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Television: The Appeal of CI’s Vincent D’Onfrio

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I recently, or not so recently – about a year ago – read an article in I believe Vanity Fair about Vincent D’Onofrio and how women everywhere were falling for him. Developing minor crushes on the man who features as Bobby Goren on Law and Order: Criminal Intent and who, if you remember this far back, was the giant and mad farmer in Men in Black number one.

But what is it about D’Onofrio that has women everywhere creating fan listings on the Internet, whole Bobby Goren sites (yes, really) that are “updated every couple of days” and more. Why is it that a whole league of women have not only a simple crush on the man, but are actually out there doing something about it, and feel so moved to do so.

Perhaps it is the energy Goren himself puts out – a strong and nervous almost vibrating energy that is at once powerful as it is neurotic and human. Goren is by no means perfect.. WE know that someone (likely his mother, I recall from one episode, is schizophrenic), that he may well have a few loose ends of his own, but no matter what, he always seems to get the job done and in the strangest possible way. He outwits criminals with his brains, not always his brawn, though god knows he has that too and isn’t afraid to use it when necessary, but it’s that sideways lean he does when talking to a suspect, the way he moves like a bit of a strange bird and seems to dance around the suspect, playing with them, toying with them – a cat with a mouse before the big kill. Bobby Goren is just the kind of guy you want protecting you and perhaps that is just it.

I’ve been struggling because I like Sam Waterston as well – another great actor and while he may lack the obvious sex appeal of Goren, he has it nonetheless (provided you like older men) because he is Goren’s opposite in many ways: gentle, paternal, peaceful but still out to prosecute the bad guy and keep him or her off the street and in lock up. Come to think of it, the two men have a remarkable lot in common.

But back to Goren: one site boasts a brief 126 fan listings but who knows how many hits that one gets and that is a small one. Then there is the Goren and Eames Fan listing and the list goes on. You can, of course, buy the episodes on Amazon.com and elsewhere and even I have to confess to renting the CI series from Netflix because it’s just a damn good program as far as I am concerned.

What appeals about Goren is both the “teddy bear” factor – the one that makes women, or some women, want to take him home and cuddle up with him, and the fact that he’s a real man but just vulnerable enough. He could and can and would and will protect you, but he would also allow himself to be vulnerable. In this way, Bobby Goren then is every woman’s dream guy; strong, but not afraid to be sensitive at the same time (though sensitive is such a dodgy word that one hates to use it because it means different things to different people, I use it in the most general way here.) As one site put it so well, “Goren’s intuition seems to be the case-breaker” which is true of almost every other episode. Eames is there and she is good (though I liked her more in “Stir of Echoes”,) but her role here really, just like every other character in CI, is to support Goren. He’s the reason we tune in every Sunday and the reason that when Chris Noth stars, we all sigh because as good as Noth may be (and we’ve really yet to see so I won’t pass judgment yet), he’s no Goren. He lacks the intensity, the almost rage that Goren has. It is as if Goren has seen so many awful things that he has built up such an intensity that this shines through, which is amazing when you consider he’s not a real detective – remember that: he’s just an actor doing his job, and no, I don’t mean to belittle actors, only to say that we so easily forget, which is a real talent, that he is not a real detective in Major Case, but an actor playing a role, and that that is the real talent that belongs to D’Onfrio.

I remember being surprised at first that all over America housewives, women of all stripes everywhere were had a “secret crush” on Bobby Goren and then it all started to make sense to me: the savior complex, the hero of a man that he is, the sensitivity, the toughness, all I wondered about at that point was who would I choose? Waterston for his paternal and wise manner and good looks and cool calm in any courtroom or would I too choose Bobby Goren? Not that it’s really a factor, because A. I’m married and B. There is nil chance of me meeting D’Onfrio or Waterston and an even lesser chance that either would pay attention in return as no doubt, they are both used to women fawning all over them – something I would never do.

