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The Adventures of What’s-His-Name, Part 4

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When we last left off in our spiraling story of doom, power to the entire city was gone, and What’s-his-name was progressively becoming more evil! Let’s see what Super Bob has been up to.

Super Bob eyes shone in the fire he had just accidentally created. “Well, good citizen, at least no one was hurt!” he told the engineer that was frantically trying to put out the flames.

“You turned off the power to the entire city you moron! I told you that school’s power was on the blue section! Why did you even press the red button!!!”

“I don’t like blue. They vote Democrat. Besides, one less city watching TV. You have done a great service for mankind; you should be proud. Thank you: thank you for your great help to all mankind,” Super Bob said over the roar of the flames, “The founding fathers would have rejoiced to see this!” Super Bob turned to leave.

“What about the fire?! Can’t you help me put it out?!” the engineer said as his pants caught fire.

“Stop, drop and roll, good citizen. Stop, drop and roll.” With that, Super Bob flew out through the hole in the ceiling that he created earlier when he came in.

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