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Telephone Call Offering to Lower Interest Rate is a Scam!

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Cheap long distance, the ability to spoof caller ID and the credit crisis are being used to facilitate a scam called vishing. Although telephone (telemarketing) scams are nothing new, the term vishing probably came about because advances in telephone technology are being used to depart unsuspecting people of their hard-earned money.

The term vishing was coined from the word phishing. Internet scammers phish the waters of the Internet using spam e-mail as bait. Once a person falls for their "too good to be true" lure, personal and financial information is stolen using social engineering (trickery) or malicious software designed to data-mine the information right off the infected machine. The personal and financial information is then used to commit financial crimes, which is often referred to as identity theft.

In the past week, I've received several calls where a computerized voice informs me that the offer to lower my interest rate is almost over. It then says to press "1" if I want to lower my interest rate.

I went ahead and pressed the number "1" to see what this "too good to be true" offer was all about. After a few seconds, a female voice came on and asked me if I was interested in lowering my interest rate. I told her I was and she asked me for the 800 number of my financial institution so she could verify my eligibility. Since this is public information, I went ahead and gave one to an institution I no longer do business with. While I was digging up the number on the Internet, she made a lot of inquires about how many lines of credit I was behind on. After providing her with the 800 number, she asked me to give her all the credit card numbers that I wanted to lower the interest rate on.

At this point, I had very little doubt I was dealing with a scam designed to steal credit card numbers. At no point did she identify a financial institution — and besides that — no financial institution would make a cold call and ask for credit card numbers. Additionally, when was the last time a financial institution offered to lower an interest rate to an existing customer unless they were being bailed out by the government (taxpayer)?

I asked if she felt good about ripping people off and if I could speak to her supervisor. Of course, I was never referred to a supervisor and after cursing at me, she hung up. Trust me, from the vulgar language that was expressed, this call was not being recorded for training purposes!

In the past couple of years, we've seen reports of vishing. In the case, I'm writing about a dialer system is obviously being used. Dialers are used by collection agencies, telemarketing companies, political campaigns and even charities to direct calls to live employees. Basically, dialers screen the calls via computer to make the process more efficient.

Having never priced one, I decided to see what Google had to offer. I found them to be rather inexpensive starting at a mere few hundred dollars. There were also options to use already set-up systems on a cost-per-call basis.

Caller-ID spoofing services can be purchased legally and are used by a lot of legitimate companies to entice us to pick up calls. Because of this, it is probably wise not to put your faith in caller ID.

Some blame VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology for vishing. VoIP has made calling long distance cheap.

So far as where the victim lists are obtained, they can be easily purchased. My phone number has been unlisted for over 20 years, but information brokers data-mine information from every source imaginable, including magazine subscriptions. Since these lists are worth money, companies who gather information routinely sell the marketing information they gather on all of us. It also isn't unknown for dishonest employees to sell information directly to criminals. Often this is done right on the Internet in chat rooms, which keeps the transaction fairly anonymous.

Recently, the FBI announced that they stung an Internet forum used to sell stolen information known as Dark Market. At it's peak, the group had 2500 registered members and it is estimated that they prevented losses of $70 million (worldwide) by cracking this case.

Even the IRS and Social Security have been impersonated in the past two years in vishing schemes.

InsideCRM magazine recently published an article detailing 50 ways to protect your privacy. This magazine represents the call center industry and has a stake in fighting vishing activity, which gives legitimate e-commerce a black eye. If you (like a lot of us) enjoy the hassle-free environment of shopping at home, the article is a great educational resource.

The U.S. government has also set up a highly visual and interactive site to educate people about crimes being enabled by technology. Please note this site is available in Espanol, also.

While both of these sites are designed to cover computer security issues in addition to telecom type scams, we need to remember that a lot of these scams probably started before telephones or computers made them easier and more efficient to do.

Scams rely on human emotion and greed. Knowing this is the best way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. The "too good to be true" principle coupled with "does the transaction make sense" is the best way to figure out whether an offer is legitimate or NOT!

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  • raine

    i’ve been getting this call for awhile now. Today, i actually pushed one and when i asked the guy if he worked for capital one he said no and called me stupid that capital one was a bank, then continued to be ugly, finally hanging up on me. i tried to get more info but to no avail, thus the search on google. thanks for blogging about this.

  • donna

    yes just today i received that call to reduce my interest rate, she asked me for the 188 # on the bake of my credit card, when i said she can call me back after i get her credentials she hung up on me very abruptly end of that.

  • tm

    We are getting the same calls but they say press 9 and it connects you to a operator. They just hang up on you if you sound to smart. This last one I tried to follow along with the scam but still got hung up on. Have reported it to the do not call website perhaps they will find them oneday and can use the complaints to arrest them.

    If anyone finds out a phone # or a business name we need it to report them for violating the do not call list.

  • EW

    Thanks for blogging about this. I received this call too, they hung up on me when I asked them to take me off the list. This happened right after opening a very official looking scam letter about property tax reassessment(return address of PO Box 25519 in LA, CA). Scams are on the rise indeed!

  • J in annapolis

    Yup, I just received this call tonight. Press 6 to lower your interest rate. I pressed 6 to find the name of the company (I routinely report violaters of the Do Not Call list….especially if they call while I’m putting my kids to bed!!!) As soon as I asked the compnay name, she hung up on me.

  • Justin

    I just received a call from some MCS something claiming that they would lower my CC interest to below 6% based on my perfect payment history. I then called my credit card provider to verify any of this and it turns out it’s definitely a scam. Credit card companies don’t call you for that stuff.

  • Rita

    I got called last night. Pressed 1 and got transferred. The line was very fuzzy and I could barely hear the lady. She asked me lots of questions. Did not ask for the bank 800 number. Asked for my balances on all of my credit cards. Also said that to qualify for the lower interest rate I had to have a balance greater than 3000 on any given credit card. Then she asked me for my credit card numbers to verify my identity. I mentioned that I had security questions that are used to verify my identity. She kept trying to reassure me that this wasn’t a scam and she needed the card numbers. I respectfully declined then she hung up on me. I have the phone number on my caller ID. The Caller ID read ‘Card Services’ and if I remember correctly, the area code came from 402 or 408.

  • Joe

    I got this yesterday. The guy told me that if I didn’t want them to call that I should disconnect my phone. He then called me a racist and at one point asked who my mortgage is with. after some time yelling at him I hung up.

  • Kate

    I just hung up with a very eloquent and nice lady who was so convincing that I gave her one of my account numbers for a Visa card. She said due to my on time payments I was eligible. She asked for the APR on my other cards. She put me on hold to “call to verify your account” and during that hold time I realized what was going on. I just got off the phone with my visa credit card company whose acct. number I provided and alerted them. They confirmed there have been many calls regarding this scam.

  • Ed Dennis

    Where the hell is the government? We pay these bozo’s big money to protect us from these scams and they can put a stop to it in a flash but they don’t, and I wonder why? Everyone should call their attorney general or better yet write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper complaining that nothing is being done to stop these calls.

  • Norm T

    Got my call again, press 1 and ask that they take me off the call list and got told I was stupid to do that… I don’t pay credit card interest and don’t need this. you can tell they were not very educated

  • w.t.

    I gave them the 1888 # on the back of my card , then he asked for my secure # on my card . Thats when I hung up .

  • donahy

    I also received one of these scam calls. It stated to press 1 if I wanted to lower my interest rates…2 if I did not want to be called again. The number 2, naturally, did not work. After a number of voice mails left previously , I finally decided to see who was calling me since I don’t have any credit cards with balances. When they answered the call, he immediately wanted my credit card numbers so he could lower my interest rates. At that point, I told him if he was calling about my credit cards, he should have that information. He said he needed the numbers to prove I was the owner of the card. He then asked how much I owned on my credit card. Again, I told him he would have that information if he was from the credit card company. I repeated myself again…that he should have my numbers…and he laughed and then hung up on me. It was from area code 402, but I would suspect they move around frequently.

