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Terrell Owens Is Not Anakin Skywalker

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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens was suspended indefinitely by the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday, two days after he publicly criticized the team. Owens was unhappy with management after there was no public acknowledgement of his 100th career touchdown reception two weeks ago.

ESPN’s Michael Smith:

Owens is not Anakin Skywalker and his behavior since the Super Bowl suggests that there is no good in him whatsoever.

I sense that the Eagles are about to do what they should have done prior to the season starting: cut T.O. outright. We have seemingly reached the point in time where his 21 TDs in 20 games is no longer worth the cost on the backside of the relationship.

It’s important for an organization like the Eagles that prides itself on professionalism (they have a reputation for running a very tight ship) to step out and do the right thing on this issue. When someone brings shenanigans and lack of respect to the workplace day in and day out, as T.O. does, they get fired – period. It is especially important to set an example in today’s world of very highly paid athletes. Allow this to fester and you’re only creating more alienation among fans that are already stretched to the limit when it comes to putting up with primadonna athletes. That is not good for business. Just ask the NBA, which is trying to play catch-up with its own image problems.

The Eagles should cut bait and simply stand behind of the NFL’s most respected players, Donovan McNabb. McNabb approaches the game right – on the field and off. By siding with the team leader and star QB, even if it means they struggle through a rough season, the Eagles will show that respect and leadership is rewarded.

Dave Johnston’s day job is as the online editor for a major D.C. think tank. He also publishes at his personal blog: newdave.com

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  • “Terrell Owens Is Not Anakin Skywalker”

    You mean he’s not a poorly created, one-dimensional character who appears in a series of toy catalogs that are loosely disguised as films?

  • It was easier for Jordan in the sense that the basketball team of 8-9 players revolved around him. You can’t build a football of 50 players around a wide receiver. There are much more valuable players on a football team proportionately than a basketball team. In football, McNabb – as a QB – is more valuable. Hopefully Westbrook, whom the Eagles just signed to an extension, becomes a superstar.

  • Baronius

    It’s hard to believe that in these days of steroids and sex cruises there’s such a thing as “too far”. But nearly everyone is looking at Terrell Owens that way. It gives me hope that we might be able to salvage the idea of sportsmanship. Or am I fantasizing?

    I’ve had no respect for the Eagles organization ever since they hired Buddy Ryan, but I’m (almost) rooting for them to win now that Owens isn’t playing.

  • For the love of God give him what he wants. They almost got the ring last year. Give him his money, and give him his in stadium recognition. This is TO, he is an arrogant SOB and thats just the way he is. As “Tan The Man” pointed out, not many make it to 100 TDs these days.

    On the flip side is the moral of the Eagles organization – not just the players and coaches on the field. When your QB and Wide Out are not seeing eye to eye (so to speak) you are not going to win many games and can kiss the close ones good bye.

    Something needs to be done about the moral and the back-and-forth bickering from TO and McNabb. It does not help with comments about Favre of course.

    But give TO his due and he will perform well. The Eagles will get their NFL Championship ring, trophy, parade, etc., and Philly will be better for it.

    You know Michael Jordan was not all that different. He may have been smarter about opening his mouth, but the NBA was the Michael Basketball League for a time. Chicago has six trophies because they just put up with MJ.

  • I’m in the process of “In the Middling” with an undisclosed Blogcritic on this very topic, with myself taking the highly coveted Temple Archimedes Stark POV.

  • Temple A. Stark

    I’m not a big fan of arrogance, but I’ve been defending the man, TO. He’s gone beyond it now though. I heard he also roughed it up in the locker room last week and challenged anyone in the room if they wanted a piece of him.

    ESPN had a TO-McNabb timeline story lastnight and some of the things they’ve been saying about each other – time to go TO.

    The relationship is poisoned.

  • Nice. The funny this is that TO has the numbers that could be HOF worthy. 100 TDs? Not many players reach that milestone and To’s recent stupidities will probably get him blacklisted.