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Tech Tip: Google Toolbar Autolinking

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For those of you who don’t know what this is, Tech Tip Tuesday will be a recurring feature that will attempt to uncover, explain, and make technology enhance and simplify your everyday lives. (Wow, is that bold… did I just write that?) For you smart ones out there, these posts will happen on Tuesdays.

And now for the common folks' first Tech Tip Tuesday: Google toolbar autolinking.

An enormous number of Internet users use Google’s toolbar for either Internet Explorer or Firefox, but many users have yet to unleash its full potential. Yes, the toolbar blocks pop ups, but it also does so much more. One feature I’d like to highlight and explain is AutoLink.

After clicking the AutoLink google_autolink.gif button, the Google toolbar will scan the web page currently open for certain kinds of text such as an address or an ISBN # for books or a

Fedex or UPS tracking #. If AutoLink finds some special text, it will highlight the text and turn it into a hyperlink that you can click.

Rather than copy/pasting text like this into Amazon.com or Google Maps, simply click the newly highlighted link and off you go. Simple!

Now for an example.

If you don’t have the toolbar already, download the Google toolbar here.

  1. After the toolbar is installed, go to a webpage that has an address or an ISBN # or a Fedex or UPS tracking #.
  2. Once on that site, click the AutoLink google_autolink.gif button.
  3. If Google finds the special text, it will highlight it like this: lehigh address.gif
  4. To open the address, for example, simply click the highlighted link and Google Maps will open.

That’s it! Please leave me comments if any of this is unclear and I would be happy to clarify.

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  • For you smart ones out there, these posts will happen on Tuesdays.

    Today is Monday. You know, for all you smart ones…

  • Which clearly doesn’t include the editor who published this a day early (slinks away looking decidedly sheepish)…

  • This is the editor…apologies for the early post. This was last week’s edition of Tech Tip Tuesday. It will be on time next week.

  • Actually, Brian, I’m the editor. I just published this piece, and I’m assuming it was meant to go up tomorrow. I was a bit embarrassed about having jumped the gun (or being unaware of which day of the week it is).

    In any case, no harm, no foul. We’ll get it on a regular schedule next week.

  • Thanks Lisa for the clarification (I’m the author not the editor of course 🙂