What I can do, however, is respect both as actors and the roles they play and pray that there are truly detectives and prosecutors who are really like this within our own justice system and that this isn’t just TV. Wouldn’t that be something.

Thanks for reading,

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  • Bliffle

    I always enjoy seeing Waterston, and the original is still better than the spinoffs. Someimes I find D’Onofrio interesting, but mostly he just seems overwound and twitchy.

  • i have to agree; my heart still belongs to Sam Waterston (a running joke in our household), though have you noticed that when he does those TIAA Cref commercials that his hair is parted on the opposite side, making him look about ten years older and totally different (more conservative), which is likely why they do this. Next time you see it, check it out and note the differences. Small things like this always interest me.

    Cheers and thanks for reading; happy holidays.


  • Princesa

    On Vincent D’Onfrio:

    I love him I love him I love him I love him
    I love him I love him I love him I love him
    I love him I love him I love him I love him

    Okay, let’s face it, this man is a MAN and even if the seperation of character and human must be made, I love them both.

    Like I said on my online profile:
    Vincent D’Onfrio can spank me anytime….offer still stands boo!

  • Princessa, i admire your courage in outing your love for D’Onofrio… you are clearly not alone in your feelings and why not… he’s one hot ticket: smart, (that’s the key thing here, i think), but sexy in a geeky way but not too geeky – just the complete package.



  • Princesa


    Thanks for the support; by the way, great article (sorry I didn’t mention it earlier). But, fortunately, I too, like countless of other women that tune in on Sundays (and now daily on USA), am infatuated with Vincent’s Bobby Gowen character.

    He is everything that you described in your commentary…sensitive, but not too sensitive, yet, he can be taken by just the right women (hint, hint…Me!).

    Anyways, enjoy the holidays! and thanks again for the quick response!


  • Melanie

    I schedule my whole week around the CI episodes just so I can see him, I even keep a note book of the episode, quotes, and my observations of his character.

  • Melanie, wow! that’s really going all out. I’m not that big a fan, but i do think he’s pretty sweet and cool. He has a smart sex appeal – likes to strut his brain, so to speak, and there is something undeniably sexy about that, or i think so at least and apparently so do thousands of other women. I wonder if their husbands know? Or if they would even care (?) In any event, it’s nice to see that i wasn’t wrong about this….

    Excellent news! and who knows, maybe you’ll see him in person one day and faint before you get the chance for a kiss, oh no! I hope you do get the chance ….

    be well,


  • Sadie

    Yeah….both my mother and I have a crush on Detective Goren. And I think you are right on the money in your article.

    And yeah, Jack McCoy? Same kind of thing, but I love McCoy’s closing arguments, he’s just so good! I should also add that I am in law school and I can only dream of being able to close like that.

    Anyway, yeah, just giving you some kudos there.

    Was Vincent D’Onofrio really the farmer in Men in Black? Now I have to go back and watch it!

  • Hi Sadie ( we share a name, almost, but how wonderful! i’ve yet to meet another Sadie, so hello!). Goren is no doubt, very handsome and smart. it’s that brain strutting thing that i mentioned that makes him so sezy.

    But Jack McCoy is different: oddly, though older, he remains more “boyish” and in this way appealing. it depends on whether you want a man or a boy. For my part, i’ve had it with boys and want a man, no matter how boyishly cute said male is. i’m not into being a mommy-figure etc

    thanks for the Kudos! Greatly appreciated and yes, D’Onofrio really was the farmer in Men IN Black (Number 1), oddly enough.

    Funny how we change and how that changes our perceptions. who woulda thought, eh?

    my best to you (and to your mother)


  • I love the character Vincent D’Onfrio plays in this series; his moody intelligence is so sexy I fancy him myself – and I’m straight!

  • Diane

    Thank God – some more people who appreciate how awesome Vincent D’Onoftio is!

  • Diane

    I can’t even spell his name I’m so thrilled! Sorry Vincent, I do love you.

