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Tech Tip Tuesday: Secure Your Wireless Router (Part 2)

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This weekly three-part series will provide tips ranging from the very basic to just slightly less basic. This series will be broken down into the following:

Let’s get on with the part 2 of 3.

Question: How can I remove my router from the Available Wireless Networks list to ensure my neighbors aren’t stealing my Internet connection?

Answer: Follow these simple steps and you’ll be another step closer to locking down your router.

  1. Open your router’s configuration web page. The URL for this varies across router vendors, so if the first one doesn’t work, try the others or look up this information in your router’s manual (if none of these work, feel free to post a comment and I will try to help as best I can).
  2. Enter your router’s username and password in the login screen as seen below. Again, the username and password varies by router, so either look this up in your router manual or try one of the options below:
    • Usernames: admin, root, or leave blank
    • Passwords: admin or leave blank
    • router login.gif
  3. After you’re logged in to your router’s configuration web page, it’s time to make your router invisible.
  4. Navigate to the Wireless area.
  5. Select the Disable SSID Broadcast button shown below:router ssid.gif
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. That’s it!
  8. To ensure you can still connect to your network, go to your wireless network settings on your PC, and ensure you router’s SSID appears in the list of networks. If not, simply add it and you’re on your way.

DISCLAIMER: The author in no way takes responsibility for damage done to your router. If for some reason your router ceases to stop working, find the Reset button on the router and push it in with a pin for 10 seconds. That should reset your router to its factory settings.

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  • irv

    um, i’m sending this on what i can only assume is my neighbor’s internet connection, sitting out in the backyard and not having a connection myself, so my question is, is there anything i need to do to protect myself from whoever’s connection it is and anyone else who may be glomming off of it?

  • If you plan to continue sharing someone else’s connection, I wouldn’t view sensitive information such as logging in to your bank account. Feel free to though if you feel the owner’s of the connection you’re sharing are not computer savvy.

    The best answer is to buy your own router and secure it that way. It gives you control of the security and cuts down on the avenue of people snooping on a shared connection. Enjoy!

  • Nada Cagle

    Thanks a lot for the tips for securing the router!

    It’s amazing the lack of info. that comes with the router. I was pleasantly surprised to find your info. on my first Google attempt for info. on securing the Linksys wireless router.

    Much appreciated!