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Tenn-e-ssee. Tennessee. Tenn-e-ssee. Tennessee..

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Well, that was fun.

Some called it Black Sunday, but I just called it A Really Crappy Weekend, starring Chevy Chase. With a very special guest appearance by Rip Taylor.

Josh McDaniels bested The Master. Not quite sure that’ll play out the same way come playoff time, but for now the three best teams in the AFC are the Colts (okay), the Broncos (alright, I guess) and the Bengals (wait, what?). Looks like the AFC East Jets/Pats dogfight shows no signs of swaying. (I meant “dogfight” in the aerial combat sense of the word, not the Michael Vick sense.)

This week, the Patriots catch a break in the form of the victory-challenged Tennessee Titans. Both teams can’t win a road game to save their lives, but luckily this one’s in Foxboro.

Allow me to transmogrify into a less-funny Jerry Seinfeld for a moment: Why do we call it Foxboro? What’s the deeeeeallll with that? It’s Foxborough. Why do we leave off the “ugh”? Is the “ugh” just implied? I mean, when you visit Foxboro that is the first noise you make. Just another case of New Englanders trying to be oddly unique for no good reason.

Anyway, bla bla bla the Titans suck. Boom! Preview done!

What? Word limit? Fine, I’ll write a little more.

Tennessee has the second-worst pass defense in the NFL, which is great ‘cause we can’t run. Bonus: The Titans will be without their starting cornerbacks for the game. Randy Moss has not practiced at all this week, so expect him to have a big game. He’s like Allen Iverson in that regard, the less work he puts in on off-days, the bigger he is on the on-days. On the other hand, I didn’t like to practice either and I SUCKED.

The only guys we have to worry about are the Johnson and White tandem. Our run defense hasn’t been stellar and we might be missing our star lineman Ty Warren in this contest.

With Jerod Mayo back, I’m hoping we can knock Kerry Collins out early and get Vince Young breaking down and weeping on the field. A boy can dream, can’t he?

Forecast: This would be our most embarrassing loss since 2007 so – in other words – I definitely see a possibility of it happening. But I like to think the Southern boys will wilt in the cold weather.

Prediction: New England 28 Tennessee 10

MVP: WR – Randy Moss. Moss’ll tear up the young ‘backs they put on him and Brady shouldn’t be too pressured now that Al Haynesworth has left town. I see two pick-sixes in this one. Wilhite and Wheatley takin’ it to the house. Just another stop on the Jeff Fisher Farewell Tour.

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