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Former Labour cabinet minister Tony Benn and MC/producer Charles Bailey are releasing a collection of his speeches set to hiphop. The album, inspired by
an anti-war speech given by Mr Benn at Hyde Park, is almost finished and
will be released at the end of the summer.

Benn said: “We need to connect the people to the political process -otherwise democracy itself will be at risk. I have made hundreds and hundreds of speeches in my life in the House of Commons that my constituents have never heard.”

Bailey said: “Tony Benn touched me with his speech about the Iraq War in

Hyde Park – and Iwanted to meet him and do something with him. I am trying
to make politics interesting for people who don’t usually vote. I want to
make politics sexy – that’s what I am into.”

Mr Benn said: “He is a talented producer and has a good record in making videos about black people joining the police and gun crime and voting in the
referendum – if it gets through to people that is what it is all about. Welive in a dangerous world and if we don’t talk things out we are going to be

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