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Terror Attack Outside of Ma’alé Levoná Injures Two Israelis

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A little past 21:00 on Wednesday evening (12 August 2009) a car with two occupants was fired upon by Arabs as it approached Ma'alé Levoná near the road leading to Giv'át haRo'é. The two occupants were injured lightly – the initial report that appeared on 'Arutz Sheva's Newsflash at 21:30 was that one person was injured by shards of glass from the shooting.

A later report on 'Arutz Sheva indicated that both occupants were taken to Jerusalem hospitals for treatment. All roads leading up Levoná (Ma'alé Levoná is the village atop the huge hill called Levoná) were closed as Army patrols searched for the attackers who were reported to have fled the scene. It is not clear whether the attackers were in a vehicle or not.

At the present hour (23:30, 12 Aug 2009) there are a number of Army jeeps in front of the gate of Ma'alé Levoná as the search continues, but buses and vehicles can enter and leave the village. I suspect that Sinjel, the Arab town at the bottom of Levoná, is closed off to traffic. The town of Túrmus Aiye, on the other side of Highway 60 from Levoná was not closed off to traffic at 21:30, but it has been impossible to confirm whether the Army search has extended to that town yet.

Jewish leaders in Judea and Samaria have blamed the removal of roadblocks on roads in Judea and Samaria, actions taken to please the American president, Obama, for the fact that the attack was as successful as it was. According to 'Arutz Sheva, Samarian Residents' Council head Benny Katzover blamed American pressure to remove roadblocks in Samaria. MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) of the National Union party blamed the Wednesday night attack on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for caving into US pressure, and pursuing policies which make it easier for Arab terrorists to move about freely in Jewish-populated areas. "Netanyahu's policy of fawning to the Arabs, his willingness to release terrorists and his fear of Jewish growth in Judea and Samaria encourage terrorism," Katz said.

Ha'aretz, covering the same story in a report filed at 22:10 and modified at 23:53, reports the upsurge of Arab terror attacks in recent months, listing the folowing:

1. In March, two Israel Police officers were shot dead by Palestinians while on patrol near the village of Masu'a, in northern Samaria.

2. In January, a 34-year-old resident of the Samarian community of Kokháv HasháHar was seriously wounded when a gunman opened fire on his car on the highway near the village.

Just in at 05:20, 13 August: Al-Aqsa Brigades, terrorists associated with el-FataH, the supposed "legitimate" representatives of the "Palestinian" people – Israel's "peace partners" – claimed resopnsibility for this shooting attack, according to a newsflash from 'Arutz Sheva.

Dreams of peace will have to be deferred while we cope with the realities of war in Judea and Samaria.

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  • This is the second rock attack reported near Ma’alé Levoná today. In this instance, the rocks hit a patrol vehicle, and two people were wounded from shattered glass.

    This is how the intifada started in 2000. With rock attacks that escalated to worse rapidly. Ehud Barak – whose “barak” is far worse than his “bite” when it comes to dealing with Arab would-be killers – is responsible for the administration of Judea and Samaria, according to Israeli law. We can count on little to no support from the government in dealing with Arabs here as they slowly ramp up the terror.

  • Thank you, Joanne, for stopping by. The story has a continuation of a sort. An organization called mattót he’arím has called for the blocking of the roads the IDF has given Arabs free passage to. That is as far as it goes , however, to my knowledge. The IDF has basically posted destruction notices in the village of giv’át ha’ro’é notices that go into effect in two months or so. This is the gratitude that soldiers who live in Judea and Samaria get for bravely fighting in the useless campaigns conducted by the IDF in Gaza and south Lebanon.


    The bastard who signed the order – Ehud Barak – deserves to be hung by the neck for treason.

    In the mean-time, Arab terror – rock throwing is terror – continues. Just outside of Túrmus Aiye, right across the road from Ma’alé Levoná, Arabs threw rocks at Israeli vehicles on Highway 60. No injuries were reported in the attacks.

  • Ruvy, I find your posts interesting just because the point of view is so different than one would expect. Sorry I haven’t been here sooner — the usual end-of-summer madness makes frequent visiting impossible. I wish you best of health and safety.

  • A few comments to add to this article – opinions, rather than news.

    1. I went on patrol last night, from 02:00 to 05:00 in the morning (one of the reasons I wrote this article when I did), and asked the fellow with whom I was on patrol if they had caught the terrorists at all. He snorted at me, “What do you mean, ‘caught them’? It’s impossible to catch them!”

    This attitude on the part of Israelis is one of the big problems we have. “Catching the terrorists” means you go to Arab village after Arab village and slap people around if you need to (and you probably will). But in the end, the solution always means going straight for the balls.

    You do like the Russians did in Lebanon.

    You take the mukhtar’s boy and castrate him. Nota bene, you do NOT kill the youth! You do this is in several villages, especially if you have an idea which group did the terror. Then you let the mukhtar know that if he doesn’t want any of his other sons (or nephews) castrated, he and his villagers will murder off the terrorists themselves. If the terror recurs, you go back to the villages, repeating the performance.

    It will not likely be necessary. No guy like to live without his “jewels” – nobody wants his future literally cut off him. Eventually the mukhtar and his family will figure out what they need to do to survive the next generation.

    2. Jews in this country have died in the past to please American presidents and their policies of “peace”. At least last evening nobody died to please Obama. Frankly, I’m sick of seeing Jews in this country die to please American leaders and their alleged “peace” plans. If Americans want “peace”, so damned bad, let them come with their goons and try to impose it here. My conscience will be a lot less bothered if I have to shoot an American than an Israeli. If I die in the process, well, it’s always good to die for one’s country.