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Ever since television first made its way into the homes of viewers, the world as we know it changed dramatically. Not only were people able to see what was happening in their own world, but they also got a glimpse of areas they never understood before.

One of these is those who make their living in front of a camera. Whether or not one thinks a celebrity is a good role model or not, the success of actors, directors, etc. ultimately depends on both talent and likeability. Bad ratings can end a career in no time flat.

Technology has made television almost, but not quite, obsolete. The same shows one would normally watch on a daily or even weekly basis can be seen over the Internet or by use of a cellphone. It might take waiting until the next day, but the episode is the same one shown at its regular time.

However, the technology required to show television to viewers is changing too. Where once antennas were the norm, digital images are the latest craze.  People with older setups are now being told they must switch or sink.





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