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Texas Public Education is a guaranteed right under the state constitution. The writers of the state constitution in 1845 realized the necessity of an educated and literate populace in order to maintain a civil society. As such, the founders established provisions to ensure funding for education that was considered adequate and appropriate for all school age students.

In effect, the state constitution calls for funding through the Foundation School Program which is administered through the authority of the Texas Education Agency. Other sources of revenue for school districts come from local property taxes, grants, and federal sources.

The State of Texas has over 1,000 school districts throughout the state that serve as independent government entities that are legislated by school boards. The boards have the authority to hire the superintendent, tax property within the attendance boundary, and employ eminent domain.

Today, the State of Texas is facing challenges related to the funding of Texas public schools. As the population continues to grow, Texas schools have seen an increase on average of 80,000 new students each year. Adequate and equitable funding has become increasingly difficult and has been challenged in court on several occasions.

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