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The 80% Solution or Manners for Conservative Dummies

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The conservative beasts are on the prowl, determined to make this as difficult and as nasty as possible. No longer are they content to denigrate George W. Bush and any elected GOP official who does not bow, scrape, and worship at their feet like a bunch of pigs wallowing in swill, they are now out to destroy what is left of the GOP and any possible future for reasonable Americans.

What is wrong with these people?

I have asked myself this many times and have come up with just as many answers. I think the long and the short of it is the fact that they are so busy enjoying the sounds of their own voices and seeing how nasty they can be in print that they’ve forgotten just what it was Ronald Reagan stood for. Maybe it is time for a little primer.

Currently they are doing their best to destroy the reputations of good, decent Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and anyone who has manners enough to play nice with the new guy on the block. Evidently we’re dealing with conservative brain cells that are just as undeveloped as are their liberal counterparts'. Either that or they are lying about their “Reagan” experience.

Ronald Reagan would have been the first guy across the block to meet and greet the new guy and treat him with manners, civility, and act like a rational, grown-up, adult Republican.

To quote an annoying infomercial — are you getting this, conservatives?

I gather you do not remember the civility between titans like Ronald Reagan, Tip O’Neill, or Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Sure, they fought when it came to politics, and butted heads like a bunch of long-horn rams in season, but the rest of the time they behaved like the gentlemen they were.

The problem with our all-or-nothing conservatives is the fact that they have no manners. They have no civility. They don’t know how to act like adults and play well with others. They are so impressed with themselves and their increasingly brat-like ideological bastardizing of conservative values that they’ve forgotten that manners and civility are what separate us from the animals and Democrats.

Are you getting this, conservatives?

Instead of learning form the prodigious mistakes you’ve been making these past two years (oh wait, you are perfect and pure), you are compounding them by becoming even more extreme in your vile and nasty all-or-nothing behavior.

I gather we’re now going to be treated to the conservative version of RINO witch hunts where good, decent men like Lindsey Graham will be burned at the stake of conservative purity.

Ronald Reagan would be the first person to denounce this behavior and probably give you the boot, with the tip of his polished cowboy boot propelling a certain portion of your anatomy out the door until you learn how to treat people decently.

It’s called the 80% Solution.

Are you getting this, conservatives?

According to Ronald Reagan, anyone who voted with him 80% of the time was his friend and his ally. You leave your ego at the door and realize you’re not “all that.”  No one but your nasty little ever-tightening circle of equally vile-mannered friends really care.

And that’s the problem.

Maybe the wrong people are being targeted for removal from the GOP.

Have you ever thought that one of the reason YOU are having so many problems with the GOP is because YOU are out of touch with reality?

Are you getting this, conservatives?

I think if you were to shut up and let someone else say something you might discover that the average Republican believes the same thing they did four years ago before the RINO witch hunts began. You might even find that a good many of us believe the same thing we did when Reagan was POTUS. But you are now so full of hate and contempt for anyone who doesn’t toady to your demands of ideological purity that you have become completely, totally, and abjectly corrupt.

Yes, corrupt.

Are you getting this, conservatives?

You are putrid, rotting with disdain, supercilious self-importance, self-aggrandizing, rude, arrogant, self-serving, and pathetic little losers who have nothing better in their lives than to destroy rather than to lift up and try to do something good.

I’m tired of it.

I’ve reached the point where I am exhausted when it comes to you and your Taliban-like treatment of anyone who disagrees with you. 

You have no manners.

You do not know how to act in polite company.

Someone needs to beat the you-know-what out of you until you learn how to act like “men”. Unfortunately some of the vilest of the vile are women. You know who they are – and I swear there’s not a Republican bone in those skinny, little, anorexic, well-toned bodies.

Are you getting this, conservatives?

I’m angry.

You are destroying the GOP.

Are you getting this, conservatives?

