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Terror Interrupted in Birmingham

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The entire city center in Birmingham has been evacuated and there are reports that the police have conducted controlled explosions.

The evacuations were the result of “intelligence.” The controlled explosions suggest that it was not a false alarm.

Blog posts from the area:

Brum Evacuated

Birmingham Evacuated after Terror Threat

Panic in the streets of Birmingham

I am in Birmingham … sirens are wailing … again!

I finally made it back from London to Birmingham and the breaking news here is that the Broad Street area of the city has been closed off and thousands of people have been evacuated.

Do these incidents signal further terror attacks in the UK?

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  • Jusrene, suggest moving this to politics – I can, but on a PDA now

    Hope things are fine in Birmingham

  • Spoke to family in Birmingham – they say things are fine – Better to be safe than sorry

  • Good news Aaman