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Ter-A-za put’s her foot in her mouth again

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I read today that Ter-A-za, the ketchup lady, said she wasn’t sure if First Lady Laura Bush ever had a real job.

The quote, “Well, you know, I don’t know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good,” Heinz Kerry said. “But I don’t know that she’s ever had a real job — I mean, since she’s been grown up. So her experience and her validation comes from important things, but different things.”

I guess my mom wasn’t worth a damn, because all she ever did was raise my brother and me!

It seems that the rest of the world knows that the first lady was a librarian and a school teacher until GWB proposed to her and then she decided that she should be a full time mother and wife.

Ter-A-za continued, I’m sure after her handlers (sounds like something at a wild animal park) severely scolded her dumb ass “I had forgotten that Mrs. Bush had worked as a school teacher and librarian,” in a written statement, “and there couldn’t be a more important job than teaching our children. As someone who has been both a full-time mom and full-time in workforce, I know we all have valuable experiences that shape who we are. I appreciate and honor Mrs. Bush’s service to the country as first lady, and am sincerely sorry I had not remembered her important work in the past.”

I think Ter-A-za is right; there are SCUMBAGS in this world! She seems to be one of them. Proof positive that money can’t by class!!!

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  • Andy,

    Ms. HK just can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Seems to me that her money has gone to her head, but not really contributed in regards to the function of her brain.

    In a free society, women get to choose the role or roles they wish, but Ms. HK just doesn’t seem to consider the home management role as being very respectable. As one whose wife has chosen that role, I know that my wife works as hard as I do and our two girls have done incredibly well with her there to take care of them and mentor them.

    Most of the women who work for me (I’m an IT Manager), have children and most of them, after having children, have chosen to stay in the work force. Some have, but I know that many of those who have chosen to work at home will likely find PT work out of their home and/or will return to the workforce after some period of time.

    All of those decisions are open to women and/or couples right now and need to remain open without shallow-minded billionair-esses thinking that they can impart wisdom on the rest of us regarding “the way things ought to be.”

    I like the direction we’ve moved in recently towards a more flexible workforce, with the ability to work from home, or work flex time, or PT, or job-share, or any number of options that have been created in the past couple of decades.

    And for those women who are in what I like to call the “home management” job, thank God for them too. 🙂

    Thanks for your post.

    David Flanagan

  • andy marsh

    David, I have 2 daughters of my own and until recently my wife was also a home management specialist ( I like that) My daughters also benefited greatly from this arrangement, although, for the longest time, we lived payday to payday. I think it was well worth it, for the sake of my children.

    If you remember, this is not the first time that a democrats’ wife has spewed this kind of garbage.

  • The issue (if it is an issue) looks a bit different in context.

    Q: You’d be different from Laura Bush?

    A: Well, you know, I don’t know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and
    she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good. But I don’t know that she’s
    ever had a real job — I mean, since she’s been grown up. So her experience
    and her validation comes from important things, but different things. And
    I’m older, and my validation of what I do and what I believe and my experience
    is a little bit bigger — because
    I’m older, and I’ve had different experiences. And it’s not a criticism
    of her. It’s just, you know, what life is about.

    Unless you’re a right-wing propagandist, what’s the problem?

    THK said Laura’s “experience and her validation comes from important things, but different things.” That would apply to your mom’s situation, too, wouldn’t it?

    Some might complain that THK didn’t even know that Laura had worked as a teacher and a librarian.

    I would say: BFD.

    Where’s the issue? None of this makes her or your mom a scumbag.

    Let’s get back to George W. Bush, the real problem.

  • andy marsh

    I don’t know if she’s ever really had a real job…I guess crawling under the desk of a billioniare qualifies as a real job!!!

    like raising 2 kids is not a real job…I presented her entire quote, just as you did. Putting the quesion in front of it doesn’t make it sound any better.

    Billary make the same insinuation with her baking cookies remark!

  • No, you didn’t.

    But there’s still no issue.

  • Andy, unless the remainder of your quote is in invisible ink, you did seem to leave off the part where she mentions that her own experience is perhaps different because she is older than Laura Bush. And actually, if you read it that way, it does make a difference. But I think that Hal’s larger point is that since she’s not actually running for office, why do we care?

