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If horse racing is the sport of kings, then surely tennis is a pretty great sport as well.

Tennis originally started in the late 1800′s in the United Kingdom and was played on the lawn as opposed to concrete courts. The tennis “Majors” are a group of tennis tournaments that are world famous. They are as follows: US Open, Wimbledon, French Open, and Australian Open.

Tennis is fun to play and great to watch. But the best part about tennis is watching the audience who is watching the tennis match. It is so entertaining to see hundreds of heads turning back and forth in exact unison. Sometimes you might catch yourself watching the sea of heads turning from left to right in perfect synchronization and miss out on the match itself!

The actual game of tennis consists of a bevy of different rules, equipment, hand grips, serving styles, stances, backhands, forehands, and scoring variations. But the game itself has remained virtually unchanged since it was invented back in the 1890′s.

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