  • i think his appeal of sexiness and smartness could easily appeal to both sexes in a nonsexual (or sexual) way. He offers what a lot of men can respect (smarts, looks, wit, wisdom, and more) and women – the same things but also an incredible sex appeal that comes of a certain confidence, i think.

    Confidence is always sexy and it’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence but he walks it well, never tipping over to arrogance. D’Onfrio, then, as the theory bears out, is much-beloved in many households every Sundday night – or if you’re a real die-hard fan (tip tip tip) you can rent CI episodes from NetFlix, which is great if you ask me because you’ll see how many you’ve missed (startling because i was sure i had seen them all, but no.,.).

    I still like Sam Waterston, but as i said, WAterston, while older, is more boylike both in the way he looks and the way he is. D’Onofrio is a real man, and that’s all too rare i think and more, too many are threatened my real men.

    It’s really great to see you all come out of the woodwork and admit these silly crushes (or not so silly because you have excellent taste) and more to see men who appreciate D’Onofrio as well — sigh I doubt i’ll ever have the chance to meet him, alas, and even if i did, what on earth would i say? I’d likely fumble all over myself like a schoolgirl. blush blush.

    But who wouldn’t.

    Thanks all,


  • Great piece! Just a few things to add:

    Vincent D. also played Abbie Hoffman in a biopic. Strange to see him in such a different role. You know the way he sometimes puts on a fake wiseguy accent for an interrogation? Well, he does a decent Boston accent for Abbie. Very different sort of role, but lots of that same energy and intensity. Worth a look.

    You didn’t mention the Law and Order SVU team, but I think they are compelling too. The more I see of that handsome detective the more I swoon (sorry, forgot his name–Stabler or Benson?) And I think his partner has a much more substantial role as part of the team. One thing that irritates me a little about CI is that D’onofrio’s partner is such a second fiddle, though far from a nonentity. As you say it’s all about the Vincent.

    Sam Waterston is a fine actor too. It may be worth noting that he is a bit of a rogue in the series, having had affairs with some of his former students/partners? if I recall correctly.

    One other Vincent tidbit–I read that he had to take a break from Law and Order due to exhaustion–thus Chris Noth’s appearance. I like to imagine that the role itself is as demanding as it looks, and thus the energy and emotional effort necessary to play it just wore him out. But I would be crushed if he left the show altogether.

  • dear Elvira:

    wow! you are just a storehouse of knowledge and i’m grateful! i didn’t know a lot of this stuff… esp. the bit about Sam Waterston and his students etc (i’m assuming that is his character role, not in real life?) Is it true that D’Onofrio really had to take a break due to exhuastion? I would believe it since i know he collapsed on set about a month or so ago (prob. longer than that actually but he did collapse). Noth is good, but pales by comparison.

    Yes, Eames (D’Onfrio’s partner) is often held back and is not the main star. i’ve noticed that too and it bothers me as well. She was also in Stir Of Echoes as Kevin Bacon’s wife and a lead role and was excellent in that. She’s a good actress (her name evades me at the moment, stupidly).

    Didn’t know about D’Onfrio and the Boston connection. That would be interesting to say the least. I’d be curious to see that. I know he was the farmer in Men in Black, which is funny but i can see it when i look, but i’ve not seen him in any other more “normal” role, sans make-up etc. apart from C.I.

    Your comment is most welcome and enlightening… you know a lot.

    I still can’t get over Sam Waterston.

    oh, and the guy detective you like in SVU is “Stabler.” His character has some serious anger management issues and i’m partial to (pardon the really poor spelling here) Maritza Haritgay, who is a fine actress and is Jane Russell’s daughter (an interesting piece of trivia) – you may have known that but if not, there you go.

    cheers, and thanks 🙂


  • Kelly M.

    Mariska’s parents are Mickey Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield. Mikey was even in an episode sometime recently.