You cost us the majority in the House and Senate in 2006 because you had to have your self-righteous little way and not support the GOP. Go ahead and make everyone hate you. Continue acting like the snots you are. You did not vote GOP in 2006 because you wanted to teach the Republican Party and that much hated George W. Bush a lesson.

Boy, did you ever.

Your actions have given us Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama.

What do you plan for an encore?

I can’t wait to see how perfectly depraved and pathetic you can be. You are making no friends. Aside from the tight little conservative circle of sycophants, people really don’t respect you.

You have forgotten how to win.

You have forgotten how to lead

All you can do is wring your hands, cry that the sky has fallen and you can’t get up, run around like a chicken with its head cut off, and act like a … Democrat!

You are disgusting.

I’m taking back MY REPUBLICAN PARTY. If you want to play, that’s fine. If you are going to be the bully of the sand box, go play with the "losertarians" or other third parties. Quit ruining things for the rest of us.

If you plan on staying in the GOP, go read up on manners. You also might want to catch up on the life of Ronald Reagan and see what a gentleman he was. He would never speak badly of George W. Bush, John McCain, or Lindsey Graham. He would be hanging out with them, treating Barack Obama with manners.

It’s called civility.

It has nothing to do with conservative ideology and everything to do with proper behavior in public.

Are you getting this, conservatives?

Manners are contagious.

Oh, so what if Obama betrays the hand of adult civility offered by these adult Republicans? Christ tells us after we’re slapped on one cheek we’re to turn the other. But then, you people would thumb your nose at Christ because you think he’s too liberal.

Pontius Pilate had the right idea, I’m afraid. It’s called washing one’s hands!

I am a Republican who is following the rules of Reagan. First, I consider anyone who votes with me 80% of the time my friend. Secondly, I never speak ill of a fellow Republican.

Oh, I forgot, my mama taught me manners.

What happened to you? I gather you have the table manners of a bunch of pigs being slopped, but that’s another rant.

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  • Arch Conservative

    Gee seeing as the left has been twice as obnoxious and purile as the right during the past eight years and yet their guy won the election one can assume it has nothing to do with manners SJ.

    The pendulum swings and George Bush was an ineffective politician so now it’s swung the other way.

    If Barry proves to be Carteresque as many expect he will and the GOP find a candidate who’s good at politicking then the pendulum will swing back shortly.

    But tp pretend this has anything to do with civility is laughable. The modern American leftist is the antithesis of cordiality and civility.

  • zingzing

    we thank you, archie, for your opinion. i’m pretty sure civility has nothing to do with party. otherwise, it would be hard to justify yourself. true? you know it is.

  • Mark Eden

    I am a Republican who is following the rules of Reagan. First I consider anyone who votes with me 80% of the time my friend. Secondly, I never speak ill of a fellow Republican.


  • Nice rant, SJ.

    But… who exactly are you talking to?

  • SJ –

    manners and civility are what separate us from the animals and Democrats.

    Hm. TWO MILLION PEOPLE come to the inauguration…and not a single arrest.

    SJ, I grew up in the very deepest of the Deep South and have lived in many places…and a prejudicial statement like that is not only shameful and COMPLETELY false, but it may also be quite indicative of your own personality. I also heard many such statements in my youth in the Mississippi Delta…the only difference was that the “Democrats” in your statement was replaced with the ‘N-word’.

    I do realize that your article is more of an admonition to your fellow Republicans…but such a statement – saying that like animals, we Democrats have neither manners nor civility – means that YOU, like Coulter and Savage and their ilk, feel that we Dems are no better than animals.

    In other words, you said in so many words, “Look, we ALL know the Dems are crude and uncivil and are no better than animals, but you gotta act nice to them because we’re NOT as sub-human as they are – we’re better than that!”

    But YOU are the one who said we’re unmannered, uncivil, and no better than animals.

    TWO MILLION DEMOCRATIC TOURISTS IN ONE SPOT…and no arrests – even in the Purple Tunnel of Doom. Yeah, we’re no better than animals.

