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Artist: Neal Morse
Title: Testimony Live
Genre: Progressive Christian Rock
Format: 2 DVD Set
Label: Radiant Records
Neal Morse Website

This DVD brings Neal Morse’s personal and professional sojourn to complete fruition. His journey is one of a lifetime and although his music is big part of the entire picture, it is only one piece of the equation in the grand scheme of things.

Morse took his Testimony album to the masses in 2003 and the complete performance is documented over the course of this two DVD set. He had a fine cast of musicians to back his project and he takes full advantage of all their various talents in a live setting, bringing his life story to light before his appreciative fans.

The audience seemingly becomes one with Neal and his band and not a stone is unturned during this fantastic performance. His brand of progressive Christian rock appeals to a broad base of listeners. It rocks progressively and very tastefully. There is a strong definitive message here; however, the music is what sets the precedence then everything falls in line right behind it. The music is so good it is hard not to like. Morse pours his heart and soul into this performance and you know that it is a genuine thing for him and his band.

Never was there a time where I felt complacent or bored watching this DVD. Morse is a vibrant entertainer and what makes it so enjoyable to view is his incredible energy and enthusiasm for his music and beliefs. He is a gifted vocalist, guitar and keyboard player and never is it more obvious than during this concert. Yes, this certainly is a Testimony and in many ways.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

May 31, 2005



Neal Morse-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Eric Brenton-guitar, violin, flute, pedal, steel guitar, mandolin, vocals
John Krovosa-electric cello
Bert Baldwin-keyboards, backing and lead vocals
Rick Altizer-guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing and lead vocals
Randy George-bass, keyboards and backing vocals
Mark Leniger-percussion, saxophone, backing vocals
Mike Portnoy-drums and backing vocals

DVD 1:

Part One

The Land Of The Beginning Again
Overture No. 1
California Nights
Colder In The Sun
Sleeping Jesus
The Prince Of The Power Of The Air

The Promise
Wasted Life

Part Two

Overture No. 2
Break Of Day
Power In The Air
Somber Days
Long Story
It´s All I Can Do

Part Three

Ready To Try
Sing It High

Part Four

Moving In My Heart
I Am Willing
In The Middle
The Storm Before The Calm
Oh, To Feel Him
God´s Theme

Part Five

Overture No. 3
Oh Lord My God
God´s Theme 2
The Land Of The Beginning Again

DVD 2:

We All Need Some Light
The Light
Stranger In Your Soul
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