  • Thanks Kelly – I knew it was someone like that, but yes, it’s Jayne Mansfield. My bad – sorry about that. My husband and i were trying to remember and got it mixed up.

    thanks for the correction and Happy New Year to you…




  • Dear Sade:

    Many thanks for your kind response to my comment. Although unfortunately I only have my somewhat flawed memory to guide me, I do remember back-story references to Sam Waterston (his character, not the actor) and his penchant for his law students. One episode I seem to remember involved a conflict of interest when a former lover turned attorney had to testify in a case that would reveal the indiscretion.

    I admire Waterston’s long and varied career. One role that is very different from his Law and Order gig is the wise, gentle rabbi who is going blind in “Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    I didn’t know about Maritza being Jane Russel’s daughter! That’s a nice bit of trivia.

    I seem to remember reading about D”Onofrio’s break due to exhaustion in TV Guide (lol), but I could have jumped to conclusions after reading about his on-set collapse. But I think it’s true. See how these rumors spread?

    Again, thank you so much for responding to my comment. I’ve checked out your site and I’m very intrigued–I’ve bookmarked it for further perusal.


  • thanks, Elvira, but i was wrong about Jane Russell – as i was corrected here, and rightly so,, it is Jayne Mansfield who is her mother… so store that away.

    Glad you like the piece and my site; there’s a lot there and a whole Dylan section as you’ll see, which has done v. well and got the seal of approval from BobDylan.com, which is great. I’m glad you’re going to visit… feel free to use the Contact Link to get in touch with me (from my site)… i’ll get the email.

    rock on,


  • Kate

    Nice piece you’ve done here. You zoomed in one my two favorite characters of the L&O franchise, Goren and McCoy. (Stabler runs a distant third) I never realized just how much women like D’Onofrio until I stumbled onto Detective Goren’s Blog
    Until then I thought it was just me that found him appealing. I’m only 30 but there is something about Waterston that I adore.

  • hi Kate – seems you are not alone here…

    thanks for the link as well; we’re eager to check it out.



  • Crystal

    Oh heck yeah, Waterson is just as sexy as as Vincent in this series. I don’t usualy like older guys but he is so charming. I like the quiet types which is what draws me to this character, and Vincent’s character? You totaly hit the nail on the head with this! Great article!

  • Merlin

    Sadi, thank you so much for the comments on Vincent D’onofrio’s Goren! I am soooo please to read some positive prose. You may not get it, but you understand it. I am so sick and tired of the negative feed from your fellow journalist professionals on this subject. It is usually your male counterparts who do not get it. Prose on Mr. D’onofrio’s character and the show are usually loaded with “over the top acting”, “scene chewing”, “annoying”, etc., etc.
    They do not give a hoot that there are many, many, folks, usually females, who for whatever reason find D’onofrio’s Goren fantastic! I am obviously one of them. So thank for at least researching the appeal before commenting in print. It shows you do the legwork before offering comment – and you have good taste lolo

  • michelle

    From here in Australia, I LOVE YOU VINCENT D’ONOFRIO with all my heart, and I watch criminal intent weekly and seen your movies and your just the greatest!!! you make me tune in weekly. let me know when you’ll come down under again i hope real soon.. oh, and vincent i’m single.

  • Baronius

    I generally like the actor, but I really find Detective Goren irritating. The usual pre-L&O cop show had the officer who solved all the crimes by himself (and usually shot the bad guy at the end of the episode). Law and Order, and its cousin Homicide, broke with that format. But Goren knows more than any other cop, can outwit any criminal genius, and even finds clues the CSU misses. He’s a one-man police force.

    I bet that Elvira’s onto something. Waterston’s character has hit on his assistants regularly, and treats his underlings like underlings. D’onofrio’s character treats his partner/sidekick with respect. More than respect, really. He has a kind of formality that borders on reverence – but never anything romantic or sexual. I can see how women would swoon for Goren.

    A friend of mine pointed out D’onofrio’s physical acting skill in MiB, and I’ve always remembered it. He isn’t just uncoordinated, he genuinely seems like it’s his first time operating a mammalian body.