  • andy marsh

    For the same reason it was an issue when Barbara bush said, when asked what she thought of Geraldine Ferraro, that she couldn’t say, but it rhymed with witch.

  • Andy, let me say, that for all the things you have posted that I have agreed with, this is complete and total bullshit.

    Were you just HUNTING an issue to talk about? Laura Bush is educated, smart as a whip and has both worked and been of counsel to her husband on education. She is adamant about education, its its staunch advocate, has been there, and has the advantage of “the trenches” and the “above the trenches”. She is an animal rights lover, a faithful and supportive wife, a woman of character who demanded that her man straighten up or get out…WHAT IN THE HELL is your bitch with her.

    She is one of the finest woman I know. She petted my dog. She wants everyone to be educated, she is against vice of all kinds. Jesus Holy Mother Mary Of God, what else do you want in a first lady?


  • Claire Robinson

    And Barbara Bush was right.


  • Claire, Andy post this to SUPPORT Laura Bush.

  • Well, Hal, then you and I read it differently. And If I have miscontrued his intent, which I don’t think I did, I apologize to him.


  • andy marsh

    Claire…I think you misread something!!! But, thanks for your comments…I think???

  • Well, I was partly wrong – it wasn’t so much to support Laura as to belittle THK, but same difference.

    And you might want to take a time out, chill a bit.

  • ok, I take back my venom at Andy…and instead place it where it belongs at the source. 🙂

    See how reasonable I am (and how baliistic I can be when one of my “people” is stomped on”?


  • I don’t need a time out, Hal, I just need to read slower.. I am impaired presently by only being able to read with one eye, the other having had a willow stick stuck in it. I will be more careful in the future. It affects my typing and my reading, not my brain.


  • I guess different people take pride in different things (as far going ballistics goes, that wasn’t so much, although I did detect a hint of a bit of excitability :-).

  • Claire Robinson

    Yes, I get a little excitable where the Bush’s are concerned. Not only do I work for them, I like them a hell of a lot. And Laura is not politician, She is an idealist, just like me.


  • boomcrashbaby

    So the venom was directed at Andy when it was determined he was ‘fishing for a story’ to attack Bush. Now that we know he was supporting Bush, we conclude that he does have a story and the venom goes to Theresa, is that it?

  • You work for the Bushes?

    In what capacity (most operatives don’t admit it when they’re working blogs).

  • Not exactly, Boom, we have determined that Thersa did NOT have a story, and that Andy was reporting on the non-story….Theresa was wrong…andy was merely “reporting”…Nice to see you.

    🙂 Claire

  • joe

    Look, everybody needs to calm down, all Mrs. Heinz-Kerry was saying was that they have people to do that child rearing thing: nannies, au pairs, and whatnot. A real job is marrying into a 10 figure fortune.

  • Nor will I, Hal. 🙂


  • LOLOL…Good answer Joe….a 10 figure income is formidable (and handy)…:)


  • For the same reason it was an issue when Barbara bush said, when asked what she thought of Geraldine Ferraro, that she couldn’t say, but it rhymed with witch.

    And I’ll say again that I don’t really care very much what First Ladies or candidate’s wives say particularly. I’m not voting for them. The biggest beef that people seem to have with Teresa Heinz Kerry is that she’s filthy rich. I thought that good Republicans believed that the accumulation of personal wealth was a good thing. We’re always reading these spirited defenses of capitalism around here, and yet when the wealth is in the hands of the other side, it’s a bad thing, is that it?

  • andy marsh

    It’s an issue to me…it’s all part of the “package” you get…and I’m sorry, I don’t like either one of them and I don’t think they represent me, or my country.

    Why all of a sudden isn’t it so funny to tell lawyer jokes? ‘Cause to of ’em want the white house!!!!

  • Funny, I feel the same way about George W. Bush.

  • Eric Olsen

    Mrs Kerry is our wealthiest African-American

  • JR

    Moms don’t collect paychecks and they don’t get fired. Sorry, it ain’t a “job”.

  • andy marsh

    Neither did ter-A-za!!!

    you really believe that raising children, and raising them well is not a hard “job”, as you put it!

  • JR

    I’m sure it can be very hard. Then again, maybe for some women it’s easy. But there isn’t the same kind of immediate accountability as you have in a job.