    BUT LET ME GIVE YOU AN ‘OUT’ here. It’s easy sometimes when someone gets on a rhetorical roll to say things they shouldn’t say…and I’m going to assume that’s what happened. Just remember to be more careful in the future because most people realize that when someone slips and makes a prejudicial statement, while the statement might have been accidental, it’s almost ALWAYS indicative of that person’s mindset.

  • SJ –

    On Reagan, even last night I was telling a former Republican (she’s now independent – voted for Obama to the utter shock of her relatives) that I will always consider Reagan as one of the very BEST presidents. Why? Even though he instituted ‘trickle-down economics’ which has gone so far in wrecking our economy, and even though he knew about and approved of Iran-Contra, Reagan won the Cold War (which far overshadows all his other failures) and restored self-respect to America as a whole and the military in particular.

    Reagan was the Great Communicator of the twentieth century, equaled only perhaps by Churchill, and I’ll always cherish what Reagan did for us. One of my favorite captains in the Navy whom I knew fairly well used to carry the football for Reagan…and I think you know what that means. That same captain was promoted to admiral and was the liaison between Rumsfeld and the JCS – which didn’t work out so well. Seems the four-stars didn’t like a one-star passing orders on to them. He now works for Grumman, IIRC.

    On the Plan of the Day – the ‘marching orders’ posted every day throughout the Navy – that captain replaced the ship’s symbol with his own profile and the caption, “It’s good to be the king”. I’ve never figured out whether that was out of hubris or just his way of poking fun at himself…which I’m sure is exactly how he intended it.

  • “manners and civility are what separate us from the animals and Democrats.”

    She didn’t really say that, did she, Glenn?

  • Roger –

    [The Republicans] are so impressed with themselves and their increasingly brat-like ideological bastardizing of conservative values that they’ve forgotten that manners and civility are what separate us from the animals and Democrats.

    THE CONTEXT IS CLEAR. SJ is complaining about the bad behavior of the Republicans, and says the Republicans have forgotten that GOOD behavior is “what separates us from the animals and the Democrats”.

    I’m sorry, Roger, but yes, she DID say that, and the context is clear. I think this may have been a “Mel Gibson moment” for her, by which I mean she lost her self-control and inadvertently allowed her true feelings to show. Hopefully she will learn the lesson here and will be a bit more circumspect in the future.

  • Well, Glenn, whether only implicitly or by insinuation, it’s beyond even the most rabid partisanship. Perhaps I should force myself to read the piece – for you should know your enemy – but I don’t think I will. And I should hope there aren’t too many that think like that – for their sake. Even conservatives should be outraged. Let’s see whether they’ll come forward on this thread and show that they’ve got character. I’m looking forward to Mr. Nalle’s comments. Come on, Dave. Speak up! We’re all waiting.


  • Glenn,

    I read the whole thing.

    The ironic thing is, she could have done all she wanted without resorting to her ad hominem attacks and baseless comparisons. The piece would have been more forthright and on-target, but I guess her hatred couldn’t help but rear its ugly head.

    And she’s talking about politeness, civil conversation, and good manners. Imagine!


  • Glen, way off thread, but now I am even more confused than usual.

    That same captain was promoted to admiral and was the liaison between Rumsfeld and the JCS – which didn’t work out so well. Seems the four-stars didn’t like a one-star passing orders on to them. He now works for Grumman, IIRC.

    I thought that both upper and lower half rear admirals wear two stars, even those in the lower half, whose actual rank is equivalent to that of a Brigadier General (one star) in the other services. ??


  • To Roger and SJ –

    It’s been my experience that a lot of times those who engage in prejudicial conversation (such as the phrase in question above) are often – even the majority of times – not really meaning such as a declaration of fact, but more as, say, one high-school football team saying unsavory things about the other high-school football team…but once the two get together off the field they laugh and joke and shoot the bull.