  • thanks all for comments – Baronius, thanks for ringing in, but i think you may be in the minority in this group (laughs) but to each his own. You can see how women would swoon for Goren and that’s the main thing.

    I actually like Sam Waterston a great deal as do many others, but truth to tell i’d take my husband over any of them any day of the week….

    thanks for the healthy debate and read all — i’m enjoying the comments a great deal…


  • Good lord, this sounds like “TV Lust: The L&O Edition.” I’ll play.

    Vincent D’Onofrio? I’d join him in a round or 974 of posturepedic huff-and-puff in the proverbial heartbeat. My god, that is one arousing human being. I’d do Bobby Goren too, were he not fictional, but Eames (played by the ridiculously underrated and thoroughly glorious Kathryn Erbe) is first on the list. Chris Noth is fine, but he’s no D’Onofrio, and Annabella Sciorra is no Erbe.

    Moving from CI to the flagship show: I had lust in my heart for Sam Waterston long before Dick Wolf pitched L&O to anyone, but even if he were real, there is no way I would consider screwing Jack McCoy. When one reveres law over doing what’s right… *and* is an amoral horndog in the mold of Der Schlickmeister… (shudder) But if we are going to talk L&O hotties, what about Jesse Martin? (Heavy sigh.) I loved him in Rent and Ally McBeal, but didn’t feel the heat, as it were, until his Detective Green started tagging along after Jerry Orbach’s Lennie Briscoe. Hooked. Hooked. Hooked. (Man, I miss the sublime Mr. Orbach.) And don’t get me started on S. Epatha Merkerson; the Maryland-based actor and Emmy winner is both talented and smokin’.

    On to SVU: His Elliot Stabler is way too angry to consider, but if Chris Meloni was available and interested, I would RUN to jump him. Mariska Hargitay is number one, though – just an aMAzing specimen. I hear she and her new spouse are expecting a little one. So cool. I wonder if they’ll handle her pregnancy the same way CI dealt with Kathryn Erbe’s a couple of years ago.

    Remember L&O: Trial by Jury? Didn’t last long, but Bebe Neuwirth certainly made an impression on me (as she usually does; I have wanted to bear her children for about the last 15 years).

  • susie 52

    This is great to see all these great comments about Vince and Eames. I have been a long time law and order fan. It surprises me that I wasn’t crazy about Criminal Intent at first-to this day, I can’t recall how I started watching it but since then, I can’t stay away from it. And it’s all because of Vince. Kudos to Ms. Eames-she provides a perfect complement to him. She knows him and how he works-she can pick up on his cues and as a team, they work great together. The time she was off the show for awhile due to her pregnancy, her replacement did not jive wth him like she does. Okay, I too would give my life savings for one night with Vince-but until then, my fantasies will get me through. AS for Sam, he has a terrific appeal as well. He fights for what is right whether it is popular or not. Highly intelligent, thinks on his feet, shows great compassion even for some of the perps and you can see him wrestling at times with his conscience, as he truly understands why they did what they did, but how to balance with it the law and what is right. I hope Law and Order, all series, is with us forever.

  • Dear Nat: I think so many women will read your comment and all here and the article and know theyare not alone (as i suspected). And yes, the Chris Noth and his partner characters pale in comparison to Gore and Eames, and yes, Eames doesn’t get enough attention. i remember her from Stir of Echoes with Kevin Bacon and she’s a terrific actress. Yes, Stabler, the character is just too angry all the time and so hard to connect with in any way. Goren may get angry, and he may be eccentric, but in a way that draws you in because he’s smart, brain-strutting, seems fearless and yet remarkably human.

    BTW, i love your new title or the show here –TV Lust,the Law and Order edition. or should it be Law and Lust: doink doink?? Either seems to work.

    I didn’t see your comment until now for some reason, so pardon any delay in responding to you. I never got a ping that you wrote….

