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Terence Trent D’Arby on the Talking Heads

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I’m generally a mid-level Talking Heads fan. However, I’ve never really been bowled over by Remain in Light, generally recognized by critics as their main masterpiece.

I’m going to have to give them another listen, though. Terence Trent D’Arby [aka “Sananda”] said this about them in a recent email to his fan list:

The Talking Heads’ ‘REMAIN IN LIGHT’ is a landmark in western intellectual achievement,

it moves like raw primal spirit matter attached to a crackly ghostwire fading through impressions of distilled appalachian suffering and african flowering.

It is brilliant and was done before the record industry effectively learned to filter out and oppose such originality and offspring of spirit.

Sure, any idiot could start tossing big words at an album, but this is TTD. Hearing words like this from the guy who made “Sign Your Name” and the awe-inspiring Vibrator album gets my attention.

Maybe I’ve been missing something.

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  • As much as I love Remain In Light, I think it’s Fear Of Music that wins for me. FOM is a bit more primal and frantic than RIL, and has many of my favorite ‘Heads songs – Cities, Memories Can Wait, Heaven, I Zimbra. Great album.