    Moms tend to get held responsible long after the fact, like when the kids go to a psychiatrist and learn to blame all their problems on their parents.

  • boomcrashbaby

    Some of us, when it is said that parenting isn’t a job, don’t mean that it isn’t extremely difficult at times. We come from the perspective that parenting is a part of life and no more a ‘job’ than showering in the morning. It is expected, it is what we are here for, it’s what we do, it takes all our time, but it’s not a job. It’s living life.

    I’m the primary caregiver for a 2 year old, there is no daycare. We can’t afford it in this *booming* economy. I still put in 40-50 hours a week working from home, fragmented down into minutes at a time if need be. But I only have one job.

  • Hmmm, I recall some important words regarding a President claiming that Weapons of Mass Destruction were a reason for a war with Iraq. But Republicans can’t be bothered with the truth when it comes to matters like that.

    Better to hate rich women who say something stupid about something not too important.

    Hmmm, George Bush is born into money and he’s a paragon of capitalism, Teresa marries into money and she’s scum. Got to keep your values straight.

  • Lennox

    With all due respect, people make mistakes and Mrs. Kerry had a major brain fart, but Mrs. Bush was very gracious and said “no big deal” – so what’s the issue

  • bob2112

    No excuse for this, but since when are we voting for THK? She is an heiress to a corporate creep organiztion as any out there. I don’t care. Bye bye Bushes!

    The dismal history & legacy of the Bushes is something I don’t want to live with! I’m not going to have to live with it, cause they can’t steal the election this time around! THK’s mistake is not going to change mine or anyone else’s vote. If you want hate for president you already voted for Bush. If you believe in change THK does not bother you.

    I’ll tell you what, something smells fishy when I see Laura Bush with Elmo everyday. That is creepy!

  • “animal park.”

    “dumb ass.”


    Such deep thoughts.

    Heinz Kerry is not far off base. Laura Bush came from one of the wealthiest families in that area of Texas. Her dabbling in teaching was Junior League stuff. Something to do while she waited for her MRS. degree.

    How credulous can peope be?

  • This ridiculous post is in keeping with the wingnut’s strategy of pulling words out of context to make black look white. I think they realize they can’t win this one if people know the facts (see e.g. polls that show that a large percentage of Bush’s supporters are wrong about his actual policies.)

    This is a mini-replay of Racicot’s attempt to twist Kerry’s words to mean that he thought that terrism was a mere nuisance.

    God, you people. Have you no respect for the truth? For democracy? For the autonomy of the electorate?

    Fer chrissake…

  • andy marsh

    Diva- you have a problem with me using the word scumbag? I only used it because it seems to be a word that ter-A-za is very comfortable with.

    I thought I was upgrading my vocabulary!!! I was just trying to emulate a liberal hero!!!

  • Claire Robinson

    With all the lively debate on this piece, and deservedly so…(even my misreading it then finding my compass), I thought the participants would enjoy this.

    J.B. Williams, in his article on Chron Watch, filed a piece today called our First Lady, Do Loose Lips Sink Ships? I don’t know how to do those pretty little click on links, but the article is at


    It is quite revealing….

    I particularly liked the passage:

    Now, I have been poking some fun at Ms. Heinz’s most recent gaffes, but I must be serious here for a minute. This is actually very serious business, and she has repeatedly demonstrated a very serious character flaw.

    It’s a very common flaw, one shared by her current husband, and many of their friends. It’s called self-absorbed elitism, and it’s common among many well-educated liberals. We see it all the time among folks that have had the common sense and mutual respect educated right out of them by some draft dodger turned professor.
    It causes the uncontrollable urge to behave overtly condescending, often allowing one’s inner most thoughts to slip right off the tongue at the most inopportune times.



    Aside from being an ugly personality trait, the character flaw at the core of the problem can be very dangerous for those in a position of authority.

  • Claire Robinson

    sorry, part of the quote fell below my sig….:)


  • Quoting the opinion of another biased blogger doesn’t really add much substance, does it?

  • Sheesh.

    I haven’t detected any more elitism in Kerry than in Bush. Maybe Bush’s *faux* reg’lar guy persona has fooled some people, but not all of us.