    Let’s hope D’Onofrio and Eames stay around for a long while, and that soon, the Chris Noth character and co wil be gone. i’m not trying to be mean, but they just don’t draw one in- their style feels watered down by comparison.

    thanks for reading —


  • HI Susie;

    I typed a whole long response and then my computer crashed. Suffice to say we agree… Smart seems to be the operative work here. How refreshing for everyone to know that brains are still in style!

  • sonya75

    I really do enjoy him as Robert Goren, although when I first started watching the series I hated Goren, he got on my nerves, and well I had choice words for him every episode. Then I watched a marathon and guess what? I started liking him as a character. I also started liking Mr. D’Nofrio as an actor and started to research him. Doesn’t surprise me one bit that he is a native NYer. He is also diverse in his roles, which I appreciate, and doesn’t seemed scared to take risks in his role choices. I wish him the best of luck with his production company!

    I was laughing at the spank me comment and the fainting before you could kiss him. 🙂 Here’s a scenario, what if you just don’t like the personality of Mr. D’Nofrio? I guess that’s why I like to admire from a distance those I respect…it would ruin it if he were an ass in person! I once met howie Mandel who I loved as a comic, but came away feeling a little disillusioned and now don’t find him as enjoyable. I would hate this to happen with Mr. D’Nofrio. Although, chances of meeting him, I agree are virtually nil. 🙂

    Have great day and I enjoyed the article.

  • HI Sonya: i’m glad you enjoyed the article – know what you mean about Goren the character. I wasn’t keen on him at first, but he sort of grows on you…. maybe he’s a jerk in person and it’s just the character (that has happened to me as well, actually; i meet Gina Davis – who i loved, but god, what a b…., but i won’t say the word, but anyway…. not at all what i would have expected. Talk about an actress!!!!

    But spank me — we could role play? non?

    thanks again for a thoughtful comment…

  • sonya75

    Well if we role play spanking will not be a part of that. LOL

    Sent you email via your webpage.

    I love McCoy too! He has a passion for his work, but sympathetic too. Goren can be sympathic but sometimes the people he shows it too is a little perplexing. 🙂

  • McCoy is great – perhaps better than Goren….he’s more complicated though on teh surface doesn’t appear it, he is… a good character. I”m reading a book by Continuum Press about Law and Order – a good book and worth a read if you have the time…

    cheers — s 🙂

  • Marcia

    New kid on the block! Looks like I am in good company when it comes to Vincent. I have been in awe of him for quite some time. The sexiest man in the world is the intelligent man. I am quite concerned though about the latest episodes featuring Chris Noth; I like Chris, but I Love VINCENT, and I do not want to see him go away!!!!!

  • Arlene Valentino

    Vincent D’onofrio’s portrayal of Det. Goren, on CI, is AWESOME!!! He’s so perfect for the part, a real natural. I watch the show because of him. When the other guy (Chris Noth) is on, I don’t enjoy it. No disrespect for Noth but Vincent has so much more appeal in the role. He’s very sexy in an aloof way………

  • my husband and i are addicted to criminal intent
    i know d nofrio is a common italian name
    it is my grandmothers name
    vincent remembles family members
    i wonder!

  • I have to say it’s not just housewives who love Vincent.. It’s also nineteen year olds.. Example A: ME! He’s just so unbelievably manly and so gorgeous it hurts sometimes to look at him! I am completely guilty of searching for sites about him and going on youtube.com to watch videos (by the way: most of them are REAL hot) but I can say I’m innocent of creating these sites or videos. Maybe someone can help me with this little bit.. Some people have told me that they have heard he’s a REALLY huge jerk… Has anyone else heard such accusations??

  • Sarah McMinemin

    I used to Love Mr. D’Onofrio, but I have read in his fan site that he is gay. Is there any truth to that?

  • It really doesn’t matter at all whether he is gay or not…

  • i agree with Christopher, does it really matter?

