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The 2006 MTV VMA’s: An Example of How Boring the Music Industry Is

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Saying that the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards show was a night filled with sub-par performances, horrible fashion, and moments that made you want to turn and watch re-runs of The Golden Girls would be putting it nicely. While some Americans still love awards shows, I personally can do without them. Here are some moments from the show that just made me want to throw my remote at the television screen.

1. Beyonce’s “Ring the Alarm” Performance

I love Beyonce but it just doesn't seem like she’s trying any more. Her performance of "Ring The Alarm" was so boring that I knocked my head on my TV screen after it put me to asleep. Plus, I’m tired of all these R&B girls ripping off Janet Jackson’s outfits and past performances. Note to Beyonce: look up “original” in the dictionary. Everything you’re doing now I've seen before. I'm still waiting for that magical moment when it all just comes together for you and I'm blown away.

2. Nicole Ritchie's Weight Loss

What in the world is going on with Nicole Ritchie? Can someone please fax her a Happy Meal? She’s really sending a bad message to our young girls. Her weight loss sends the message to young girls that it's okay to look that way. She needs a serious wake-up call. Note to Nicole Ritchie: McDonalds Happy Meals, KFC, Krispy Kreme and more. Eat, girl, eat!

3. Paris Hilton's Dress

I love Paris Hilton, but that dress was horrible. It looked like a combination of three different looks from different generations of fashion trends. It just didn’t come together right. But of course she’s the most photographed person of the night. She loves the cameras and they love her back. Note to Paris Hilton: Stars are blind, and so is your stylist.

4. Snoop Dogg vs The Pussy Cat Dolls

This might get ugly ‘cause Snoop was featured on “Buttons” and when the Pussy Cat Dolls won, he wasn’t on stage. When they cut to a shot of him he didn’t look too happy. He should have been up there getting an award with the girls. So I wonder what he is going to have to say about them now. I think they really pushed his buttons. Note to the Pussy Cat Dolls: Just like the Spice Girls, this will come to an end soon. So don't act ugly, show Snoop some love and respect!

4. Fergie and Her London Outfit

Fergie is out on her own doing the solo thing now without the Black Eye Peas, and her single “London Bridges” is blowing up. That didn’t stop her from being a fashion nightmare during the VMA pre-show. I can’t begin to tell you how much I hated her outfit. She looked like she fell into a plaid tornado at the stripper girl shop. Note to Fergie: Please leave fashion alone and have someone dress you before all your future performances.

5. MTV Doesn’t Really Play Music Videos Anymore

It’s weird how MTV (Music Television) started out showing the best videos and now you can hardly see a full video on the network.  But they have a yearly Video Music Awards show…how ironic. Note to MTV: Please play real music videos again, we miss them! Youtube.com has them… why don't you?

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About Mike Street

  • the awards show was boring i almost wished i was watching american idol which is equally horrible.

  • Bouncie

    You’re old. Go back to watching Murder She Wrote.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “You’re Old”

    Yeah…Didn’t you know, that it’s the new trend with youngsters to watch people kiss each others ass for producing such useless garbage under the guise of music.