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Thank you president Bush

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I owe thanks to George W Bush

Dear reader, we have spent too much time and energy on the negative. To be frank, my life is great, and actually a bit better than it was four years ago (mind you, this is after 3 lay offs). So, please allow me to celebrate what George Bush has done for me and my family. Where to start?

George Bush has made me watch the news
George Bush has made me read the paper
George Bush has made me write my congress person
George Bush has made me angrier than I ever have been
George Bush has got me into politics
George Bush has got me into the internet
George Bush has got me into writing
George Bush has got me into edititing
George Bush has got me my own web page
George Bush has gotten people to vote
George Bush has done wonders for the publishing industry

So I thank you, Mr appointed president. If it weren’t for him, I’d be sitting at home all happy and bored and content. Before George Bush, no one gave a shit about politics or process. Even my mom supported Bush, until she found out he was closing the veteran’s hospitals and cutting all veteran health benefits.

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  • Doc

    Here’s mine:

    “George Bush has made me put in my application for Australian Permanent Residency to leave the U.S.”

    I dawdled for years on this but George got me going. Bu-bye!

  • Eric Olsen

    Lono, This is a somewhat solipsistic view of things: EVERY presidency generates new activists and engagement as various sectors of the population respond positively or negatively to the policies and personality of each administration. You think people didn’t hate Clinton? Or Reagan? The first Bush was probably too bland to hate but he was roundly ridiculed as being out of touch.

  • Shark


    George W. Bush made me wonder if Lee Harvey Oswald is really dead.

    George W. Bush made me wish Roe v. Wade had taken effect in 1946 shortly after Barbara was raped by Lucifer.

    George W. Bush made me wish his father’s chute hadn’t opened that time he bailed out of his plane during WW II.

    George W. Bush made me hate the Texas Rangers baseball team.

    George W. Bush made me hate Florida.

    George W. Bush made me question God’s wisdom.

    George W. Bush made me hate Jesus.

    George W. Bush made me study up on his campaign platform, The Book of Revelations.

    George W. Bush made me hate Midland, Texas — which isn’t that hard to do since it’s the hot stinky armpit of the Universe.

    George W. Bush made me long for the annihilation of humankind, just to insure that this American aristocracy comes to an end before they can take over and destroy the planet.

    George W. Bush made me think it’s too late for that now.


    I’m sure there’s more!

  • Hmmm. I’m sensing some sarcasm here… :-/

  • Eric, you are right. People especially hated Clinton. Why, cause he got a blow job? He didn’t lost over 1000 American lives, he didn’t steal an election, he didn’t work to overturn environmental laws, or roll back education. America has never been better than we were with Clinton. So what if he got a BJ – Clinton lied, no died!

  • Vic

    See ya. Take that Baldwin actor guy with you too since he promised he’d leave.

    BTW, why is it that Dems consider a reduction in the amount of an increase a cut? In California they were bragging on how they cut the budget a while back but what they did was instead of increasing it by X dollars they only increased it by X – (some number). Same here.

    I’m glad I don’t apply that sort of monetary calculation at home.


  • ray

    I am a 31 yr old american citizen who has struggled my whole life because of people like you your father ronaald regan and right on down the line

    here i am 31 with nothing to show for it did i finish high school? no why? because i was to busy selling narcotics so i could pay my way in lif, why selling illegal drugs and not working like any other american you ask? because your government put me and millions of other americans in whats called a catch 22, god forbid i should work and be a productive member of soceity!!!!!!!!

    why can’t i work you ask yourself? ummm because i was born with something called epilepsey, maybe you have heard of it? well due to it i was told if i work i not only lose my social security check (which means shit to me) but i lose my insurance which is critical to my health 3 brain surgeries multiple detoxes (ah yes im just like your neice a drug addict) why a drug addict? um because i had nothing better to do so i got high!!!!!!!!!!!

