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Tech Tip Tuesday: Controlling iTunes From Your Toolbar

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This week's edition of Tech Tip Tuesday focuses on iTunes functionality. Wouldn't it be nice to control iTunes while multi-tasking in other applications? Do you find it annoying to constantly switch back and forth from applications you currently have open such as Microsoft Word to simply change the song currently playing? If so, this tip is for you. I personally use this functionality and love it (in fact, I'm actually using it as I write this article.

And now for this edition of Tech Tip Tuesday:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Right-click the taskbar at the bottom and choose Toolbars -> iTunesitunestoolbar.gif
  3. Click the Minimize Icon in the upper right corner of iTunesitunesminimize.gif
  4. You can now control iTunes while running other applications!itunestoolbarshown.gif
  5. To show iTunes again, click the Maximize iTunes button on the toolbar
  6. TROUBLESHOOTING: If the toolbar does not appear after minimizing iTunes, please follow these steps:
    1. While iTunes is open, choose Edit -> Preferences from the menu
    2. Click the Advanced tab as shown in the image below:itunesadvanced.gif
    3. Ensure the Minimize iTunes window to system tray is unchecked as shown in the image below:itunestray.gif
    4. Click OK
    5. That's it! You should now be able to minimize iTunes to the system tray

If you are experiencing any other issues with this, feel free to leave a Comment and I will be happy to help. Enjoy!

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  • Mark Hemeon

    Your steps to make the Itunes toolbar work again were right on the money, thanks so much!

  • Anna

    hey, the only problem with mine is that when i go under toolbars it won’t let me check iTunes. Everything else i can check except iTunes 🙁 is there any way you can help? 🙂

  • Paul Marshall

    When minimizing iTunes to the toolbar, the controls on it do not work, none of them. The volume slider can move up and down but doesn’t make any difference. It was working previous to this, and only developed after downloading the iTunes update (7.0.2??)