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Teens spending less $$$

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Teenagers, long the mainstay of music purchases, are spent less money on music in 2003.

Music sales to teens between the ages of 13 and 17 declined last year by 15 percent, due in part to increased online file-sharing and competition from other entertainment, research group NPD said on Tuesday. The age group usually accounts for about 15 percent of music sales in dollars, according to Port Washington, New York-based NPD, which found that video games software unit sales to the same age group rose 12 percent in 2003 as music sales were falling.

NPD said its data also suggested that the new releases of 2003 were not as appealing to young consumers as in 2002.

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  • OF COURSE they had to throw in there “due in part to increased online file-sharing”

    Idiots. That age group has LONG been the biggest “piraters”, with cassettes LONG before file-sharing even existed. The simple fact is they don’t HAVE large disposable incomes to spend.

  • oh, and lest they forget, those “piraters” (such as me…) tend to become lifelong music fans and when they DO have the disposable incomes (such as me…), they become the future customer-base to perpetuate this sham of an industry.