    I mean, gay or not, who cares? Irrelevant. He’s a great actor, handsome as hell, incredibly talented, he seems like an incredibly smart guy (in order to play the character i think he has to be smart as well… and the character is smart). Lately they’ve been using Chris Noth (spelling right)?

    Maybe D’Onofrio priced himself out, knowing his popularity?

    It’s interesting, for all of the people that love him, i hate to say this because it sounds snippy, but i hear that for ‘most’ people he does not appeal on a level they can relate to… in other words, he ranks too high a sense.

    D’onfrifrio may have screwed himself unwittingly by being too smart. This sounds like my agent telling me to ‘dumb my books down’ for the average reader, something i refuse to do…

    you know what i mean? it’s sad to htink that anyone would have to do that… i’m just guessing here. Maybe D’onofrio will be back in full-force, but rumors i’ve heard are that he is too smart and maybe priced himself out…. he’s “not relatable” for most viewers.


  • Jim B

    Hey everybody I love CI. Me and my grandmother are addicted. I have a couple questions if someone could please send me an email. What college did Vincent D go to and what degrees did he obtain? and is there a fan site i can ask for an autographed picture it is a present for my grandmother.. Thanks for all the comments great site for fans..

    Thanks, Jim

  • Hi Jim – i’m glad you like this piece…

    here is what i could find for you… and hopefully it will work. I hope you get what you are looking for! D’onforio seems like a good guy so hopefully they’ll be obliging. I don’t see why not…

    criminal intent fan site

    Hope that helps, and please, post back and let us know! I’m sure lots of people would like to know how it works out!

    cheers, and great question!

    Be well,

    Sadi R-P

  • Jeri Dexheimer

    I love this show, “Law and Order: CI,” and it is because of Vincent D’Onofrio — his Bobby Goren is the show, I think. I also think that his, Bobby’s, partner, played by Katherine Erbe (do I have the right name, spelling??????), is a wonderful character for Vincent’s Bobby — the two of them are a great team. And, I agree with comments re Sam Waterston….I’ve had a crush on him since I saw him on a TV version of ….. was it “As You Like It?”….many years ago. I also truly loved Michael Moriarty, who began the “Law and Order” series….

    Vincent D’Onofrio is a terrific actor. And his Bobby Goren is fascinating. What a terrific program! I like Chris Noth….and he has his own edge on this show. But really, it is Vincent D. who makes this program so great!

  • You’re right about D’onoforio, as i obviously agree. Actually, if you’re really into the series, there is a great book by continuum-books which has a book called Law & Order, but i forget who the Editor of the book is. It’s a great book.

    But D’onfrio makes or made the program. Slowly he has been phased out or is being phased out in favor of Chris Noth. I think Noth is a good actor, but he does not have that “thing” that D’onfrio has and that is what really made/makes the show work… without him, and without Kathryn Erbe, it’s just not the same.

    D’onfrio just had not only the looks, the quirky combination, but the smarts and the intellect that all combined with that incredible force of power behind his wit, his temper at times, lent him a certain appeal – even sex appeal to some – that transcends what most on the program or series have been able to do. The closest actor I can think of is Sam Waterston, who I think is pretty great also, but not with the same intensity of force.

    So we agree. It’s nice to see so many people connecting with this piece.

    Thanks… and thanks for the read.

    Be well,


  • 1 Foxy 1

    I reaaaaly like Vincent. He is my kind of man, a big gentle, extremely intelligent individual. He reminds me of my first husband who is now deceased. He can park his shoes under my bed anyday.

  • hi Foxy — we agree about Donofrio…. gentle is key…. i’m glad you found this…. : )

  • Johnnie Raymond

    I can’t say how much I love Vincent. I watch everything he is in. I am not only crazy about Bobby Goren I like all Vincent is in no matter what size the roll is.

    Love you Vincent!!!!!!

  • Johnnie Raymond

    Vincent is the hottest man on TV. I watch all the Criminal Intends over and over again. I wish I could talk to Vincent about himself.

    Yeah Vincent!!!!!