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Tequila Mockingbird : A Book of Animal Cartoons by Leo Cullum

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I was thrilled to discover this new volume of animal cartoons by New Yorker cartoonist Leo Cullum!

Like Scotch & Toilet Water?: A Book of Dog Cartoons, Tequila Mockingbird is further evidence that Cullum’s first name is so appropriate. It’s a cartoon jungle out there, and Leo’s the king.

A wonderful 128 page volume, the book is stuffed with wonderful animal cartoons from Smokey the Bear on the witness stand testifying that “Absolutely! Where there’s smoke there’s fire,” to a businessman commenting to his suit clad simian counterpart “You’ve had enough ‘monkey see,’ Edwards. We want some ‘monkey do.'”

By far my favorite though is one in which a doctor with his stethoscope on a giant raven’s back is asking the bird to “quoth.” Its cartoons like that that continue to challenge me to write better.

Please pick this up in hardcover (my mother-in-law and I agree that the only real books are hardcovers) as soon as your cartoon book budget will allow. And if you don’t currently have a cartoon book budget, then shame on you.

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  • Kim Massaro

    dear mr. cullum ..i am the wife of john massaro, a childhood friend of yours ..he has been nominated for the state university of new york distinguished professor award and i have purchased a cartoon done by you and rendered in the new yorker ..i am requesting your autographing it ..would it be possible for you to write something personal if i sent the print to you? ..i’d be more than happy to enclose return $$’s ..john has mentioned you often and i know this would mean a great deal to him ..he has also said reciently that he wants to “reconnect” ..he has no idea i’m making this request ..hope this is possible ..thanks and we continue to enjoy your work ..kim massaro, kmassaro@sllboces.org