    Maybe it’s not so much prejudice on SJ’s part but her competitiveness…and the writers on this blog are a bit competitive. If you and I and she sat down and shared a six-pack, I suspect we’d see no hatred or prejudice, but instead we’d find rancor and forthrightness and mutual respect while we all traded good-natured jibes.

    So – for SJ – maybe I overreacted. After all, the rest of the post was spot on and spoke for all of us who see how the rabid right is destroying the Republican party that I once loved, and that America certainly still needs (if only to avoid being a one-party country). If I did overreact, then I sincerely apologize to all.

  • Baronius

    SJ, who have you been listening to? The only place I’ve heard that kind of nastiness was on Sean Hannity, who I’ve listened to for the last time. He’s an ugly winner, and an ugly loser. He’s ugly.

    I agree with you, that the Democrats were uncivilized during the Bush years and showed the same lack of decency the last few days. Republicans benefit by having that nastiness fresh in our minds, giving us the warning against such behaviour and the inspiration drawn from the knowledge that we can be better.

    Republicans should, first, work with the administration wherever possible. Second, they should propose alternatives and seek to persuade the population or come to a compromise with the Democrats. Third, and when all else fails, they should stand their ground and lose on principle.

    I do sympathize with conservatives showing a little extra anger for McCain, though. He was not an effective spokesman. That’s what we need now.

  • Arch Conservative

    All leftists are obnoxious uncivil morons.

    Not all leftists are Democrats.

    Not all Democrats are leftists.

    Ergo not all Democrats lack manners and civility, just all leftists.

  • Arch Conservative

    “I agree with you, that the Democrats were uncivilized during the Bush years”

    Gee…..how f-ing magnanimous of you Baronius.

    What are you going to do for an encore? Agree with someone who posits that the pope likes to dabble in Christianity?

  • Glenn,

    You’re a better man than I am. I understand it’s part of rhetoric, trying to make her points more forceful. Still, there are limits.

    And no! I refuse to him a beer with her. Count me out.


  • Baronius

    Ah, Arch. We probably vote the same in 98% of all elections, but we sure don’t get along.

  • “Reagan won the Cold War”

    So Gorbachev and the Pope John Paul II get no credit?

  • Arch Conservative

    Sorry I thought you were a lefty Baronius.

    Merely stating that “aww gee those darn libs gave Bush the business” is a gargantuan understatement.

    I’m as unhappy as can be that Barry won the election but I won’t be inventing any kind of bogus voter fraud conspiracy theories about how the election was stolen which I will rant and rave about for the next eight years ala 2000 and I have as of yet not heard any one else on the right doing so. That right there is all one really needs to know to understand the difference between the left and the right in the USA in 2009.

  • Dan –

    My bad – he was a two-star rear admiral, not a one-star commodore. RADM J.J. Quinn was his name.

    I do appreciate the correction – thanks!

  • Clavos

    a prejudicial statement like that is not only shameful and COMPLETELY false…

    It’s also eerily reminiscent of so many of your own pronouncements regarding Republicans and conservatives, Glenn.

  • Arch –

    The language that the conservatives have used against the liberals is (and as far back as I can remember) FAR more inflammatory than the liberals’ language has been.

    I suspect your accusation is simply another case of conservatives accusing liberals of doing what conservatives have already been doing to a far greater degree.

  • zingzing

    all leftists are obnoxious uncivil morons, eh archie?

    you do understand the hypocrisy involved in making such a statement, right? especially right after 2 million left-leaning americans got together in less than 1 square mile and not one of them had to be arrested? and now that you’re in the middle of a cat fight with another conservative?

    oh, archie… you don’t have to make it so damn easy.

  • Clavos –

    Have I EVER posting anything comparing conservatives to subhuman creatures in any way?

    Would you care to show me where I’ve posted insulting language even once?

    What I HAVE posted – just as in #22 in this thread – is what I see as either general habits or psychological differences between conservatives and liberals…and the fact that you will find NO truly insulting language on my part should bear that out.

