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The Adventures of Wheelie Bin Cat

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It can’t be fun for any animal to be shut up in a trash can or wheelie bin. Imagine poor Lola the cat’s distress when Mary Bale put her in the wheelie bin and she was abandoned there for 18 hours!

As the owner of four cats, I sympathize with the cat. I also know that when one of my little darlings isn’t getting what he or she wants, I will hear about it. The entire neighborhood will hear about it. Being held hostage in a trash can would definitely qualify as something my cats wouldn’t want.

Mary Bale came across the cat, played with it a bit, then thought it would be a good idea to put it in the wheelie bin. Even she admits it was a “moment of madness.” The RSPCA is looking into her actions which were caught on a security camera.

Lola’s owners, Stephanie and Darryl Andrews-Mann, found her in the bin the next morning when they heard her cries. While we’re pointing fingers, where were they during the 18 hours that passed? Lola waited 18 hours to cry? They didn’t notice she was missing?

We’re not perfect, but FCE and I do a nightly head count and location check. I don’t go to sleep if one of our charges is on the prowl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Andrews-Mann. On the other hand, “Death to Mary Bale”? C’mon, people. I do condemn cruelty and neglect, and am in favor or punishing those who mistreat animals (or other people), but shouldn’t the punishment match the crime?

Instead of the death penalty, perhaps Mary could be sentenced to cleaning litter boxes in the local animal shelter. For some, that’s a fate worse than death.

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  • I like your suggestion: have her clean cat boxes at an animal shelter. She’s quoted as saying, “It’s just a cat.” Well, she’s just a moron!

  • AGG

    I think we should stuff her in a bin.