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I won’t put up with some bald headed dumb-ass bellowing at me down at the local rock club down the street. Why should I put up with some dumb sumbitch with a green strip on his fool face on my teevee?

Just because Letterman puts up with this foolishness don’t mean I have to.

I don’t even know or like what song he’s playing.


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  • Tom Johnson

    Um . . . huh?

  • Eric Olsen

    Jim, I have to admit I have missed your more oblique posting. Let the stream of consciousness flow.

  • Taloran

    I’m thinking I missed something important in this post. Letterman puts up with what? What song is who playing? Who is the bald-headed dumb-ass?

    Please forgive my confusion.

  • Jim Carruthers

    hmm, cryptic … moving my eyes while I’m dreaming.

    Despite the hype, we want to suck your big white pipe.

    Perhaps deciding “Is This Anything” would help.

  • Mark Saleski

    …the dog barks…do he bite?

  • Eric Olsen

    My guess is we’re talking about Michael Stipe – is he anything? His mother thinks so.

    Poodle bites – poodle chews it.

  • Natalie Davis

    REM performed on last night’s “Late Show.” Inexplicably, Stipey had a big greenish-blue stripe painted on his forehead. I love REM, but this was plain weird. At the same time, it’s heartening in a way to know that fortyish rockers can be as strange as the whippersnappers.

  • Eric Olsen

    When in doubt, ask Nat, I always say.

  • Eric Olsen

    I just heard a rumor that Michael is thinking of changing his last name from “Stipe” to “Stripe” and this was a trial balloon.

    He also could be supporting the Green Linnet Five

  • Jim Carruthers

    what annoys me is the performance was another addition to coasting on their reputation.

    Sure he can do a wierd tribute to Darryl Hannah, but can he come up with a song you remember?

    No. Stipe and REM have reached that awful plateau where they are more famous for who they are rather than what they do.

  • Natalie Davis


    Eric’s Green Linnet 5 idea is almost believable. :)

    Poodle bites: Zappa’s prescient thought about Tony Blair, perhaps?

  • Mark Saleski

    i like REM, ‘cuz they piss off canadians.


  • Jim Carruthers

    It doesn’t take REM to piss Canadians off. That’s the way we are, eh? We just don’t naturally express it.

    Just think if your life was directed by David Cronenberg.

    A man with a green stripe on his face would be the least of your worries.