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Ten reasons not to hate Tom Cruise

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1. He is not running for governor of California. Considering that 135 people filed for the recall election and at least a quarter of them are public figures or public officials, we should appreciate Cruise’s being humble enough to stay out of the race.

2. Neither of his ex-wives is running for governor of California. A bonus.

3. ‘Cruise’ is his real name. Yes, it is his middle name. However, at least he acted reasonably in choosing a stage name. Arnold Schwarzenegger lacks such good judgment.

4. He is not a philanderer. He has been involved in serial monogamy from his early adult years — engaged in a series of relationships with one woman at a time.

5. He is the adoptive father of two mixed-race children born in America. Most white Americans are unwillinging to adopt children who have African or Indian ancestry, despite their claims of not having an iota of racial prejudice. Cruise should be commended for doing the right thing.

6. He is an excellent actor who stars in good movies more often than not. Born on the Fourth of July, Interview with the Vampire, Jerry Maguire, and Rain Man, alone, prove his acting ability. Each required creating a different kind of character and he excelled each time.

7. He works well with other fine actors. Few players in his age group have co-starred with older actors or peers and benefitted from the pairing. Cruise has. He shares the spotlight instead of trying to steal it.

8. He doesn’t try to sing. Most actors who do, can’t.

9. He makes charitable contributions to honorable organizations. Not U.S. English, the World Church of the Creator or the Republican Party. And, he does it without seeking attention.

10. He does not proselytize for Scientology. If a person is going to belong to a silly religion like Scientology, it is wise of him to not try to shove it down other people’s throats.

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  • Am I the only one who stupidly tries to click on underlined text foolishly mining for a hyperlink — doh! (repeats slowly to himself: look for for the finger pointing on mouse hover)

    Seriously, here’s to hoping this thread is aplenty with comments and lasts as long or longer than its counterpart 🙂

  • Eric Olsen


  • I keep learning good things about Tom Cruise. I don’t like his acting because I think he’s too over the top, but he sounds like a good guy. This is good news about someone who is such a giant celebrity.

  • Janny

    Yes, he’s an excellent actor

  • Dee

    Give me a break. #10 should fall off your list. If jumping up and down on Oprah, setting up Scieno-tents outside of his filming locations to give staff “stress tests” and scientology lectures isn’t proselytizing, then I don’t know what is.

    BTW, check out http://www.xenu.net for more information on this “religion”

  • Mihos

    As far as Im concerned Tom Cruise reached near saint hood when he cast Tandy Newton in Mission IMpossible 2 and then went to great lengths to actually have her photographed and groomed so that every time she graced the screen all you could do was hold your breath. that film also has a very insiduous commentary a sort of trojan horse encapsulated within. His mom is our next door neighbor in Siesta Key. A few years ago he showed up with a ridiculous amount of gasoline burning vehicles on our shARED private beach for fourth of july. He was fun to hang out with. His kids are well behaved. But he will certainly be deified in the coming millenium by a splinter faction of scientology me thinks.

  • ZenaS

    Give Me a BREAK!

    I don’t think it counts as “doing the right thing” if you adopt multiracial children and then harbor under the illusion that the kids are white. As TC said on Oparh, he doesn’t discuss race with them because “they are of the human race”. The poor kids are in for an identity crisis sometime around puberty when the other kids, the LAPD or whoever points out that they are not white!

  • noname

    ZenaS’s post was just stupid. How do you figure he is pretending his kids are white? He just said he doesn’t care what race they are and doesn’t go into those types of things. Having an identity crisis? How do you figure that too?

    It’s that kind of narrow-minded thinking that keeps this society in a color system, where you have to make a big deal over what race someone is. Who cares? WHO CARES? No one seems to be having a problem with it but you. Everyone wants no racism, wants color to not matter, yet people like you are saying people should make it such an issue. Honestly, that’s such a vile, disgusting comment.

  • Duncan

    They are some of the worst general reason of why you shouldn’t hate someone.

    e.g he or his ex-wives aren’t running for governor of California…… that’s nice……hahaha we should all like him now


    he doesn’t try to sing…..I think we are a little off track of why people hate him, this comment is maybe for the Paris Hilton forum.