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Technorati Connects Bloggers With More Than 440 Newspapers Via AP Partnership

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Technorati and AP finalized a deal this morning that will give bloggers direct access to more than 440 AP newspapers located around the country. Peter Hirshberg reports via the official Technorati blog:

Several months ago we and The Associated Press began to talk about how citizen-generated media could enhance the AP in their mission to be “the essential global news network.” Increasingly, what the blogosphere says about a news story becomes part of a more complete story, lending diverse perspectives and often expert commentary. The AP believed it was increasingly important to deliver the living blogosphere as a compliment to their core professional news product.

Hirshberg says that the new “product” created by this joint venture between AP and Technorati will provide bloggers a voice from trusted newspapers across the nation. He also said it would provide many newspaper readers with their first experience with the blogosphere.

Readers who visit an AP member website using AP Hosted Custom News will also see the ”Five Most Blogged About” AP articles next to the article’s text, provided by Technorati. When readers read the article, they will be able to see who is blogging about that article as a result of Technorati’s blog search being integrated into the AP article.

Currently, bloggers who share commentary about an AP article can get mentioned in the module by linking to the AP story’s URL. Newsweek and the Washington Post, among other news publications also offer this feature. Technorati’s new AP partnership takes that a step further.

“We’re delighted to be working with the AP and thrilled that blogger voices will now be heard in several hundred local on-line news organizations across the USA,” Hirshberg said.

What will be the social outcome of this new business partnership? Hirshberg’s response was not one uncommon for a blogger.

“I believe that this is a deep validation of the power of citizen media and how each person is gaining more power – power to have their opinions and thoughts heard, in a truly democratic process.”

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  • This does seem like a good opportunity for other voices to be heard alongside of the newspapers. My concern is that we may become an extension of them, rather than continue and keep our unique voices.

    The comments that the “joint venture between AP and Technorati will provide bloggers a voice from trusted newspapers across the nation” reveals some of that superior attitude that we are already tired of.

    Hopefully this will end up being a positive thing and not an invitation to sell out.

  • Thanks for the link, Gary.

    Personally, I think the move will give bloggers an even easier way to access information to blog about, as well as bring more traffic to bloggers’ blogs.

    It also makes AP more relevant as a wire service, especially due to the shrinking readership of daily newspapers and the growing readership of blogs.

    I think it’s a win/win/win for Technorati, AP and the blogosphere.

  • Back in 1995 in journalism school I knew that eventually ordinary folks around the world would be essential to the survival of the jouranlism profession and industry.

    I think Technorati is one of the great sites out there. I hope more people use it.

  • Coco

    Congrats on reaching 5 years!