvin would’nt able to appear on the documentary unsung or even make a single which is by better stuff than what Michael and Dennis have done in 2004 Dennis has insulted people who have or had mental problems because they no sign of Kelvin having mental problems.As for Michael you should be ashamed of yourself dissing your brother on camera whatever problems you and Kelvin have never wash dirty clothes in public.

  • dennis seaton slayer

    Update on musical youth the two active members of musical youth did a interview in birmingham express and star on 31 january 2012 they claim that former member Kelvin grant has health problems it not the first time that active members of musical youth have done personal attack on Kelvin grant they say that Kelvin has physiological problems and that he a virtual recluse the good news is that Kelvin grant has become aware of those attack the root of the problem came from musicalyouth.net it’s no longer active as the lies they been telling about Kelvin.The truth is that Kelvin is in very good health and they no evidence of Kelvin having physiological problems or being a virtual recluse anybody who read this get the word out is thay Kelvin is in good health.

  • JOEL SAVAGE-The writer

    Hello Dennis, thanks for the latest update on Musical Youth. I think it’s time for them to unite and come out with something special than the fights and insults at each other

  • George

    I went to school with Dennis Seaton and Junior waite they were in my year at school at duddeston manor i always known Dennis to be bit of a show off singing through out the school while junior and his brother Patrick were down to earth it’s a shame of the nasty comments that Dennis has made about Kelvin i remember him when i was a first year when i was a 5th year i was a cool guy just like his brother Michael he was cool i’m not surprised that Dennis have people on here dissing him on here he should focus on his musical career than dissing other people.

  • dennis.seaton exposed

    If anyone who has physiological problems it’s Dennis Seaton because when he was younger back in nechells he used to get slapped around by some of the local guys for being cheeky and he used try and call his older brother Christopher and his older used to slap him around for being cheeky he also got throwed in the canal as well smelling very badl

  • Lance T

    I remember in summer 1982 duddeston manor when Dennis got battered by a guy named Linval Benjamin aka benjie for being cheeky so being in musical youth save him from further beatings from other guy to be honest he not that good of a singer he ungrateful the way how Dennis carries on like he came with the idea with the band and he was’nt even a original member Junior and Patrick father never liked him.

  • dennis.seaton exposed

    Dennis Seaton must be having physiological problems now since he and his lap dog Michael Grant try to claim money for a song that did’nt even wrote maybe if Dennis Seaton should stop lying about being a christian and stop working obeah then that would’nt happen as the olding saying goes who first laugh laugh last

  • dennis.seaton exposed

    Because the song was not an original work, he argued royalties were “properly payable to the rights holders of the pre-existing song”.
    “That was my understanding at that time, and I believe it was correct,” he told the court.
    On Friday, Mr Justice Roth the solicitors were entitled to “summary judgment” but he did grant the band permission to amend some other claims.
    None of the parties were in court for the judgment. Solicitors acting for both sides did not respond to inquiries last night.
    Mr Seaton, now of from Smethwick, West Mids, was unavailable for comment. He and Michael Grant have since�reformed the band as a two-piece number.

  • dennis.seaton exposed

    I wonder why Dennis Seaton is not available for comment since he lost a court case regarding the pass the dutchie song which he try to claim for a song that he did’nt write not even a original member of musical youth and made comments about Patrick and Junior are one dimensional Kelvin one dimensional in the documentary unsung he quick to comment on other former members of musical youth so it don’t make sense you performing pass the dutchie live because you not getting any royalites for it.

  • dennis.seaton exposed

    Kelvin older brother and Dennis Seaton MK ultra mind control slave Michael got chased Millwall bushwackers losing Kelvin hat at the same time almost got beat up in kingstanding by the national front and you copied Kelvin when you locks up and you have the cheek to say that Kelvin was involved with every scam going in unsung.

  • Nathan

    Reading all these negative comments about Dennis Seaton here, it seems to me that all these aliases used are by the same person. I would say it’s fair to discuss penly and not with a nickname.

    If anything needs to be settled, I am sure Kelvin Grant will know where to find Dennis Seaton. This is not the place to discuss whether or not someone has been telling lies IMO. Unless that someone is available to defend themselves.

  • Nathan don’t know the facts

    If Dennis Seaton is getting negative comments as Nathan puts it then Dennis Seaton should stop telling lies about former members of musical youth and get on with his own career and that way Dennis Seaton won’t get negative comments on here i don’t see Kelvin or Junior going public saying bad things about Dennis Seaton