    but god forbid i work and i am not only a trained cook without a cirtificate (my own fault with the help of drugs) but i am also a trained computer technician again not cirtified which i will be but even then you wont let me work with all my conditions i will never be able to pay for medical insurance @ 25.00 an hour or even 50.00 an hour so now i got health insurance liability insurance rent electric phone internet and any other bills why not gas you say? um because not only am i not allowed to drive yet, which i will be soon its alot easier for me to take a city bus for 1.25 all day long ah but now it takes me 3 hours to get to a job, once again thanks

    and again you ask what for? how about helping me unwillingly destroy my life

    the only difference between me and your neice is i am a recoving drug addict of four + years now

    god bless her soul i think id be a drug addict to if i was a meber of your family

    damn creeps all of you your brothers your father and all
    the only one i have any love for is your neice

    and i hope and pray to god that she is doing better

    yes i even pray for the rest of your family even you and yes i did vote for you, why you ask? well i ask myself that same question everyday
    but truth be told because fact remains we are in a war and john kerry didnt have a pray at helping us with this war otherwise he would of had my vote

    am i a democrate? no but my voters reg says differently, why?
    because if i vote republicain i will never be able to work legally and pay my bills as i said i have had 3 brain surgeries (all lower left temproal lobotomies) and medicare paid for that yes
    so why cnat ppl like myself keep our insurance and pay taxes at the same time?
    because you wont let us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fact remains that check is garbage with the work i do i can amke that in a week
    but it still wouldnt covor my medical bills my medication just one of them cost 4 dollars a pill for generic and i take 60 a month, you do the math!!!!!!!!!!

    15 minue doctor visit? 350.00
    transportation not expensive due to my disibality discount of 1.25 a day however thats 6 buses for me

    ya know i did a pc job yesterday sent to me via compusa for 200.00 took two hours however they dont have my social security number anymore then anyone else does? why because i wont sacriface my medical covrage so that would amke it illegal money huh? well its either that or start selling drugs again huh?

    ya know i love my country and would gladly die for it but i have no love for my republician government yes a drug addict ya know never in my life have i been arrested? why you ask after all your a junkie, junkies go to jail and prison ah but not this one, why you ask again? because (granted indirectly i hurt many by selling them drugs) i never in my life robbed anyone or did any bodily harm to anyone

    yet everyone complains about over crowded prisons? why well ask your brother jeb
    ummm lets se they are letting hardened criminals out of prison and locking up teenagers who smoke pot or have a cocaine addiction rather then trying to provide drug treatment for them isn’t it sapposed to be all about rehabilitation? ah but it’s not is it? and it never will be, will it?

    fact remains i have a brother who is now 29 and spent 7 years in prison and has been out for over 4 years now

    he belongs there he is a world class creep who doesnt care who he hurts never has never will

    and he to this day is still an active drug addict who can put together a few days even a few weeks clean time once in awhile but then it starts all over again and seeing as i on pape live on 599.99 a month and 110.00 food stamps i am stuck livjng in a bad situtation you see 599.00 dont go far when your bills are 250.00 rent 70.00 cell phone 30.00 dell 1.25 a day city bus cost of food after foodstamps are gone so lets see were up to roughly 400.00 in bills now? ah lets not forget tolietries? and how about a few dollars to spend each month!!!!!! (very few) i lucked out with this job yesterday ah and school supplies books alone cost me 160.00 yes i got alot of the fees waived but i still had to put out almost 400.00 dollars so far and have more books to buy
    my whole life i have been poverty stricken do you even care? does it matter that half of america is also poverty stricken now?

    so mr president however could you help a person like me (not like you ever would) and regaurdless of my personal feelings, as a christian i love you ( i was taught to love one and all regaurdless)
    and will continue to pray for your soul (and as you can tell i am a very angry christian)

    and there is nothing in this letter or about it that is a threat or harassment rather just one american citizens feelings or does that matter either?

    by the way george you see how you can no longer email your daughter anymore (guys like me can fix that problem and put more security on your computers then you can imagine) fact remains i most likely have just as much protection on my computer as you do (3 fire walls,2 anti-virus programs, seven spyware removal tool, 2 spam blockers and 2 popup blockers) how did i aford such protection? ah but i cnat so seeing as i am an it tech, it wsnt that hard to get just like it wasnt hard to get around the microsoft validation which if you cant validate windows you cant update windows either

    and yes i do have 2 legal copies of windows xp (they came with my computer i had to put in my mothers anme in order to get it and make a 17.00 monbthly payment for a total of 900.00 before intrest which today i can build for under 400.00 and it be 3 times better!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of a 40 gig hd with a p4 256 ram 48 x cd-rw and a dvd reader i can build a pc with a gig of memorry a 80 gig hd a p4 or amd cpu 52 x cd-rw and a 16 x dvd-rw big difference in price and quality huh?

    you have my email addres so utilize it my name is ray

    feel free to contact me
    hey dick pass this along to george please
    considering i an a struggling american citizen who could do better he owes me that much
    wouldn’t you agree?
    don’t mind the link below it is attached to every email i send out

    And Remember i am An American and a Proud One At That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!