    Real, serious elitism is, for example, thinking that you deserve to get into the National Guard on low scores while poor kids with higher scores than you go die in Vietnam in your stead.

    And here’s a character flaw that’s significantly worse than elitism: intellectual dishonesty, the characteristic characteristic of Bush and his administration.

  • andy marsh

    the first line of that link cracked me up!!!

    It’s a toss-up as to whether Teresa Heinz (Kerry) should be named the new poster child for mad cow disease, or turrets syndrome. But one thing is becoming glaringly obvious; she shouldn’t be First Lady.


  • Oh, and if, as the cover of the book up top suggests, the perfect wife is one who looks on silently and adoringly while you run the world into a ditch… Well, I’d certainly not want such a wife. I want one with, say, a spine and a brain attached to the top end of it.

    Please forgive my tone. This administration has driven me to forget my manners.

  • It’s too bad the writer doesn’t know how to spell “Tourette’s”. Contrary to what you might think, Claire, there’s nothing revealing about it. It’s just someone else’s opinion — I don’t see that he’s cited any evidence supporting the claim that the Kerrys are elitists. It’s just more right-wing blathering.

    By the way — I’m a lifelong resident of Connecticut. Whether you guys want to admit it or not, the Bush family epitomizes what northeastern monied elitism is all about. The notion of the President being “just folks” is downright amusing around here.

    And while I’m at it, since when did being educated turn into a bad thing in this country? I hear that word tossed around (mostly lobbed by right-wingers toward the left) as if it’s supposed to be some kind of an insult.

  • andy marsh

    I think there lies the difference Winston, you probably liked that big mouth bitch Hillary too!!!

  • Truth Minister

    Why does the ketchup lady always look angry and distressed? She really freaks me out.

    Do you think she gets too much botox? I’m not joking. I heard that her rigid look could be the result of botox.

    If so what is the chance they could hit a vein and poison her? Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do for the three asses of John Edwards wife.

  • 3 and 1/2 years or so from now, a peculiar thing will happen.

    john kerry and teresa heinz will divorce.

    so too will bill and hillary clinton.

    teresa and hillary will:

    a. become lesbian lovers
    b. run for president of the united states.

    this will make that throbbing (will the fcc still allow me to use that word?) vein on the foreheads of talk radio fans pulse with raging venom.

    oh, it will be a sight to see ‘n hear!

  • andy marsh

    you just ruined my lunch Mark!!!

    The thought of ter-A-za and Billary together…I’m not sure when I’ll be able to eat again!!!


  • Truth Minister

    Sounds like a more realistic scenerio than Kerry Edwards. What will Bill and John do? Become those religous dudes that wear black ties and ride ten speeds? Or just drug using whore mongers?

    Oh yeah, they’re already doing that.

  • Whew, two of the things that really freak me out about you wingnuts is how much you hate Hillary and how much you love Laura B. Now that you hate TH-K, too, a pattern seems clearly to emerge: strong, independent women: bad. Submissive, substanceless women: good (“The Perfect Wife”).

    And then the paranoid lesbian fantasy on top of it… Sheesh, when I read stuff like this my wacky feminist acquaintances seem rather less wacky… And do you have any idea how wacky you have to be to make *them* seem sane?

    Incidentally and just for the record, I don’t have any real opinions about Hillary one way or the other. She strikes me as just another politician. Preferable to, say, the evil Tom DeLay or the disastrous Dumbya, but that’s not saying much, of course.

  • andy marsh

    When I first heard the phrase “vast right wing conspiracy” it was spewing from Hillarys’ mouth. I thought it was bullshit then and it was…because she was talking about Bill and his little dress staining fiasco. And it’s still bullshit to this day! That’s why I don’t like Hillary. that and the fact that she bought the vote in NY.

    As far as paranoid lesbian fantasies…it’s more like paranoid extremely ugly women fantasies!!! And that ruins my lunch!!!

  • extremely ugly women fantasies

    happy misogynist’s day!!! hoooray!!!!

  • In the words of David Brock–who should know b/c he was part of it:

    “There was no vast right-wing conspiracy. There was a small, extremely well-funded right-wing conspiracy.”