  • Julie B.

    I have gotten 2 calls so far from these scams. The first one sounded very legit. I went through the 1-800# bit and they asked if I owed more then $5000 in CC debt I said yes, that is when I was asked for a CC# to verify the balance I was telling them to make sure I was who I said I was by verifying the balance. I told them I was reading from my statement and I did not feel comfortable giving that information to them and they should have the information in front of them since they called me. The lady on they other end said WELL DO YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE PAYING THOSE HIGH INTEREST RATES? Really snitty like. I told her that I do feel comfortable with it but what I don’t feel comfortable being subjected to a telephone scam, that is when she hung up on me…

  • hockeygrl

    Just got this call a few minutes. I found it odd since it came on my work number. I pressed 1 because I was curious about who it was, since the message simply says “card member services”. When a live person answered and said “card member services” I asked who exactly was calling me… The response I got was dial tone. Scam indeed…scary that this has been going on for a while. The problem is that by the time I realize it was a scam, they hung up and I wasn’t able to get the phone number off caller ID.

  • at work

    I got called again at work today. I asked for the phone number and the number they gave me was a joke line. I asked for a supervisor and she got on laughing and called me a BITCH.

  • overworkedandunderpaid

    I also got one of these calls this evening. I was curious, of course, because who wouldn’t want to lower their interest rates? I got a call from 562-223-8884 and got a voice recorded message asking me to press 9 if I wanted to learn how to lower my interest rates. Being curious, I pressed 9 and a man came on the line and did his spill about interest rates and lowering them to as low as 9% if I qualified. He asked for my credit card # and the 1800 number on the back of my card. Being the dummy that I am (at least for today), I gave him the number and he verified my account was in good standing. He asked me for the 3-digit code on the back of my card and I asked him why and what company he worked for. He told me Freedom Choice Financial. I told him I would not give him that information, that he could send me the information through the mail. He asked me how to spell my name, for confirmation on checking my account, and I did not give that out either! If he had my phone number, then why didn’t they have my name? He transferred me to his accounts manager or something, whose name he said was Marcus Johnson and guaranteed that I could save up to $2500 in all…He asked asked again how to spell my name and I would not tell him and I hung up on him. He called back and I did not take the call. The number was 407-722-5287. He left a voicemail and said that I must not be interested in lowering my interest rates and that they would just keep going up.

    I called my Credit Card company and told them the story. They are now sending me new account numbers and immediately closing the old account. Just to be safe, I also opened a fraud protection, just for a few months for this to blow over.

    Good luck everyone…

  • Catharine

    We received the same call from Freedom Financial Choice the other day on my husbands cell phone, Thank god he did not give him any info, he asked me to look it up on line and see if there have been any scams. So glad for this web site/ blog.

  • I just called my phone company. I am in Canada. We have a DO NOT CALL LIST but it only works for numbers originating in Canada. The number I keep getting a call from is 321-735-9687. When I call that number, a recording says the number is not in service, so it is obvious I think that it is a call from a computer VOIP. Once I answered the call, then pressed 1 “to lower my CC interest rate”. When the person came on the line I told him in my angriest voice that I was tired of these calls — I did not use bad language. He made some sort of reply then hung up on me. Today when I got home there was that number again on my caller i.d. Frustrating!!!

  • TCS1983

    Ok, so what to do about this? I havent heard of any solutions yet.

  • mh32771

    I got this same Freedom Choice Services call. Twice. Last week when i was in NY at a trade show this guy calls me asking if i want to lower my cc interest rates. I told him sure, who wouldn’t? but that i couldn’t talk with him about it then, could he call me later. He asked for a day and time which I gave and said goodbye. So he calls me back today, which was our arranged day and time. He was very polite and definitly not trying to make me upset or suspicious. He went through his spiel….the same one all of you guys are talking about. How many cards, how much debt blah blah. When it got to the part about me giving him credit card numbers, expiration date, ccv numbers, I’m like whoa, slow the heck down. I told him “I don’t even know who you are some stranger calling me asking for all of this really sensitive financial info” He was so smooth. Totally trying to reassure me that they were legit and trying to work within the government guidlines and that’s why he needed to “verify” my accounts. I said oh yeah well what’s the name of your company and where are you located. He told me Freedom Choice Services and that his office was right here in Orlando, where I’m located. He was totally trying to buddy up and be my “friend” doing me a favor he said. So I said “I doubt your doing me a favor, what kinda fee do you get and who pays it?” He said that the fee varied depending on how much they were able to lower my interest rate and then it was “absorbed” by that savings. I said “absorbed what the heck does that mean?” He just repeated the same thing. I said that makes absolutely no sense. I said “How do you get paid? I know you’re not doing this for free. Who writes you a check? Me or my credit card company?” He then admitted that it would be me because i would still pay like i was paying my regular credit card bills. I told him that I would have to do some research on this Freedom Choice Services before I was going to give him any valuable information. He said he completely understood. Actually gave me a url which he said was the company. It was http://www.freedomchoiceservices.info.com , when I looked it up it went to Freedom Choice Financial. So I told him I would do research and if he wanted to call me back he could. We settled on Friday at 2pm. I’m telling you all it’s amazing that this guy was soooo slick and persistant. But he was also really nice and not rude in the slightest. If I wasn’t just naturally skeptical having grown up in NYC, I probably would have given him my info. It’s really scary how good these people are. There wasn’t any rudeness, hanging up, cursing or anything like that. It will be interesting to see if he calls me back. Naturally he won’t get anything. [Edited]
    Stay safe everyone and thank goodness for blogs like this one.

  • Pamela

    I find it funny that a company tries to help consumers lower their interest rates and we Americans assume it’s a scam. What ever happened to a business just trying to make money? That’s obviously what the banks are out for… so what a company tries to provide a service to help. You should look up your banks’ ratings and see how many complaints they have. I think it’s wonderful that there are companies out there trying to help us keep our money in our pockets. I’ve signed up with Freedom Choice Services and my interest rates have gone from 21% down to 9.9% fixed so just becasue you didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling, don’t ruin it for others.

  • Frank

    Hi Pamela, weren’t you the one from Freedom Choice Services I spoke to?

  • Tasha Mack

    All you people sound dumb

  • linda

    i read all these comments, and i haven’t seen not one person who actually used the service and got taken for anything. just a whole bunch of people with nothing to do assuming the worste because of a phone call. actually nieve enough to follow what a stranger blogged just to feel assured about an assumption. assume- ass of u and me. peer pressure, the exact thing we teach our children not to follow. a blog full of followers. read between the lines. if this freedom choice is such a scam than why haven’t i seen anybody say they’re card was charged with no service. if the company was fraudulent than they would’ve been shut down by now don’t you think? and they obviously get business if their still up and running. and no customer that took advantage of their services is on here complaining yet soooo……. but come to think about it people say the same stuff about loan remodifications too, yet it’s helped millions of people save their homes. bottom line. if you haven’t tried the company yourself… in reality your opinions are pointless. besides i don’t think a whole call center would work for minimum wage just to help the next guy (they probably don’t even know) make money.. that’s kind of stupid. and if your a card holder you should know that any charge to your card can be tracked to the owner of that merchant account that took your money. do you actually think that these credit card companys cannot track another merchant for their money? because it’s borrowed money for us and it’s the banks money any scam artist are playing with. that’s why i say if they were a fraudulent company they would’ve been shut down by now. i see comments from back in january. you know how many cards have probably been serviced since than? probably alot so where are the people who payed for no service. i haven’t seen them yet. think people. that’s what brains are for. if you think it’s such a scam then go through with the service and track them down.

