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Tech Review: The LG Xenon

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My old phone has been a piece of junk lately. It blacked out during important calls. It could charge overnight and yet still die before classes ended for the day. It took over a minute to send one text message. Despite wanting to enjoy not being bound into another two-year contract with AT&T (mine would've ended in November), they offered a good discount on a new phone so I went for it. I picked an LG Xenon over a couple of other phones for the following reasons.

First, I've actually been eyeing the iPhone for some time, but I'm a poor college student who can't just dish out $400 for a phone. At just $20, this new phone is a great alternative. It offers unlimited Internet access to any site. I can check my Facebook, my OU email, and YouTube videos as if I watched them from the computer itself. It gives me the option of watching music videos either horizontally or vertically, and both have decent clarity. The volume can get pretty loud, even worthy of random stares from strangers around me. Then I turn it up louder. [Just kidding.]

The ringtones come from the same AT&T site as my other phone's, but after downloading them they sound much clearer. And again, I can get them so loud it brings stares.

Speaking of audio, it's also an MP3 player. Full-length songs can be downloaded from the Internet (from the phone) and listened to with the headphones included. A plus that the LG also brings is that it's not Apple, so music is not restricted to coming from just one Web site. You can pay for each song, have a monthly subscription, or free (legally) depending on what site you get them from. There's also a way to transfer songs from an iPod or MP3 player onto the phone. Go to an AT&T store for more details.

The phone also has room for a memory card (my old phone didn't, so I'm excited). It makes it very convenient to upload pictures to the Internet for Facebook, MySpace, or even to send to friends and family via email.

I became very confused with a button called TV on it, so being curious, I pressed it. Apparently, for $15 a month, I can watch as much TV as I want. I'm busy, so I haven't signed up yet. I'm a huge fan of House but am never home, so being able to watch it anytime, anywhere would be amazing. The channels offered are PREVU, CBS, Fox, NBC, MSNBC, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV, Nickelodeon, CNBC, FNC, CNN, CRKL (which plays Ghostbusters 2 at this very moment), and FLOTV.

The speaker phone is super amazing. Whenever I tried to use it on my old phone, being a RAZR, I would always fear the flap closing, making it hang up. It also had static to the point that nobody could hear me even before it had technical issues. It was hard to hear it on speaker, too. If I needed to press buttons, I still needed to have the phone pressed up to my ear to hear those instructions. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a speaker phone. On my new phone, it automatically locks after so long so nothing disturbs it or hangs it up on accident. It's so easy to find, I can still keep my eyes on the road. The buttons are big, making code entering easy. If I don't need to enter codes, I can hear the speaker and vice-versa (unless the radio's on) so leaving it on the seat made the call easy and safe.

I love the phone. It's perfect for tech lovers old and young, budget or no budget. I don't regret passing on an iPhone after all.

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