  • Hope and Change?

    America…we are entered a new era of respect from our friends throughout the world!!

    Yes…Barry is restoring our dignity!! Here some proof..

    “Libya’s Kadhafi says Obama means a ‘new America'”
    – ohhh geee thats great!!

    “Spokesman says Obama is keeping his BlackBerry”
    – this must be to support his promise of transparency and too keep in contact with his good buddy Blago!

    “Castro said he believes that Obama is “a sincere person with good ideas,”
    – a good idea to Castro includes making people so happy that they would rather die than stay in his country!!

    Yes tyrants and crooked politicians of the world here comes the hope and change youve been waiting for!!!

  • Arch –

    All leftists are obnoxious uncivil morons.

    I am most certainly a leftist, for I heartily support socialist programs such as Universal Health Care and free education through college.

    So Ah’m an ob-noxious un-civil mo-ron? (add my Southern accent for effect)

    Show me how so, please.

  • zingzing

    archie: “I’m as unhappy as can be that Barry won the election but I won’t be inventing any kind of bogus voter fraud conspiracy theories about how the election was stolen…”

    because it was a horrible beat down? that it’s obvious the right has lost their grip on america’s nuts because they were grasping to hard onto the bible?

    “…which I will rant and rave about for the next eight years ala 2000 and I have as of yet not heard any one else on the right doing so.”

    because the election wasn’t stolen. in fact, you damn near gave it to us. set it right down on our plate and said “lick it up!” and we did. and it tastes good. as for 2000, that was a bit fucked up–even you have to admit that.

    “That right there is all one really needs to know to understand the difference between the left and the right in the USA in 2009.”

    is it? so you guys don’t bitch… and we don’t bitch… so we’re just the same! americans, one and all! thank you, glorious archie! it’s all so clear.

    how about this oversimplification: the guy in the back of the room, sulking and muttering to himself? that’s a conservative. the guy who has got 2 million new buddies, that’s the liberal. next, he’s going to win back all of those other friends in the world that the conservative jackass decided to either ignore or put under his boot. that liberal, he’s got plans!

    and that’s all you need to know!

  • El Bicho –

    So Gorbachev and the Pope John Paul II get no credit?

    The Soviet Union was collapsing whether Gorbachev wanted it or not. The credit he gets is that he decided not to launch. As far as the pope goes, he had NOTHING to do with the economic collapse of the Soviet Union nor with keeping the country’s interior turmoil from spilling outside its borders. The only credit any pope will get from me is something you really, truly don’t want to see me post.

  • zing – LOL!


    Y’know, it’s NICE to be able to shout out “I’m a liberal!” and not be cursed back to the shadows for daring to say so.

    It looks to me like (unlike another similar site) Blogcritics is conservative-heavy. I figure five or six years ago liberals took a pretty significant pounding here (“Cannonshop to the right, Arch-Con even further to the right” (from “Charge of the Liberal Brigade”)). But now, for liberals I think this site could be termed a “target-rich environment”.

  • Glenn,

    I don’t think Pope had anything to do with it. But I believe Gorbachev will get credit in history for having been the catalyst. Everybody else was a hard-liner.

  • Glenn, Roger,

    The first cracks in the Iron Curtain appeared in Poland during the Solidarity uprising led by Lech Walesa (sorry, can’t take the time to find all the correct diacritical characters!) and guided in no small measure by the Roman Catholic Church in Poland and by a Polish pope.

    Walesa directly credited John Paul II with inspiring the success of the Solidarity movement: “The Holy Father, through his meetings, demonstrated how numerous we were. He told us not to be afraid.”

  • Roger, Doc –

    Okay, I could be wrong. Grrrrrr…. (there I go justifying SJ’s remark about liberals and animals….)

    I’d forgotten about the role Lech Walesa played, and if he said the pope deserved credit, then I’ve got to take Walesa’s word for it.