  • Chrissy

    I too recieve this call on a daily basis. I asked to not to be called anymore (after pressing 1) and the lady was a complete BITCH. hung up on me. the next day i asked for a supervisor, and got hung up on again. Today i tried asking nicely not to call, and still got hung up on. I called the number back on my call display which doesnt seem to exist, i used reverse search, and it just doesnt seem to exist. the number comeing up on my phone is 1 929 200 9110 and its the same every time they call. I hope someone finds out who these people are because im very angry, i dont appreciate annoying phone calls, especially from RUDE bitches. If anyone has any info on this like the company name or where i can find theese people let me know please banditqween@hotmail.com

  • Chrissy

    ….and Linda? change your fucking tampon, if you like being harassed, good for you, but the rest of the normal population is fed up!

  • skeeter

    I talked to the company and they sent me the info. They told me all fees had been waived. They charged my credit card 990.00.
    their address is: Freedom Choice Financial
    4885-A McKnight Road, Suite # 200
    Pittsburg, PA 15237
    When they called me they told me they were card services, which I thought was the credit card company card services. When I received the info it was Freedom Choice. The charge on my credit card is Freedom Direct. I called and they said they would give me a complete refund. I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge. Don’t know if anything has been done yet because of the holidays.

  • Chris

    Sucker born everyday. Why don’t you people just call your credit card company and ask them to lower your interest rate?? They have always complied when I asked.

  • angrycitizen

    I got a similar type phone call this afternoon with several mentions of Obama this and Obama that for reducing my credit card rate and credit card debt with some generic name like Rate Reduction Department and press 1. For the heck of it I pressed one to talk to a person and they said they were so busy for me to leave my name and phone number. Like Hell I WILL! It is against FTC policy for telemarketers to not have their REAL BUSINESS NAME in a prerecorded message as well as a real phone number. If you are on the no call list $11,000 per CALL penalty. This is clearly a scam. The key to eliminating this problem is to LICENSE autodialers, and to make laws that the use of autodialers, prerecorded messages, etc should be a FELONY and say $10,000 FINE per PHONE CALL. We need to make obscuring the phone number on caller ID illegal and when used in the course of a felony and it should be an additional charge and say another five years in the pen. Only when citizens get mad enough to tell those idiots in Congress and State Legislatures that we have had enough, will anything ever get done.

  • angrycitizen

    Did some more research. Freedom Choice Services aka Freedom Choice Financial no longer has a functional webpage. I hope their corporate officers go to jail. They only way to stop this type of crime if HARD TIME and BIG BIG FINES. Barnum was right, Chris and so are you.

  • Charged!

    Freedom Choice Services/Financial is absolutely a scam. Our card was charged $995 with no previous authorization. In fact, the charge was made on our card at least two days before they made contact with us by telephone. The scam is to follow up the initial call with a letter and an authorization form to “permit” them to charge the credit card. However, if you look closely, the authorization form is actually a receipt and payment confirmation. Please beware of these scam artists. We are all targets; not just the elderly and unwary!

  • 78yearsoldgrandmother

    In October of 2009, I received a call from this Freedom Choice Financal, asking me if I wanted to lower my interest rate on my cc, I said yes, they went through this spil about how they could help me and ask me for my Sears Discovery card# and expiration date the last 3 digit on the back which I gave with the understanding that its was for verification purpose. At that time I did not agree for them to charge my cc. When I received the information in the mail I didn’t sign and send it back to them, I tried to call the number that was on the information, but couldn’t get an answer, I made serveral attempts to reach them, each time to n avail. When I received my bill from Sears their was a charge on there for 900.00 for Freedom Choice. I called Sears and disputed the charge, Sears said they would remove the charge and investigate the charge. Sears removed the charge as they said, but when I received my statement for the month of Dec 2009 the charge had been recharged to my account. I’m in the process now of disputing the charge over again. I’ve learned a valuable lesson.”NEVER GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE”. I hope this help to not make the same mistake I did.

  • Sam C.

    I got as much info as I could get out of “Junior Johnston” who said he was from Card Services in California. I asked for a phone number so I could call back but he wouldn’t give me one. This is definitely a scam and they should be reported to the FTC if the company even exists at all. Nice try “Junior.”

  • Amy C

    I pressed 1 as well to see what this call was all about. The lady was very nice and stated several privacy acts when I let her know that I wasn’t comfortable giving her my info. I gave her my account number and the toll free number on my Citi card so she could locate the branch. Then all the sudden DUH! She is calling to get my balance and last payment info to gain my trust. I am going to report this and hopefully we can get this horrible person in jail. The police are already onto them from what they said-how often they change numbers and their location. Its only a matter of time. TIC TOC TIC TOC TIC TOC.

  • JJHH

    Oh! you guys are nice, I flat out told the person who responded to my “press 1” option to f*ck off and stop calling my number(obviously this was not the first time they called). After which, I got a call from a blocked number (it was the same operator) leaving me a message on my answering machine stating “f*uck you, f my wife, f my friends, f my kids, I hope you all get shot in the head…so f*ck me!” Does that sound like a legit company?? So I filed a police report using their threatening message. Gosh…not too bright are they?

  • Aye Rolle

    Same thing happened to me tonight. Call from “Card Services”. Press 9 to see what the game is. What was disturbing is that he asked me which card rate I wanted to lower, and proceeded to name the banks I have cards with. When I asked if this was a sales call he said “no, we’re not trying to sell you anything” and the line went dead.

  • steve

    Been getting this call about once a day for the past two weeks. I press 9 to try to tell them not to call me anymore. They hang up immediately. One time I asked them who they worked with, the guy says Visa Mastercard. I’ve had the number [edited] blocked through my phone company. I even called this phone number and someone that is very sleepy answered. I told them that they have been calling me every day. She said that it is an accident.

  • Debbie

    Well I was one person that was stupid enough to get scammmed by this Freedom Choice in Nov 09. They charged me $995 and then callled me a month later and told me they could not get my rates for less. I asked for my money back and was told that I had to talk with soneone else. They then tried to talk me into some other programs which I refused. I then was stupid enough to wait until February to ask for a refund and was told ok-when I called to check on it, I was told it was being processed. I called again and was told it was submitted Mar 18 and took 30 days. I called today and was told to have my credit card company fight for it. Of course my credit card company told me they can put it in a complaint, but should had done it within 60 days. I really got screwed

  • retiresoon

    Hey Linda. I fully understand all the other peoples comments. I was contacted by Freedom Choice Financial from Pittsburgh, PA. and went with this. Was told the same thing. I now have lost 990 and the credit card company will not help me. This company individuals told me they approved and refunded my money to my credit card 2/23/2010 but nothing has appeared yet as a credit. Nothing but a SCAM. I have contacted my State Attorney General office, the PA Attorney General Office and the BBB.

  • So upset

    I’m so happy I found this blog! I just received a call today from “Visa Global Customer Care Services” offering to lower my credit card rates on all of my cards – including Amex & Discover – which I thought was strange since they are competing companies to Visa. “Rebecca” was very nice and asked for information like expiration dates, balances on my cards, etc. to verify my identity. I was suspicious and asked for her name, telephone number etc. which she gave to me after I said that I was being cautious since there is so much fraud out there. She assured me she udnerstood and I was in no way liable for fraudulent charges etc. I am such a dope, but I ended up giving her one my credit card numbers. While doing so, I searched online for info on possible scams and came across this one. When she put me on hold to transfer me to an “account rep” I immediately hung up. I called the credit card company which immediately cancelled my account. I’ve then spent all morning calling all my other cards. Beware and don’t go through the hassle like I had to!

  • So upset

    By the way, the number she gave me to her “direct line” was 800-847-2911. If you google it, you’ll find it is a scam based in Fort Meyers, FL. She has since called back and left messages from 425-484-1814 which is in Bellevue, WA – also related the same scam.

  • Ann

    If these people were trying to help, how could they know they can lower the interest rate. All they want is access to your personal financial info. They don’t seem to know anything about you but they sure would like to.

    I want to know how to stop the calls. I’ve tried profanity and a very loud whistle, but they keep calling back.

  • Ann

    The only reason for these calls is to gain information about a person’s private finances.

    I want to know how to stop them. I’ve tried profanity and a very loud whistle and yet the calls keep coming.

