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The 2004 ALCS: One hell of a ride!

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How about those Red Sox and Yankees … I mean, jeez!

It keeps getting more surreal. After three consecutive nights of the longest postseason baseball games ever played, the Red Sox are standing taller with a chance to at least tie, if not win, the American League Championship Series in New York.

Boston, which not only finished the regular season with 98 wins and finished only three games behind New York but swept the Anaheim Angels in the first round of the playoffs, lost the first two games of the second round in New York. In Game 3, they lost embarrassingly to the Yankees at home at Fenway, 19-8. That game lasted more than four hours and was the longest nine-inning playoff game ever played.

Then came not just one, but two dramatic marathon wins by the Red Sox. On Sunday night came a 12-inning, 5-hour 2-minute affair. Last night was a 14-inning, 5-hour, 49-minute nail-biter. Largely thanks to power hitter David Ortiz – the MVP of this team, in my mind – the Sox walked away from both gruelling contests with a win.

So now the series goes back to New York. And, though I want desperately for the Sox to overcome being down in this series and bury the Yankees, the possibility of the worst case scenario is over and cannot happen now: The Yankees celebrating at Fenway Park.

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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks MEM, spoken like a true Sox fan (death before dishonor), and Ortiz has been their MVP the last two seasons

  • andy marsh

    I’m almost at a loss for words here…yeah right! I only have one question for all you Red Sox fans…why do you want to MAKE it to the worlds sreies…only to be disappointed again in the end???

  • And why would we be disappointed again? If we make it past the Yankees, that’s the ultimate sign from above that our time has come!

    I’m not anywhere near as afraid of Houston or even St. Louis as I am of New York. And soon, that fear will hopefully end in laughs.

  • andy marsh

    but the curse is not about making it past the Yankees…it’s about winning the world series.

    But I will give you this…IF…and I do mean IF… the Sox win tonight…and go on to win the Series…it will be one of teh best sports stories ever!!!

    But it won’t really be complete if they win tonight and lose the series…

    The Yankees will be embarrassed…as they should be if they lose after having a 3-0 lead in the series…but they have won the series 26 times…I think they can live with that.

    The thing that scares me the most is that I heard recently that the Yankees have NEVER won a World Series when a republican is in the white house…

  • curt

    andy –
    gotta disagree with ya here a little bit, if ya don’t mind…the red sox just accomplished two things that have NEVER been done before, in over 100 years of post season play – losing the first three games and then coming to 1) force a game seven, and then 2) winning game seven.

    your comment #2 (above) sounds a little arrogant, jersey. didn’t you just get burned on a similar prediction in the last few days? might wanna think about sticking to casting aspersions on a decorated combat veteran, andy, you’ll never make it as baseball playoff prognosticator.

  • curt

    “i only have one question for all you red sox fans…why do you want to MAKE it to the world series…only to be disappointed again in the end???”

    by andy marsh, oct 20, 2004, 8:34am