    Thanks for the correction. Man! Twice in the same day…where’s my coffee?

  • “Glenn, Roger”
    “Roger, Doc”

    For some reason this makes me think of a certain conversation in a cockpit in Airplane….

  • Glenn,

    Well, in Poland situation was different. Roman Catholic to the core, and Catholicism was the focus of all opposition to being under the strongholds of the Soviets; not to mention the fact it was the first time a Pole was elected to that position; a matter of national pride, you could say. Gorbachev at least did what any reasonable person would do; so rather than fighting a losing proposition, he sort of took charge. At least that’s my understanding of the events. To credit Reagan, and only Reagan, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is I think oversimplification. And I don’t mean to contradict you. You were just in the heat of the battle.


  • I knew ‘Roger’ was really Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

  • Roger –

    I think you have a better understanding the situation than do I, and again, thanks for the correction.

  • Well, I wasn’t there of course, but born and raised; some must have rubbed off. The Poles weren’t so much against Socialism as against what they viewed as Russian oppression. There’s always been an enmity between them and wars. And they have never gone through the kind of purge (by Stalin) against their religion. So church was always a refuse and hope of things to come. It was never banned or forced to go underground. So with the Solidarity forming, the Polish Pope, and eventually Gorbachev conceding, the rest kind of fell into place. Plus, I suspect that even the hard-liners in the Polish government were merely deferring to the Russian rule; it wasn’t out of conviction.


  • Forgive misspelling: REFUGE

  • Roger –

    I just now looked at your last name, and I just remembered a sign I saw at the entrance to a restaurant at a local ski resort named Stevens Pass: “No poles, no skis”. I took the picture and immediately sent it to a very good friend of mine (whose name ends in ‘ski) – he got a good belly laugh out of it.

    I know that’s pretty puerile, but I still think it’s funny.

  • Glenn,

    “Ski” was what some good ol’ Alabama boys used to call me when in the service; others called me “Nova Scotia” or “alphabet.” Not that I minded it. It was fun. So no, I don’t take offense to Polish jokes, especially that for every Polish joke, there is an Italian one or Irish.


  • Roger –

    As for myself, I’m Heinz 57 (without the Heinz – no German blood). Irish, English, French, Spanish, etc., got my last name because of a pig (no kidding! But I won’t repeat it here).

    In her genealogical research my mother found a possible ancestor, a black spy for the North in Vicksburg, Mississippi, during the Civil War. She told my grandmother, and grandma didn’t speak to her for days….

  • Glen,

    Theoretically, we all come the same genealogical tree, Adam and Eve, if you believe in fairy tales.
    I don’t have a problem with that.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    To get back on topic, I am not so much interested in the manners of the Republicans—-I think Obama can handle the bad boy Republicans: look at the way he easily dismissed Rush Limbaugh the other day–as that the naysayers argue in good faith. Larry Summers, in Sunday’s Meet the Press, was so much more articulate and more informed than John Boehner that it makes me wonder that Boehner can appeal to anyone but the most hysterical and ill-informed. Clearly, the Republicans are just out to get in the way, rather than trying to work with Obama to at least try and fix what everyone agrees is a terrible economic situation. But rather than intelligently argue a point here and there, he and McCain, who, until recently has proved reasonable, seem more interested in just providing an ego-ridden stumbling block, which Paul Krugman beautifully explains. Now that is the epitome of bad manners!

  • bliffle

    It may be that Obama has laid a trap to allow the Neo-republicans to discredit themselves with their rabid anti-democrat stance. Obama extended the hand of bi-partisanship, which he didn’t have to do, so if they spit on it he can turn his back on the neo-republicans and say “well, I tried”.

  • #43 & #44,

    Very good points. I agree with you both. The Republicans are just running out ideas (What else is new?). So they have no recourse but to sabotage the new administration. The bad manners is just the concomitant of being a bad looser ( the face they can’t seem to hide), so in that sense, it’s inconsequential.