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The Aftermath: Post-Oscar Analysis ’07

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The 2007 Oscars was one of the most memorable Academy Awards in recent years. Ellen DeGeneres hosted with spunk and sly humor. She was able to match Billy Crystal and Steve Martin in scope and create a more energetic, yet easier-going, atmosphere than last year’s host Jon Stewart.  

The shadow-boxes and the Elements of Sound Choir were mesmerizing artistic inclusions. Furthermore, the Ferrell, Black, Reilly trio about a comedian at the Oscars was uproarious and true. And finally, the awards themselves entered the rightful hands — that is to say, in most cases.

Martin Scorsese has finally exhaled and most likely exclaimed the words, “At last.” Not only did Marty capture the gold for the first time, but his picture also emerged victorious. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, this was Marty’s long overdue night.

Some surprises included Alan Arkin taking the cake over Eddie Murphy. In my opinion, Arkin had too small of a role to even be nominated, let alone win. Thank heavens Little Miss Sunshine didn’t collect enough steam to win the voters’ hearts as Best Picture; a Sunshine win would have been one of the most unjustified in quite some time. Additionally, Happy Feet dancing its way to the Best Animated Feature Film award and An Inconvenient Truth snagging the golden guy over Dreamgirls for Best Song were the only other real shockers.

On the negative side, the montages felt never-ending and unjustified. To say that there were one too many would be an understatement. Also, even though the shadow box set-up was unique, why was Snakes on a Plane created alongside the Best Picture noms?

In addition, the length of the ceremony is preposterous. The singing of all five nominated songs is absolute overkill. This process squanders time and sucks the life out of the broadcast. If all five songs have to be featured, why don’t we feature all five Best Actor performances in full, the Best Editing performances in full, or more realistically the animated shorts in full? Why? Because it would be a waste of time. Much like if there are those who haven’t seen all of the nominated films, they are out of luck to form an educated opinion of which picture should take home the prize. Shouldn’t it be similar if you haven’t heard the songs? Who needs to sit through them all?

Nonetheless, annoying length aside, the 79th Annual Academy Awards was a success. Likewise, my Oscar predictions could be called a mini-triumph in some circles. After all, when Meat Loaf belted out the lyric, “Two out of three ain’t bad,” he described my success rate on my 14 for 21 forecast.

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