    Speaking of profanity, whoever edits these pages really missed one, the second comment from Chrissy on the next page of comments. It certainly is insulting and profane to anyone who reads it.

  • Laura

    I received a call [Edited]. It came in on my second line at work that is not published for the public, so I pushed 9 to be connected with someone. When the guys answered he said “Card member services, are you calling regarding the offer to lower your interest rate?” I said, “Yes, I am replying to that and would like you to remove my number from your call list.” He said “I’m sure you would, but it’s not going to happen so have yourself a nice day.” He then hung up on me.

  • So upset

    Immediately after my experience, I re-entered my number on the government “Do Not Call List”. (I’m sure I had signed up before, but some say to do it again.)I then filed a complaint with the FCC online. After they attempted to call back a few times after I hung up on them, they have not since called.

  • lisa

    I went threw the whole process and they could not help me their payment was to high for me so i asked about a refund they sent me directly to processing. then proceccing would refund my account in 30 days did not happen so Icalled again said they would repross my refund never did. called freedom choice they had a number for processing, but when Icalled they said they were closed. So I now pay on my credit card for services not recieved. Credit card company tried to contact this company but no responce. Need prof that i was intitled to a refund but would not give me the things I needed.NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO>

  • Marcy

    Freedom Financial offered to lower my credit card interest rate to 6.99% – I asked which card they were referring to and was hung up on

  • william

    i think anyone involved with freedom financial should file a complaint with the attorney general for PA online and wait as i have done.i think the more complaints filed may help in generating a response from them

  • mike

    I got screwed for $990.00,but i called my bank.The bank credited me on my visa.then i got all the paper work from freedom choice,it looked perfessional,so i called the bank and talked to a lady that i trusted,she said that sounds pretty good maybe you sound try it.I was stupid and did what she subjested.They couldnt help me and said that my card would get credited back.That has been going on for months.2 different people from freedom choice told me that i was credited,i told them no that hasnt happened.I get hung up on now.I filed a complaint with bbb.Then i paid the attorney general to help me get my money back and maybe take legal actions on them.They said i was scamed,but i dont think they are doing anything more about it.Now freedom choice doesnt answer when i call,just a recording. I have lots of names wrote down.I wish they will all be arrested.Im PISSED OFF!!!

  • Jessica Clark

    Just got the call today after spending all day yesterday of all things trying to reduce my interest rates. I did so by calling the individual banks and not one was ready to do it. SO imagine my surprise when I got someone calling me with this incredible offer! Of course- the “deal” was that the credit card could NOT be maxed out and in good standing. Then even more interesting it had to have at least $1000 of good credit left on it. I still was searching for my cards not thinking real hard and they hung up. I was pissed and anxious to find out more so I called back the number and of course- mail box was full. As I thought about it for a minute or so- I thought THANK GOD I didn’t give them my numbers. They could have easily caught me at a weak moment since the whole subject was at hand the day before.

  • real live victim

    I was taken in Oct 2009 for $995. They contacted me over & over again and convinced me they were real. They even established a website. I kept notes & phone numbers and dates of each call & person & what was discussed. They charged my credit card. I just got a letter marked REFUSED when I tried to contact them by mail this week. I will have to report this as a crime. So now you know, the article is not just to stir up comments. It happens to real people who cannot afford it. I am typically a very cautious person. It was a very convincing job. I continue to get calls from other companies who say there is a very important or urgent message from credit card services. I’ve learned this is the same sell of reducing interest rates.
    Does anyone know what I can do? I won’t trust anything again & I never thought this would happen to me.

  • Joyce

    Well here I am I made a big mistake they chared $ 750.00 on one of my cards. I am stuck, they did not help in any way an i m out 750.00 yes call me Stupid big time.If anyone could help me please do so you cant call me any thing i havent called myself.

  • sara

    I read all of your post, and this company didn’t do there job. But just so you know there are companies out there that do help alot of people.I paid $995.00 to one company, i had 67,000.00 in debt and my rates were all over 15%. it took them about 60 days to help me they lower my chase from 22% to 4% in a hardship program.I am sorry to hear that you all got taken for your money. But i did realize that i could have done it myself.

  • Russ

    they call everyone. Even if you don’t have a credit card or you never even own a credit card. They just call phone. I use to play jokes on then. when they call. They always ask whats the credit card number and credit card company’s phone number. I just give them random numbers. For phone number i give them sex line phone number chat. They never call back or they call back yelling at me. I Still get calls. Okay i don’t know any thing about this credit card stuff but the only person that can lower Interest Rate is you. Just pay your bill and it will go down by itself.

  • Sherry

    Just like everyone else, I did the same thing and paid $990 October 09 of last year and have gotten very little. I did set up phone conferences and talked wtih the credit card companies along with the rep I was given and they did help lower two cards but savings were very minimal. I have not had contact in over 3 months now and 1 yr limit is over. I want a full refund (yeah I’m that crazy). I tried to reach someone and phone, email and online service is gone.

  • Stephanie

    I have been receiving these calls for months now. When I tell them I have no credit cards that I only have a debit card and that I wish for my name to be removed from the list they have ALL hung up on me including the one that called me this morning even after I asked him to hear me out and NOT hang up.

    So being feed up I called my bank 🙂
    If you are on the Do Not Call List go to their website and file a complaint, if you are not get registered!
    You may also file a complaint if you received a call that used a recorded message instead of a live person (whether or not your number was on the Registry).

    National Do Not Call Registry
    Consumer Fraud Reporting

    Good Luck ALL

  • Winnie

    Get these calls every few weeks or so. Latest was today. Spoke to representative who said the company was Financial Services and they are able to lower my interest rate with whichever credit card company I deal with. I hung up and dialed *69 to get their number (416) 333-4444 but this is probably a number they can change at will to keep from getting caught. I wonder if the TV investigative report shows can track these people down and shed some light on their operation?

  • Jim

    I got A call form someone who didnt want to say where she was calling from, then I insisted so shse said “Universal card interest” lol she sounded unprofessional and with a bit harsh voice, she wanted me to give her my information faster than speed of light, the minute I said no she hung up so fast. I believe it is scam.

  • Melvin

    I got one these calls yesterday .. [Edited] from Las Vegas .. sounded like a scam, he hung up on me quickly because I said lowering percentage rate didn’t sound normal. Click.

  • Sharon

    I too got one of these calls today, from 416-333-4444 and the caller identified herself as calling from “Credit Services” with the spin about lower interest rates. Now my bank/credit card company call from time to time with some offer (legit, but usually something that I don’t want) but when they do, they *always* identify themselves — “My name is Rosemary, I am calling from Bleep Blanp Bank to inform you that as a such-and-such cardholder, you are eligible for….”

    I am usually not interested, but they will oblige by mailing information on request, and they know my mailing address and ask certain security question to verify that I am the actual card holder.

    This company did nothing of the sort, so I knew right away it was a scam.

    When in doubt, ask them to mail you info and don’t give your mailing address. If it is a company you deal with in fact, they already *know* your address and do not need to ask you for it. They also know your account info and should be asking you the security questions.

  • keewee

    These morons have scammed us and thousands with lies and get away with it. Some of these idiots that posted messages defending scammers probably didn’t lose there money with no service rendered,

  • keewee

    We were promised a full refund after supposed managers agreed that we were mislead,we never got any thing. I am going to send a letter to Obama just to see if would look into this, but I know that probably won’t happen, although we are supposed to be protected by his new policies against things like this. Just to let These scammers know from Freedom Choice Financial – They will be investigated as I am licensed in the financial and insurance industry and I will make it happen so that more hard working americans are not scammed.

