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Terri Schaivo woman of one

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MedicaidAdvocates.com, The Broward County based patient and Medicaid Client advocacy group that was formed to fight to save the Medicaid Medically Needy Share of Cost Program that Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the G.O.P. dominated Florida House and Senate had earmarked for elimination in the last Florida budget year, today is questioning the ethics and integrity of both Governor Bush and the leadership of the Florida House and Senate over their actions yesterday in Tallahassee.

“Although we sincerely empathize with the plight of Terri Schaivo, her husband, and her family, we find it highly suspect that Governor Bush, Speaker of the House Johnnie Byrd, and State Senator Daniel Webster could mobilize their forces so quickly to assist just this one patient whose case and plight has been working its way through the Florida Courts for over ten years. It is encouraging to see Speaker Byrd and Senator Webster publicly exhibit such moral concern and compassion for this one patient and her family, but the question must be raised; where was this same concern and compassion during our efforts to save the Medicaid Medically Needy Share of Cost Program and the 27,000 Medically Needy recipients whose medications, healthcare, and lives were in immediate jeopardy during the last budget year? When this program came within literally hours of ending and Speaker Byrd was asked about action that was yet to be taken to save it and 27,000 Floridians lives, his response was that ‘it wasn’t an emergency’. Well, what exactly is the emergency now? Could it be perhaps that both Speaker Byrd and Senator Webster are running for the U.S. Senate seat now occupied by Senator Graham? It is such a travesty that this woman, who is now the subject of national news stories, is being used by these men as nothing more than ‘political fodder’ in a campaign for a National Senate seat” states MedicaidAdvocates.com Co-Founder Bill Rettinger. “Perhaps this same concern and compassion will be exhibited this week for the 1.9 Million Floridians on various Medicaid Programs whose lives were impacted earlier this year by the Florida Legislature’s imposition of co-pay requirements for prescriptions and emergency room visits and these requirements can be eliminated during this special session utilizing the federal funds that were sent to Florida that were earmarked to enhance Medicaid and other health care programs as the U.S. Congress intended when this funding was created.”

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  • bhw

    The husband has guardianship rights and they can’t be taken away by her parents. And he has no intention of giving them up.

  • Theresa

    I don’t get why Terri’s parents can’t just get guardianship for her if her husband doesn’t want her around anymore. Seems like a simple solution.

  • debbie

    What about the Arkansas man that was in a coma for 19 years and just woke up and started talking?

    My biggest concern is that since she didn’t have a “living will” we have family members saying two different things. The husband says that she said she didn’t want to live in that kind of state but the parents and sibling say she “never” voiced that thought to them. I think that we are treading on dangerous ground when we don’t have a clear consensus from the family. What is the motivation behind their stances? You might think it is clear but you will never know what is in the minds of these people. If we have to choose one side, which side do we want to err on? Life or death? If we choose death why can’t it be in a more humane method? Why does she have to die of starvation and dehydration? We don’t do that to convicted serial murders. Can you image the liberal outcry if we did???? Oh no, that would be cruel and inhumane, we couldn’t possible do that to death row inmates but the brain damaged? Oh, now that’s ok?

    This is truly a sad situation in every respect, but we have to weigh future decisions on it. I would rather err on the side of life.

    Just because she won’t have “your” quality of life doesn’t mean that her life isn’t precious to her. If you are basing your decision on the “quality” of life, exactly where is the line for that definition? If we went with your logic then the Arkansas man would have been starved to death long before he woke up.

  • Michael, I blogged the Schiavo case before a court went along with this charade.


    Having a third branch of government needlessly involve itself makes a bad situation even worse.

    In my opinion, no argument can be made for not finally letting Ms. Schiavo finally end her ordeal. If 10 years of a vegetative state is not ample evidence of hopelessness, what is for Chrissake?