    Anybody who knows anything about the events in question knows that this is true. Busting Bill for the blowjob was the culmination of an effort to find something–anything–on him, an effort that began with the manufactured Troopergate non-scandal, continued with the Whitewater non-scandal, the Travelgate non-scandal…and, punctuated by psychopathic accusations of drug-running and murder…continued even beyond the Clinton administration with the lies about the Vandalgate non-scandal.

    Jeez, man, you guys have to get a grip. You are ruining our democracy. You’ve got to learn to disagree with people without demonizing them. If harming our republic doesn’t bother you, then think about the formerly noble Republican party–the party of Lincoln. Surely you feel at least SOME responsibility to uphold *its* honor?

  • Shark

    W. Smith: “…a pattern seems clearly to emerge: strong, independent women: bad.
    Submissive, substanceless women: good…”

    Um, to be fair, I think it says that in the GOP Platform….whoops, I mean The Bible.

    PS: Heinz-Kerry makes a minor faux pas and the Right goes apeshit. Bush makes a ‘faux pas’ and over 1000 Americans die in Iraq.

    Hmmm. Life is full of tough choices.

    PPS: Andy, smart satire is funny. Stoopid feces flinging ain’t. Just tryin’ to be helpful.

  • andy marsh

    Demonizing ter-A-za is harming the republic???

  • A general strategy of demonizing one’s political opponents is harming the republic.

    Polarization feeds on itself. Why strive and struggle to interpret someone’s actions so that they’re as bad and unreasonable and crazy as possible? Why make things seem worse than they are?

    Trying to convince yourself and others that the loyal opposition is really a bunch of crazy fascists…

    Well…question left as an exercise for the reader: does this make American politics more or less reasonable?

  • All four of the families at the top of the two-party tickets are very wealthy. The family that came about its wealth under the most dubious circumstances is the Bushes.

    The interesting aspect of this is how lower middle-class and middle-class voters somehow manage to convince themselves that they have the same interests as the Cheneys and Bushes. It is as if they don’t know the ‘tax break’ they will get will amount to $200. Meanwhile, other policies of the Bush administration will cost them much more. It is bewildering. Someone can be driving a 10-year-old car, behind on the mortgage, unable to afford his prescription copay, and will still think that he and Shrub are twins separated at birth. Actually, the man has never needed to earn a cent his entire life. Weird.

    Winston, you’re doing some fine commenting today. All I have to do is sit back and read.

    Andy, stop sending me viruses disguised as emails. I have a Mac, so they won’t take anyway. Furthermore, you give yourself away by not hiding your identifying information.

  • andy marsh

    Diva..If I am sending you viruses I don’t know how I’m doing it? I’ve never sent you an e-mail!!!

  • andy marsh

    Furthermore, I have nothing to hide! Including my identifying information…

    Let’s be real here..I’m a fraud, remember?

  • Thanks, Diva.

    But Andy doesn’t strike me as the virus-sending type.

    Andy: maybe YOU’VE got a virus/worm/whatthef*ckeverisgoingaroundthesedays, and it’s sending itself out from your machine.

  • andy marsh

    I have started my virus scan program after reading divas comments…

    and thanks for the words of support…I AM NOT the kinda guy that would do that…

  • andy marsh

    I have no problems on this computer…I don’t know who’s sending you stuff Diva…but it wasn’t me…

  • Truth Minister

    I don’t hate Hillary or Ter-Ass-a they just come across as being bitches, especially Terassa.

    Don’t you think people would like TerAssa a little more if she tried smiling and wasn’t a smart ass. She is ill-mannered toward everyone.

    Hillary is the vast left wing idiot who ended up with egg on her face after addressing the world defending Bill. The world must have really been laughing. Of course AlQaeda and other terrorist would rather see that kind of President, they learned to fly right under Bill’s nose. That is when Monica’s snatch wasn’t under it.

  • Bernard


    You don’t hate them, they are just bitches…


    I bet they don’t hate you either.

    and Winston Smith, is your name really Winston Smith or is it an alias? Did you and Julia ever get back together? 😉

  • No, man, Julia went over to Big Brother, so I had to dump her. She became a mindless automaton, like…like a Stepford wife or a Dittohead or Laura Bush or something…

    I think she’s dating the Truth Minister now…