  • Eric

    I have gotten two calls a day from this company. Always a spoofed local number from my town. As soon as I question them as to who they are and to stop calling me, they hang up without a word. How come they can ssnd billions to bail out everyone but no one cares that this crap is going on? from now on I am going to hold them on the phone and waste their time, maybe get a whistle or air horn 🙂

  • Macy

    Freedom Choices Financial scamed me to in October 2009 and charge a 990 to my cc. It got into work in March and in April I call them back after they taken the first payment from my checking account.They rejected me after viewing my credit. So I ask to get my refund that was taken from my checking account and the charge that was made to my cc. They said it will take 3-4 weeks to get it credited back to me. In June 2010 got credited from the from checking account, but nothing from the cc. I follow up with them, but that number don’t existed. Try calling my cc company to dispute that charge but nothing, they transfer me to the fraud protection agency. They will investing it.

  • Macy

    Do you guys think would we ever get our refund back from this scammed. Would my cc dispute this charge if I talk to them or is it too late?

  • MMD

    I just received a phone call from a local cell phone number. When I answered it was a digital recording asking me to press 1 to get my interest rates lowered. Once I did so a man came on the line and said he was with card services. I tried to ask specifically which credit he was calling in reference too and he could not tell me. He kept repeating the same story that he was calling from Card Member Services. He wanted to verify some information so I led him on for a few minutes until he wanted the last 4 of my social. I asked him if there was a phone number that I could call to verify what company he is representing and this is the # I was given (1800VISA911). He then again began repeating himself about what department he worked in and asking for personal information! IDIOT….No one in their right mind is going to give someone even the last 4 of their social. I eventually was hung up because the guy ran out of stories to tell me!!! Just watch out because they are now calling with local numbers attached to their lines so you think it may be someone you know! They are also being very sly in the ways they ask questions….DO NOT ANSWER ANYTHING!!! Hang up and report them

  • I just got a call that went exactly the same way you said it went- push ‘1’ to lower your rate! As the guy was bumbling talking to me I was looking them up on the computer.

    I told him I have had credit cards for many years and all of a sudden they are calling me and wanting to lower my rate. He gave me some B.S.about last February and they review every six months.

    I got the guy flustered and HE offered to put someone else on the phone- just after mentioning that as long as you were not late and over the credit limit they could help you. I told him I am over on one card to see what he would say and he said ‘no problem sir, that’s okay.’ I said ‘you just said over the limit was a problem’ and he said ‘ no, we can make exceptions.’ lol

    Anyway, his ‘supervisor’ got on the phone, which by the way sounded like he was half the age of the first guy, and once he asked if I was over the limit I told him the same thing as the first guy, on one card, and he hung up on me!

    Oh, the first guy told me the name of the company was ‘Card Services’ and he was a department of Card Services and their sister company is Visa and MasterCard, which is weird because I thought Visa and MasterCard were separate companies.

    Be careful out there- if it sounds too good to be true it usually is..and never give your personal info out on an incoming call, you never know if they say who they are.

    A few weeks ago I got a call from a supposed State Trooper asking for a donation. It may have been legit because I did get something in the mail, but I never responded because I heard on the news there was a scam going on like that. It sucks because I did want to donate.

  • Janet Smith

    My elderely mother eceived a call from a group called “RP Group” asking if she wished to lower her interest rates on all her cards. Was very convincing and she gave them here 3 card numbers. There is now a 695.00 charge with a U.S. conversion to $703.00 Canadian on her VISA. I called the company on her behalf to enquire what service they had provided. Their comments were “did you no receive the lower interest rates?”. When I said, no, the service was not provided, he instructed me to call her bank and tell her to reverse the charges???? Banks can’t do this and I knew that. I did call her credit card company and they have put in a case file to reasess this company. She has to wait 30 days until the company fails to provide a statement as to what purchases were offered. If they fail to respond, the Visa company will deal with the scam (I hope). Really irritates me to see scam artists going after elderly people like this. When I called I could hear a high volume of calls in the background so this is obviously a very large operation. Beware!!!!

  • out of hand

    go to anywho.com and click on reverse lookup

  • out of hand

    or msn white pages

  • peg

    I’ve received several calls from “credit services.” Today,when I again asked to be removed from their call list the”rep” sang London Bridges to me for five minutes. Infuriating!I’ve also been told to f@#@ off on a previous call. The Ohio Ag’s office says they need more info to take a report. If all the phone numbers are bogus,how can this be stopped?

  • Just another nice person

    Oh these blogs were somewhat helpful and so disturbing all the same. The sad part is how far back they go and that the stuff still continues. I unfortunely was dealing with a not clear head (migraine) two screaming kids and just wanted the phone to stop pressed the 1 and got a person who was “empathetic”. Should have known…Got the uncomfortable feeling that something didn’t seem right and immediately called Capital One. They said to monitor our statements and the minute we see something that isn’t right, dispute it on line and they will refund us and go after whoever. YEAH Capital One for being on our side.

  • george

    I got the same scam call today.
    I’m on kidney dialysis so I told him to call me back in a half hour. I also told him that I was carrying $25,000.00 in credit card debt. He called back a half an hour later as requested. That gave me enough time to google ‘lower your interest rates’. What an eye opener! Too think that this seemingly proper young man on the phone would rub a 995.00 insult of salt in the wounds of a man on kidney dialysis with massive credit card debt! And not think twice about the possible damage done.
    I did get a chance to insult him (like a child, I know) before he hung up on me when I called him a ” _ucking fraud.”

  • cug

    I receive this call from a private number, they said they have contacted me numerous times via mail and phone…they had no idea what my address was, I told her if she called again, I will be contacting people of higher powers and report you! hung up! Guess they are still playing the games!

  • Educated Country Boy

    I just got another call from Card member services after I actually told a real person to put me on their do-not-call list.
    WHAT HAPPENS NEXT A COMPUTER CALL TODAY telling me saying that they did not have a stop call program11 oh Geez,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Scott

    These people speak fast and imply they are from Equifax – not true. When I started asking questions the agent hung up on me. I already had thir number. I phoned and asked if he checked the Canadian do not call list and he talked over me. They are in Florida and I am looking for a good lawyer that will take a contingency case. The company in Spokane finally went broke when the true nature of their business was revealed.

  • Larry

    Get a coaches whistle and after you get someone on the line to talk to. Blow out their ear drum.

    Maybe that might slow them down some.

  • D

    I’ve received the same call for days now. The first time I asked how they got my number and they hung up. The second day I pushed #1 and asked what process would need to take place in order for them to lower my interest rate? He replied that is a big question and it all depends on my situation where he explained that if I had greater than $4,000 in credit and was younger than 72 then I could lower it under 10%. I then told him I didn’t think I qualified and preceded to ask him so what information do you need in order to lower it? He got very smart with me and became an idiot and started SINGING some song he said he wrote with a buddy, so I told him he should try out for America’s got talent” that perhaps he would fit in there and he hung up. Now, I am continuing to receive these calls daily! WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP THEM???

