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Teen Choice Awards Recognizes Teens Who Make A Difference

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The Teen Choice Awards are just around the corner, coming to your TV screen August 4th at 8PM on FOX. Hosted by teen superstar Miley Cyrus, stars like Taylor Swift (famous for country songs like “Our Song” and “Teardrops on My Guitar) and Ben Barnes (Narnia hottie, who plays Prince Caspian) are up for awards. Additionally this year, the Teen Choice Awards is giving out $100,000 to a teen who makes a difference in today’s world.

The nominees are:

Chad Bullock: This 19-year-old from North Carolina is fighting tobacco one butt at a time. After losing family members to lung cancer, Chad got involved in anti-tobacco activism. He works in politics (convincing the attorney general to take action against tobacco ads aimed at kids), with corporations, and with 15,000 peers. He even turned the Durham Bulls Arena into a smoke-free facility.

Caitlin Cohen: She’s involved with the Mali Health Organizing Project. Even though she’s only 22, she’s helped 60,000 people get the education and medical attention they deserve in Mali by talking to the Mali government.

Kathryn Cunningham: This Pennsylvania girl actually volunteered at a hospital in Gambia. She helped perform an emergency medical procedure by candlelight. She became active in helping the people in Gambia after seeing a newborn die due to the lack of electricity. Her company, Power Up Gambia, provides solar panels to Gambia.

Kjerstin Erickson: Kjerstin saw the impact of war first hand when she traveled to Botswana. Her heart breaking, she decided to take action. Her project, FORGE, has helped over 60,000 refugees in over 60 communities in five different countries.

Dallas Jessup: This Tae Kwon Do black belt may only be 16, but she’s a lot more powerful than her petite figure. After multiple attacks in her neighborhood, she taught teens how to defend themselves. Her video has been distributed 750,000 times.

Pat Pedraja: Our younger contestant, 13, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 10. Being in a minority, there were no donors in the National Marrow Donor Program Registry that matched him. He watched many other people die due to the lack of donors. Pat drove cross-country (32 cities) with his mom to get attention to this problem. He raised $140,000 and added 7,000 donors. Pretty impressive at 13.

Zander Srodes: Being a Florida boy, Zander watched endangered sea turtles mate every year, but the numbers were going down. He wanted to set an example for the younger generation, so he made over 100,000 activity books for kids in elementary school. It’s in four languages and completely free.

Adam Sterling: It is well known that there is a genocide in Sudan right now. Adam has an ancestry of genocide victims and couldn’t stand the idea of a genocide. He encourages companies to stop investing in Sudan, and nine of them have. He hopes the economic pressure will stop the genocide. The president signed a bill that he drafted and lobbied. Adam is now mentioned in the documentary “Darfur Now.”

Daniel Zoughbie: Daniel lost his grandmother due to diabetes. The hospital she was at in Palestine didn’t have the technology to help her. Remembering her, he started the Global Micro-Clinic to help the poor people in the Middle East. There are now 70 micro-clinics. He has invested $700,000 dollars in this project.

Be sure to visit DoSomething, a site that celebrates teens making a difference. Be sure to watch for the Teen Choice winner on August 4th. You can vote everyday. I personally like Adam Sterling, but my money’s on Pat Pedraja to win. Regardless of who wins, the $100,000 will go a long way.

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  • Thanks, Maddy. What a contrast to the baby makers in Gloucester, and the Spears Disaster.

  • kia melhor

    OMG! So Taylor was supposed to be in the TCA ’08?! and it’s all because of you, Joe Jonas, that she didn’t attend CUZ U BROKE HER HEART! phone call?! COWARD! You should have been the one who bailed! I mean, come on, that Ask The Jonas Brothers portion was sooo, i don’t know?, CORNY?! blech!

    btw, ppl here in the Philippines love you sooo much Taylor! when will you come visit us here?… looking forward to watching one of your concerts here! ^0^

  • mary althene

    well, it says above the comment box “…speak your mind”. so, i’m just gonna let it out and speak my mind…

    In very close connection to TCA (haha!), What’s Taylor’s say about The Jonas Brothers, well, that includes Joe Jonas of course — her ex-boyfriend whom the whole world knows broke her heart with a stupid phone call?! SHE DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THAT YOU COWARD!, (well, that’s why they call you coward COWARD!) and eventually made her write songs about him which i think is NOT THAT WORTHY to write songs about?!, but what can i say?, she truly writes her own songs based on life experiences and that’s makes me and people around the whole music-loving world love her — being the hosts of the Teens Choice Awards 2009? ‘Cause I just know Taylor’s gonna be there, right? She must! Right? I mean, she sure deserves an award like the TCA’s!

    Speaking of the TCA ‘09, when’s the voting going to start ’cause i just visited their website and it’s not yet available.

    oh, i just wanna vote for Taylor already!

    I don’t have anything against the other two JBros alright inspite of the things i hear too about them. In my opinion, Kevin’s a gentleman and Nick’s sooo wholesome. They’re both down-to-earth guys unlike the OTHER one as far as I can tell..


    …and talking about “things i hear too about THEM” (referring to the other Jonases). They may be
    but look who they really are. Heartbreakers as what others must say. I mean how can you hurt a girl and dump her over the phone? first he gives taylor romance, making taylor feeling like she is his number one and the specialest’s girl in the world. That is in one min. But the next min. He just dumps her and breaks her heart OVER THE PHONE?>>???
    you don’t just do that to a girl. It’s a good thing Tay’s strong and in her defense mechanism, she pours it out on writing songs. Good for you girl!. (“,)
    As what i’ve heard, Nick J probabley dated Miley for famousy. Look, now his brothers and him are famous. number 1 on billboard chart, their album comes out the first day and probabley one million girls stands at the music store to buy them. He just dumps Miley and inspires Miley to write 7 things. well I wish one day, the jonas brothers cal all deeply get their hearts brocken. You just wait, Nick and Selena Gomez probably will breakup soon too.


    and about that rumour of Taylor dating Lucas Till…

    really?.. ’cause i think he’s a nice guy (but that’s just for now as far as i know).. not like the other guy who HE-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED.. no, just kidding (just can’t wait to see HP and the Half Blood Prince).. okay. just trying to type up his name makes me wanna throw up.. really, you know who i’m talking about, right?! yeah, him.. okay, enough of him..
    it’s Tay we’re talking about.. I REALLY LOVE HER SO PLS STOP BREAKING HER HEART even though it means having to write another chart-topping song.. REALLY

  • ricki -louise gray

    i think miley cyrus is the best in the whole intire world luv u

  • lucichristifer

    dallas jessup is sorely responsible for my daughters death. she was beaten and raped by thugs bragging of what they learned from dallas. the end of her life can only happen sooner. maybe she can teach us of immortality, or change the disturbed minds of all individuals in america. instead of teaching them the ways of the taliban!!

  • ricki-louise gray

    miley cyrus has made a change in the world a better place she is a brillant actor a fantastic singer and she a bit of a comedian i love milry cyrus she my fave female actor /singer i just hope one day i will have the opp to meet her she is a very talented girl and she beautiful nobody perfect not even miley but she perfect to me

  • ricki-louise gray

    miley cyrus has made a amazing start to life she will be going far in the future