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The 10 worst rock stars

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One of these days, I’m going to stop with the lists. Really, I will. Is there a 12 stop that can help me?

  1. Johnny Rotten
  2. Shaun Ryder
  3. Lenny Kravitz
  4. Axl Rose
  5. Liam Gallagher
  6. Steven Tyler
  7. Morrissey
  8. Ted Nugent
  9. Bono
  10. Jobriath

— Update —
I should specify — this isn’t my list. It’s from the good lads over at Something Awful, with their “Your Band Sucks” feature.

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  • Come on, who is better than Axl? Who is a bigger dick? Who is a more talented singer? Who could have been the greatest rock star of all time but chose to be a dick instead? Axl takes it as the greatest jerk of all time.

    Oh, you meant the top ten rock stars… that is something different all together.

  • Bono is not a bad rock star. He’s got the quintissential cockiness of rock down pat. He’s got the swagger, and the voice, and he adds a wrench (politics) just to mix things up. What more do you want?

  • Have to agree about Axl. Any list of ‘bad rock stars’ is really incomplete without him.

    For other names, what about Richie “Tantrum” Blackmore?

    What’s the definition of a ‘bad rock star’, anyway?

  • what are the criteria, exactly?

    Obviously, lists like this are very subjective, however, if the criteria are, say dissapointing, loudmouthed jerks who act like prisses, I think you’ve got a good bunch.

    However, if you’re saying they can’t come up with decent material, you’ve got a bad bunch. Nugent, in particular, had some rockin’ tunes and can REALLY play live. When he says almost anything but his lyrics, however….

    Axl would pretty much fit in the same category…

    so, what ARE the criteria?

  • Now this is a tough one. Johnny Rawtone could be considered a perfect rawk star under various criteria. But, I get your picture (see my final sentence).

    Hhhmmm…uh, i dunno, maybe Jim Dandy of Black Oak Arkansas? Ah, I imagine he was an alright guy.

    So maybe the criteria is: who is the biggest fuck-head in rock n roll…


  • Vern Halen

    “Come on, who is better than Axl? Who is a bigger dick? Who is a more talented singer? Who could have been the greatest rock star of all time but chose to be a dick instead? Axl takes it as the greatest jerk of all time.”
    – Lono.

    Absolutely right on! This quote oughtta go in the rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame under a big picture of G’n’R.

  • Kurt Cobain. Blew his head off leaving his child with a heroin addicted nut-case. Seems pretty bad to me.

  • Eric Olsen

    though amusing to read, I would have to label the list a failure as the guy’s criteria mutates from pick to pick to suit his own prejudices. If you’re going to make a fucking list, make rules and follow them (obviously not talking to you Casper, but this “Dr” dick)

  • this is ridiculous! Johnny Rotten, Morrissey, Liam Gallagher, Axl Rose, Shaun Ryder… These are the greatest front men of all ever! (except for Lord Shane MacGowan, who, obviously, doesn’t appear on this list). I can’t believe this crock of nonsense.

  • true on the criteria thing.

    Freddie Mercury – too gay!
    Ronnie James Dio – too short!
    Gwen Stefani – too, uh…cute!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    I think Gwen is hot, although I am lukewarm on No Doubt. Old Gwen joke: Why can’t Gwen go to the beach? Everyone tries to surf her.

  • i gotta say, i think that article was pretty funny. Even if he does rip-off The Duke’s patented jokes about Greek Philosophers in the follow-up. I knew the phone was bugged, man, i just needed the proof.

  • Montrose

    C’mon — HAGAR!

  • circusfreek93

    you guys fuckin’ suck…

    some peeps on this list deffenetly do NOT earn a spot on the list; for example Axl Rose i mean c’mon without him there would be no such thing as hard rock n’ roll anymore, Steven Tyler i’m sooo damn shocked you guys would put such an amazing singer on there. he’s original, funny, and mother fuckin’ talented! plus without him, there would be no montly crue, gn’r, bon jovi lots of bands! you guys don’t know what the hell your talking about when you say Bono is one of the worst rockstars he’s probebly achieved more fuckin’ things then some of you will achieve in a lifetime. Bono’s done some of the greatest things for the whole world not to mention he’s an amazing singer, and you people put him down??? also ted nugent is so AWESOME there are so many ways to descibe him. this list sickens me… you all should be ashamed…

  • Buda

    Bon Jovi isn’t on the list? The guy who talks about a possible show to Robert Plant saying that “we can sell it out in four-minutes” that even the veteran Plant thinks is too much… no
    Then what about Bryan Adams?
    Shame on you fuckers. Pulling in some respectable ones to keep the real assholes out from the blacklist, huh? Guess you still listen ‘Livin On Prayer’ or some Scorpions shit.

    Beating the shit out of Axl because he’s not doing what the wide spectrum of the world wants him to do is quite sad. Everybody should know he’s just dont give a fuck about ANYbody or ANYthing. Actually he’s left alone for standing out for what he’s believing. Musically. Slash wanted to rock out (which is fine) contrary to Axl who slipped into the Nine Inch Nales kind of things. They departed. That’s all how long the story goes.