  • Joleen

    There are a number things that bother me about people like the ones that gripe and moan about these kinds of situations.
    1. They don’t seem to realize that thousands, even millions of people rely on telemarketing jobs for their livelihood; it’s how they pay their bills, feed their children and stay off of welfare. And God knows we need more jobs in this country not less!
    2. The “Do Not Call” legislation is a misguided and short sighted attempt to pacify a few loud whiners in our society. Whiners that are too lazy or stupid to “Just Say NO!”. If someone calls that you don’t want to talk to, how difficult is it to say “No thank you” and hang up the @#@*&#! phone? DUH!!! Common sense says that if you have a phone in your home you are going to get calls and some of them will be calls that you don’t want!! Grow up and deal with it! Do you have elderly loved ones that are not competent to handle their own affairs? Do NOT let them have access to their Credit Cards! This is NOT rocket science folks! Every reputable telemarketing firm in the United States take many measures to ensure that sales to this type of client is avoided. Obviously, 100% success is not possible.
    3. Another thing that really stands out is that not one of you that are screaming SCAM have tried the service! Are you aware of what the word “SCAM” means? It means to “trick someone out of their money, to swindle” It does NOT mean “telemarketing”!!! The people that actually take advantage of these “Interest Rate Reduction Opportunities” are quite happy! Did it ever occur to any of you geniuses that IF it were a SCAM you would have hundreds of people on this website COMPLAINING about their experience with the service and not just the phone calls?! I don’t see even one!
    That being said, I am not assuming that everyone that calls you about lowering your credit card interest rate, or anything else, for that matter, is above board, but that is true of every type of business that is in existence! Anyone ever heard of the Enron scandal? And as you all know there are many, many more examples than I could cite here and these are companies with prestige and trust. Telemarketing is no different than any other business sector.
    The people who post on these kinds of sites are, for the most part, people who are scared to death of their own shadows without a valid personal experience regarding the ACTUAL service itself. The real SCAM artists have them running around and scared to the point that when a genuine opportunity comes knocking they want to shoot the messenger! Sad. The really sad/amusing part is that they think they’re being SO smart, and all they are really accomplishing is missing a real opportunity to pay off their credit card debt a lot sooner!
    I challenge each of you to consider relative business models. YOUR objective is to save as much money as is possible each month, the BANKS job is to make as much money (off of YOU) as is possible each month…how is it that people trust the bank to do what is in their (YOUR) best interest (no pun intended)? I can’t grasp it. These rate reduction companies CANNOT make money unless they save you money because the money they keep is out of the money that you are ALREADY set up to pay back in interest rates to your current lenders. They recover some of this money for you…and they get paid out of the money that you saved. Hmmmm…sounds familiar…is this not what attorney’s tell clients…if you don’t win…you owe us nothing…I do believe it is.
    Let’s assume that you have, oh say, $14,000 in credit card debt spread over 1 card; and that your rate is 17.99% (and this is because a change in terms and not because of a default on your loan/credit card); and that your payment on this card equals approximately $349 (minimum payment). Let’s also assume that you are a responsible person and that you have managed, so far, to pay your payments up-to-date and on time; and also that you have not exceeded 75% of your credit lines (on revolving accounts). This ratio is seen on the credit report as the debt to credit ratio and corresponds to each type of credit. Understand that 30% of your credit score is determined by how much you owe in relation to how much credit has been extended to you. Also that 35% (YES ONLY 35%) is derived from on time payments (this means that on time payments, by themselves, do not mean that you have a good score).
    A reputable “Interest Rate Reduction Program” would be able to reduce your payments because less of the money that is sent in for the payment will be allocated to the interest (finance charges)…meaning that more of the payment will be used toward principal, thereby reducing the amount of the principal balance…and the credit card company will be able to accrue less daily compounded interest because the balance is less. Also the minimum payment is derived from 1% of the balance + finance charges, or 2%, whichever is greater. So a lower rate means a lower payment; not to be confused that the lower payment is still paying the debt off just as, if not more, aggressively.
    Current situation: Debt: $14,000
    Pymt: $349
    Rate: 17.99%
    Debt free date: November 2042
    Total months: 378
    Total Interest: $20,543
    Total Paid: $34,543
    After situation: Debt: $14,000 + fee ($1,495) = $15,495
    Pymt: $349 (keeping the same and constant)
    Rate: 9.99%
    Debt free date: Jan 2016
    Total months: 56
    Total Interest: $3,930
    Total Paid: $19,425
    Total savings: Before-After= total savings $34,543-19,425= $15,118!!!! and you wonder why the banks call these companies scam artists…they are robbing the banks of money that is rightfully YOURS! Silly people.

  • Julie S

    ANSWERS !!!! THESE PEOPLE can get fined up to $16,000 per incident~~The best recourse is to report the number to the FTC. First, register your number on the do not call list at Do Not Call. Once you have been registered for 31 days or more, report each and every call, the date and time of call. It takes 2 minutes to do it. This company uses numbers in many, many area codes. I’ve googled at least 10 or more. All the same scam. I pressed “1” today and talked to the guy today and told him to take me off the list and he said I had to call my bank to request that. THIS IS ILLEGAL, people. According to donotcall.gov, You may file a complaint if you received an unwanted call after your number was on the National Registry for 31 days. You may also file a complaint if you received a call that used a recorded message instead of a live person (whether or not your number was on the Registry). AND I FIND THIS INTERESTING… “A consumer who receives a telemarketing call despite being on the registry will be able to file a complaint with the FTC, either online or by calling a toll-free number. Violators could be fined up to $16,000 per incident. “

  • Julie S

    It is not a legitimate service when they have no street address or way to call THEM. TALK TO THEM YOURSELVES. They hang up if you ask. SCAM SCAM

  • T

    i have been getting many of these calls, some 2 years after others have posted about this exact scam “card member services” press 1.
    capitalism sucks

  • rick

    I with Dennis, where is the government. They should be seizing these idiots accounts and using it to pay off our national debt.

  • April

    I receive at least one of these calls daily, all from different numbers. I did answer once and asked to be removed and was cursed at and hung up on. My answering machine now screens all my calls and it states that any and all unidentified calls will not be accepted. Most of the time the caller hangs up, but I have had recordings of cursing on my answering machine. Each and every call that has a number displayed is being reported to the do not call list, however a lot of the calls say unknown name, unknown number so what recourse do I have?

  • Sam

    I have started pressing 1 and getting them on the line letting them ask questions then tell htem I am just wasting thier time – they get pissed and hang up if everyone does this we can put them out of business. Dont give them any good info.

  • Motherfukker Jones

    They keep calling! Every day!


    I love the fact there are those on here who vilify the scammers saying that they are doing a just service. Goodness gracious. I am sure their parents are proud of them.

    ITS A SCAM. If they were a legitimate company, why would they call multiple times a day and multiple times a week? Becuase they are scammers. If you ask to be taken off the list, why do they still call? Scammers. The only people who can help you lower your interest rates are the credit card companies themselves. Why would these people use fake numbers? SCAM.

    ALl the signs and post should tell yah. These people are up to no good. DONT GIVE ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO THESE CRIMINALS. AS LONG AS THEY SCAM, THEY MAKE MONEY TO STAY IN BUSINESS.

    If you need to lower your credit card rate call your credit card company or seek debt consolidation program thats BBB certified and has a legitimate 1800 number and physical address.


  • Wandaring

    I was wondering if anyone who has received such calls has been participating in any kind of online surveys.
    The reason I ask this is because I also received such a call, but my # is private and unlisted. I received the same scam call less than 24hrs after completing some online surveys. Credit card company don’t know how the scammers even come accross the partial card info. I shred everything with my name on it before throwing it out, so how? IP address?

    This whole thing is just disgusting. About a week ago I received a call promising to lower my interest rate on my credit card. The person already knew my credit card account balance, the interest I was paying as well as my last credit card payment. They also called out the first 8 digits of my card and asked me to call out the last 8 digits for ‘verification purposes’. I didn’t want to, I felt like they should already know this.
    So I was ‘put through’ to an ‘associate’, and it was while I was ‘on hold’ to speak with this other ‘associate’ I hung up.

    The man had a light east-indian accent, he gave me a phone# where he could be reached. Said he was from LTA-Lindquist Tax and Accounting.
    Of course the phone# he gave(214#) as well as the # appearing on my phone( a 1-877#), were both invalid.

    They called back at least 8 times within the space of 1 hr, and then a couple more times after that, but I never picked up.
    One message was left asking me what had happenened, in this pathetic desperate voice.
    So after I hung up I notified my credit card, cancelled and called my local anti-fraud orginaztion, had identity on watch alert, because before I realized it was a definate scam I had confirmed my name, address and DOB.

    I honestly don’t know how these ‘people’ can even stomach themselves, doing what they do. They are pure scum, and may they all loose double-fold of what they took or tried to take in all aspects of their lives.

  • Roger White

    You would not give your house or car keys to someone to copy, so why do the same with your credit card details?
    I think it is owning the card that makes people believe that it is safe to give the numbers on it away but at the end of the day, just like cash or your wallet, you really should not give it away just because someone requested it.

