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The 37-5 Pistons Are A Great T… Hey Look, The Super Bowl!

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You’d think in a two-week span of no football, that someone, somewhere would have the gall to not write about Jerome Bettis going home to Detroit and instead talk about a team from Detroit homing in on an NBA record.

Did I lose a memo about keeping the Pistons’ 37-5 record quiet for a while? Is it not the right time? If not, when is?

In February, when the Olympics begin? In March, when the NCAA Tournament captures office attention? In April, when baseball season begins?

All five starters average double figures:

  1. Rip Hamilton: 21.6 points/game
  2. Chauncey Billups: 19.3 points/game
  3. Rasheed Wallace: 15.3 points/game
  4. Tayshaun Prince: 14.3 points/game
  5. Ben Wallace: 12.5 rebounds/game

While everyone’s going giddy that Ben Roethlisberger is starting in the Super Bowl, Detroit already has their own Big Ben.

They beat Miami by 6. They topped San Antonio by 15. Inexplicably, two of their 5 losses were to the sub-.500 Utah Jazz. So they’re not the greatest team. That nod likely goes to the 95-96 Bulls.

At this point in their season, the ’96 Bulls (record: 72-10) had already enjoyed a 13-game win streak and were 16 games into another string of 18. This year’s Pistons are currently on an 11-game tear, playing tonight at New Jersey.

[ADBLOCKHERE]With a 37-5 record, the ’06 Bad Boys have an 11½ game lead on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Allow me to go on a limb and deduce that this year’s Pistons will make the playoffs.

The Pistons will need to finish out the year 36-4 to top those ’96 Bulls. Unlikely, but they have a fighting chance to hit the elusive 70-win echelon (33-7).

In an era where the NBA has turned into baseball in that there’s always eight people standing around, people should breathe easily witnessing a team playing like a team and not like five tall guys who happen to wear the same color.

Their 11-game win streak is more than the combined roll that the Steelers (7 in a row) and Seahawks (2) are riding, and their 37-5 record is also more impressive than the combined W-L of the AFC and NFC champs (28-9).

But, shhhh, keep it down. The Super Bowl is next week. Pretend you didn’t hear this.

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  • Suss, 30 days in the stocks for you! NBA? Bahh! Watching the NBA (particularly regular season NBA) is a crime against humanity.

    I’ll take two bland but good football teams over that train wreck any day.

  • zingzing

    i think your “a team playing like a team and not like five tall guys who happen to wear the same color” comment shows the major problem of nba basketball. i much prefer ncaa ball. it’s more interesting, the players have something more than money to play for, the cheerleaders are younger and the crowd is rowdier.

  • NCAA Basketball season doesn’t start for another month. 😉

  • pitchers and catchers report in a couple of weeks.

    nothin’ else matters much after that.

  • If the Spurs and Pistons could play every day, then the NBA wouldn’t need any other team.

    Such a harsh sentence, Josh, can only be doled out by a two-thirds majority of the autonomous collective.

  • Let’s get the Super Bowl played and then I will say “Amen” Brother Saleski.

  • Matthew,
    Hey, great article. You forgot to mention how they beat the Lakers. What symbolism, a real team beating Kobe Bryant’s one man circus act.

  • Josh + Mark, you are as aware as anyone of my baseball-looking-forward-to agenda. But come on, this Pistons team is something else. There was no football on TV that was played on a field of longer than 50 yards, and there were very few baseball moves of note. So it needs to be said that Detroit is a team worth following all year, starting right now.

    Oh, and update: Detroit lost tonight to NJ 91-84, so you can just shut me up.

  • You cursed them, Suss. They lost to New Jersey…

  • “the cheerleaders are younger”

    Heh… ;-P

  • This Pistons team will be worth following in June when we get to the conference and league finals, Suss.

    We need to be writing daily pieces counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report.

    I have started working on my Fantasy Baseball Spreadsheet of Doom – Papi in the first round, Coco in the second. I will be a force. I will be The Force.

  • But the Pistons will play 4-7 games in the NBA Finals. Not enough to appreciate a team like that.

    And, without spilling too many of the beans, I am working on something special for baseball season.

  • It’s plenty of time if we’re talking about the NBA.

    I don’t know what happened. I used to like watching basketball and the NBA.

  • In a little while, some phenomenally athletic fellow will win the slam dunk competition at the all-star game, astounding us all with his combination power and grace.

    I’m sure Chauncey Billups will be happy for him.

    And I’m sure Team Argentina will be feel honored to share a court with him in the Olympics.