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The Adventures of What’s-His-Name, Part 1

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It’s faster than a speeding snail (though limited, not to offend others), more powerful than an ant, and able to leap over thimbles in a single bound: It’s the Willingly Democratic Socialistic Politically Correct Super Person! He also goes by What’s-His-Name.

What’s-His-Name spends his time among students, disguised as a student. When danger arises, he stays in student disguise (not to offend the non-superhero variety) and rids the world of the evil offense.

What’s-His-Name was patrolling the planet when he heard something on his super ears. “Holy liberal democrats of doom!” he shouted. The evil sensors on his forehead blinked a message: “There’s evil afoot!”

What’s-His-Name ran faster than molasses on a cooking pan of steamy dry ice to the source of the evil saying. When he arrived, he saw his archenemy, Politically Incorrect Man (also known as Super Bob). “Holy distorted truths of our founding fathers!” exclaimed What’s-His-Name.

“You know, for a politically correct man, you do say ‘holy’ a lot,” Super Bob said calmly.

“That’s it! How dare you use ‘holy’ and ‘man’ in a sentence! No more containment policy for you, fascist scum!” What’s-His-Name, placing his Super Hat of Doom on his head, proceeded to beat Super Bob’s conservative brain silly. He then stood on Super Bob’s body and cried out in a loud voice, “So shall it be to all of my enemies!”

Is this the end for Super Bob? Will What’s-His-Name rid the world of gender-specific phrases? Will he get a new politically correct name? Stay tuned to find out!

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  • Thanks. Part 2 is just around the corner 🙂

  • You’re nuts–and that’s said with the deepest appreciation. Looking forward to the continuing exciting adventures of ‘What’s His Name.”

    In Jamesons Veritas