  • Nell

    I just got another call from them, I finally listened to the entire thing, pressed 1 and asked them politely to remove me from their list, before I could finish my polite sentence, the guy hung up on me.

  • Susan

    I get these calls from two different numbers multiple times per day on my cell phone. I usually hang up but twice I have asked them to remove my name from their call list and both times they hang up. I need my cell phone for work but these scam calls are driving me nuts. I have my cell number on the do not call list.

  • chipmunk905

    I got a call this morning from Credit Card Services and I pressed 1 to tell them to take my phone number off their list and the girl hung up on me. I then proceeded to call Verizon. They have a department for such things, so I told the woman about the call, and she told me there is nothing they can do about it. She said it was a scam and DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE, because if you do they will keep calling. I get 2 or 3 calls like this a week. In the future I will do as she advised.

  • Customer

    Call from anonymous (201) 267-5646. Online research reveals complaints about this and similar. Automated. Phishing scam. Female voice: “About your credit card account…Lower your interest rate…Last Chance…” Violates several laws. Fake company. Do not answer, do not reply, do not push a button to talk or be “removed from list” — it is an infamous trick. Never provide info. Search other reports and complaints online, confirm widespread telephone Phishing attacks. GoogleMap the area. Contact relevant enforcement authorities and their phone provider. Contact local TV News consumer help reporters & give them the story. Get on TV! There are also websites where you can report scams and ripoffs, make consumer complaints. EZ to find, and do. If you can not Block these crooks from calling your cell phone — as most customers can not — try assigning a personalized Ringtone to the incoming phone #, just choose the most quiet & non-annoying ring or alert. Keep a log of these thugs for future police, FBI, FTC and other actions.

  • Curt G.

    I’ve been getting this call for about two weeks now, always from area code 720. Today I finally took the call and listened to the voice msg. Although I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to avoiding fraud, I pressed the #1 key anyway and immediately regretted it when no one ever picked up and I was cut off. I speculated, at first, that by letting the phone ring till disconnect as I did, that it was like giving some super computer permission to extract data from my phone. I immediately called the number back and got a “voice mailbox is full” msg which only heightened my anxiety. I’m glad that I found this thread and know that just pressing the numb 1 key didn’t compromise my personal info. Still, I agree with other posters here, something needs to be done.

  • T

    I pressed “1” because I wanted them to stop calling my mobile number. When I asked who she worked for, she said Visa and Mastercard, and when I pressed for more identification, she hung up. Now that I see they are not legit, I’m sad that I can’t make them stop calling.

  • Lori

    I keep getting these darn calls i have contacted the attourney general I am keeping a record of the numbers and date and time. I will continue to give this info to the attourney general. 512-*247-8202 971-217-9515 253-246-8570 i told the lady i turned them into the attourney general and she said wow I am sooo scared and hung up

  • Mike

    Here’s a novel idea. Call your credit card company yourself and lower your own interest rate for free. Why pay a middle man to do it for you?

  • jskruse

    Thanks for blogging this under cardmember services. I have been receiving the same calls and today decided to “press one”. I told the lady that I felt uncomfortable releasing the information and she told me that I was protected under some consumer organization. I asked her for the website so that I could read up more on her company. She said she didn’t know it but the financial advisor could give it to me. But before I spoke to the financial advisor, she had to check to see if I was eligible for the low interest offer…Therefore I would have to provide her with confidential information…Asked her again for the website, and she said she didn’t have it and that she couldn’t take the time to look it up because they were swamped with calls from those that actually wanted to lower their interest rate. WHAT A SCAM!

  • Lindsey in Arizona

    Like with most if not all of you, I to, have had similar negative experiences with these calls from this “company”. I’ve added them as a contact in my phone and just continue to add their numbers to the existing contact every time I receive a call(all are different numbers). I’ve gathered the contact information for Arizona Attorney General’s Crime, Fraud & Victim Resource Center also. I hope this is of some use to you, I will also repost my comment to other sites that are trying to address this issue as well. Thanks!

    “Card Member Services”:

    Arizona Attorney General(Tom Horne):
    -Office line: 602-542-5025
    -Crime, Fraud & Victim Resource line:
    602-542-2123 (Phoenix Office)

  • Bob

    I would not be surprised that some of the posts defending these scams are from the scammers themselves. DO NOT respond in any way other than filing a complaint with the National Do Not Call Center. The number that called today is 503-902-8477.

  • I never answer calls from an unfamiliar number or area code, unless they’re expected. If someone wants to get hold of me badly enough, they can leave a message. They never do.

    We no longer have a land line but when we did, we would just let everything go straight to voicemail. Genuine callers were aware that we were screening and knew to either call us on our cells, or wait for the machine to kick in and alert us to who they were so that we would pick up.

    The junk and scam callers give up eventually, though it can take time.

  • barb

    I just got one of these annoying calls about 15 min. ago. Pressed one and when the girl answered I asked very politely if she could do me a big favor….she hung up on me. That is what I usually do when the call comes in. That by the way was the second call today!

  • Chris in Calgary

    I’ve tried almost everything to get these credit card scammers to stop calling.
    I’ve pressed 9 to go on the do not call list and they still phone every single day.
    I’ve tried pressing 1 to speak to a representative and then I don’t respond hoping they’ll get mad and not call anymore. But they hang up as soon as you don’t answer them (usually within 2 seconds).
    I’ve tried pressing 1 and telling them to stop calling. But as soon as they know you’re not interested, they just hang up.
    What I’d like to do is find out where their office is, fly there and beat the living crap out of the head of the company. In fact, if you could find out where it is, wouldn’t it be fun to organize a multitude of people to storm their office and completely tear it apart and beat the hell out of anyone in there that got in the way? Now that would be sweet justice. Oh it’s nice to dream!
    At any rate, my next effort is to be a time waster. The only thing these people hate more than not being able to close the deal is someone who purposely wastes their time and keeps them from talking to someone they could actually scam. I will waste their time on every instance they call in hopes that they will come to know that my number will keep them from making money.
    And if anyone wants to organize that march on their headquarters, let me know. I’d waste a couple vacation days for that kind of fun.

  • D. Raymond

    I am constantly getting these calls. Multiple times a day from
    (303) 249-9700 in Denver, CO and (785) 207-6317
    Topeka, KS. I am so sick of this and they are rude too!

  • Diana

    I have also received many of these calls over the past month. The last one was 10 minutes ago. I have also pressed ‘1’ and told them to stop calling me because I am on the no call list. I have had a 0% for the last 8 years and haven’t paid a bit of finance charge since. I don’t know if this is a scam or not, but if I wanted to do something about any interest rate I may have, I am certainly intelligent enough to find a solution on my own…

  • Kathy

    You are lucky, I was threatened with murder and threatened to be sexually assaulted by the man that I talked to. He got angry when I asked them to take me off their calling list or I would report them. I have been getting these calls for over a month now.

  • Kathy

    BTW, Joleen is obviously a part of the scam.

  • BS1500

    I pressed “1” and a guy answered with “How can I lower your interest rate?” I asked for the name of his company and he said “Go Fuck Yourself Incorparated” Where’s the Goverment to protect us from this ABUSE?

  • Em

    I’ve been getting these calls for a long time and I decided to have fun with these Bozos. When they ask me for any personal information, I in turn ask them for their personal information, which always ends up with them hanging up on me. They get the point.

  • twrakes

    received call from card members services. Know it’s scam so i always press 1 and when live person come on asking if i want to lower interest rate. I say yes.. when she or he ask for credit card number, I tell the person this call is being recorded. and they no problem. always they hand up. they do get . never let them off so easy.. tell to hold on and never come back or inform you are recording for legal purposes to be turned over to . the attorney general for telmarketing. tw

  • Deb

    I have had these for months and today I told the guy on the telephone that I didn’t want their service and that jerk starting screaming at me to ‘Enjoy my high interest rates’ Blocking the number is no help-they have too many. Now if I don’t know who is calling I don’t answer. And I block all out of my state calls.

