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The Alarm: An Old Dog Tries New Trick

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The aging UK band, The Alarm, have succeeded in pulling a prank on the record buying public. The middle-aged group, best known for their 1983 song “68 Guns”, recorded a new single under the fake band name of The Poppyfields. The single, titled “45RPM”, is currently number 28 on the British Charts. It was released with a video in which a younger group of men lip-sync to the song.

“We wanted the song to be judged on its merits and stir up the water a little bit,” singer Mike Peters is quoted as saying.

Obviously, the look is at least as important as the sound for many music buyers.

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  • The Theory

    damn! that was The Alarm? I had heard about that trickeroo, but never thought it’d be a band I cared about…

  • Eric Olsen

    Hilarous, great story Ken, thanks! It kind of reminds me of XTC as Dukes of the Stratosphear. There seems to be something liberating about playing a persona other than “yourself” – a future post perhaps.

  • Joe

    More info on the Poppyfields

  • Ex-cellent 🙂

    It achieved two things:

    1) It underscored form v. substance in the music world. This includes bias by the purchasing public regarding age of the artists.

    2) It made news. Which makes album sales. I liked the Alarm “back in the day”. Now I have to check out the new CD 🙂