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The main way to ensure that a blogger's blog makes into Technorati's index, thereby increasing traffic to the site, is to make sure to use Technorati's Ping service.

Utilizing Technorati Ping is very simple. There are several ways to go through the process, dependent on how involved a blogger wants to be in making sure their blog is in Technorati. One way is to simply enter a URL into the box as labeled and press enter. This will help start the process of seeing and entering the blog into the index. Another way is to become a member of Technorati and personally claim a blog that the user owns. This will help bump up the blog in the queue, essentially making it a VIP, and helping it get into Technorati's index faster.

Also, if a blogger is a member of Technorati, they can configure their software to use Technorati Ping's automatic service. More information on configuration settings can be found here.

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