  • km

    Next time they call, we should all come up with some bogus names, acct numbers, etc and let them spend their time trying to figure that out.

  • JSR

    I asked them what their company name was, he said “Cardmember Services”. I asked their address, he said, Atlanta, Georgia. When I asked for the street address, he said he is “not allowed” to tell me.” I told him what he was doing was against the law and he hung up on me. I am WORRIED about elderly people getting taken in on this!!!!!

  • Brad

    I just received the call and I asked what company they represented after pressing “1”. All the man would say was “card member services” and he then asked if I wanted to lower my interest rates. When I told him I actually just wanted to be removed from his calling list, he immediately hung up on me.

  • Glostersomerset

    Thought is was a scam, but went along with it anyway. Want to lower your interest rates which are now 22% or higher due to no fault of my own. Someone with 750 credit score. Verified my name ect. Got to the supervisor where he explained there wouldn’t be any out of pocket costs, but there would be a one time fee assessed to one of my credit cards. Ah! Hello. No cost to me? SCAM!!

  • STM

    My most recent call:

    Woman with an Indian accent: “Hello, Mr ******?”


    “I’m from the Australian Banking Association [what, have they moved to Delhi???], are you happy with your bank and your interest rate?”

    “Yes, I am,” I said. “What about you, are you happy with yours?”

    At which point she thanked me and hung up.

    Almost as good as the ones from India last year and the year before, who rang at least once a month, telling me they were from Windows Global Computer Services, and my computer was spreading viruses all over the internet and would totally crash within a day or two, thus rendering my computer useless. Of course, then they wanted to access it remotely so they could “clean it” for me – for a fee. Such kindness.

    Right – I’m going to let some bloke from India remotely access my computer – and pay them for it as well AND give them a credit number. Don’t think so, but I can’t help feeling some people fall for these scams or they wouldn’t be putting so much time, effort and money into it.

    Usually I just said “bullshit” and hung up, but on the last call I played along. I did stuff to keep the guy waiting, like went to the kitchen and made a coffee, went out on the verandah and had a smoke, went to the bathroom, and eventually got to the point where the guy wanted access the computer.

    It was then that I told him that I’d love to use his service, but unfortunately I didn’t have a computer.

    To say he wasn’t a happy chappy would be an understatement, but I never got another call frfom these fuckwits.

    And don’t think they’re just innocent call-centre workers recruited by criminal business enterprises. These are big, well staffed businesses that feed off the wealth of those of us lucky to live in first-world developed nations. I guess they think we won’t miss the money.

    But they all speak pretty good English and they all know that what they are doing is a scam that will hurt people.

    And they don’t care.

    So don’t give ’em the time of day.

    Also, I hope the Indian government realises how much damage this kind of thing is doing to the country’s reputation – and especially to its call centres, which depend on business from countries like the US and Australia.

    Recently, a number of companies I do business with have switched to call centres in the Philippines, from where you can a) understand the operators perfectly and b) feel like they actually care about what they are doing.

    I really hope the Indian authrorities move to crack down on the call-centre scammers, and soon, before they start to lose zillions in foreign revenue because of the widely held belief in the west that there’s a corruption factor, whether that’s real or perceived.

  • Jim

    Hello, I received a phone call offer for the same credit card scam. I asked the caller to take my name off their calling list and to stop calling. The male, French accent, swore at me. What the heck I thought and asked for his manager, of course there wasn’t one. He began yelling into the phone and then uttered treats against me, my family, and home with disgusting language.

    I called the RCMP and they could do nothing as this is a hijacked number from a discontinued cell phone account. There were other complaints filed prior to my call. However, because of the threats the complaint was to be escalated for further pursuit with new technology. We shall see.

  • Jim

    Further to my comment 118.

    If you get this call again and have access to a cell try and keep them on the home phone and call the police emergency and inform them of any perceived threat. The officer will direct you but keep them online so they can try a trace. Long enough and they can narrow the location and may be able to act.

  • Scott

    Just off phone – same SCAM – want to lower my interest rates – when I asked to speak to supervisor he said the next person would be the credit card companies… LOL He would not give me a call back number and the caller ID is NOT a working number…

  • Fed Up

    This is to (linda) ,post something after you have had a phone call like the one I just had. The man( Indian) told me my credit report was very good and I could lower my rates and I said to remove my number and he said He needed more info from me and I of course refused to give it. He then said he could not help me and to enjoy getting calls for the rest of my life….. Ok, now tell me it legit. I then ask to speak to a supervisor and he refused to put one on, I was call a whore and that was only the beginning of a five minute yelling match and he wouldn’t stop.

  • Harley

    The FCC rep told me not to press any number; but to press # 3 or 4 times and hang up. It will take several calls, but you will get removed from the scammers list that way.

  • Anne Bright

    I have been getting these calls for years and have tried pretending I had a stroke, that I was nuts, that I was ill, that I was a lawyer taking care of things as I had DIED, every kind of idiot I could think of being. Finally I said that the State Police had a tap on my phone and they hang up, BUT THEY KEEP CALLING ME, SOMETIMES SEVERAL TIMES A DAY. This article lets me know there is NO hope for getting rid of these scammers because Caller ID is useless and I do some shopping on line. I do NOT have an unlisted land line number because I am in animal rescue and WANT the calls from the people who need help with their pets or stray cats or dogs. I do NOT like cell phones, and want my land line. Guess I am SOL! However, I have known from the beginning they were scammers and they will never take me in!

  • Tony

    Why doesn’t the govt just make it mandatory that phone service providers both from the initiating end and the recieving end have technology that shows the actual # that the call is being made from? If it doesn’t come through properly then the call is dennied

  • honeybee

    Ok, so this is a scam, I had that figured out months ago when the calls began. How do we get them to STOP calling? I am getting tired of running to the phone thinking it is someone important….friend, child, etc and it’s these creeps. I’ve reported them to the Do Not Call List and to the FCC but it doesn’t seem like anything gets done. All they do is use a different phone number the next time they bother me. What does one do?

  • Funky Zero

    Folks, If you get these calls, they will always be the same. “Press x to lower your interest rates”.
    Personally, I always press 1 and immediately start cursing, swearing and yelling racial slurs as quickly as I can. It is my job to make them wish they hadn’t called me. I suggest each and every one of you adopt the same method. You are NOT making a mistake, these ARE scammers every single time. sure they will sound sweet when they pickup, but they are thieves, their goal is to STEAL from you. TEAR THEM APART.
    PS: I also always keep one of those compressed air party horns beside the phone and let em have it once in a while (I get 3-5 calls per day form these SOB’s)

  • charles underwood

    I have been getting calls for over three
    years offering me to decrease by interest.
    Although I have been pushing #3 to get
    them to stop calling, they keep on
    calling. From reading the other posts, I
    think I will give them information from
    closed cards.

  • Sherry

    I got this call today and the guy on the phone who was very very ignorant and racist called me the N word. Like that offends me. I told him God Bless you I hope you feel better and go ahead say it one more time. Then I kindly started laughing and stated Don’t call me again for I am not your mother.

  • Marcel

    I also received (and continue to receive) the same telephone call stating that I qualify for lower interest rates on my credit cards. When I asked the guy which bank he works for, he replied all of them. I which I had the ability to get back at these people with the same scam. Send them a virus to whip out there system. It was obviously an elaborate scan since there was many people in the back ground (on other phone calls) doing the same thing.

  • Tracie king

    If you pushed “1” does that alone give them access to something?? I did and the call simply disconnected. Should I be worried and if so what can I do??

  • AgentLobo

    Just press 1 then start calling them “niggers” it gets the job done. It’s mostly African American people on the other end. Then, if you have a smart phone? Just put it on the reject list. It stops for about a week. Or you can threaten them with a bomb in the building. That tends to always work in the movies. The point is to stop getting these calls. I’ll be asking for a supervisor next time right off the bat. I’ll be saying that my cards haven’t gone down and I’ve been waiting. So that I can cuss one of the top people out. That should be fun.