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Tech Review: Griffin TuneBuds for iPod Nano

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Lanyards for the iPod Nano make me look stupid. This may or may not be the case with you but it's fair to say the look isn't for everyone. Wearing the Nano out there for all to see makes me feel like people are looking at me and judging my music collection. What if they can seen my secret collection of vintage Madonna or my unhealthy fascination with all things BadBoy? My image of being on the cutting edge of music would be ruined. 

Whether or not you find the lanyard accessories for the Nano fashionable there is no denying their usefulness. While Griffin's new TuneBuds for the Nano are simple (there's really not too much you can do with headphones), the quality is there and that's enough for me to hide it under my shirt.

The lanyard connects to your Nano with the dock connector providing a firm connection that makes you feel confident with your tiny Nano hanging around your neck. Where the TuneBuds excel is the headphones themself.  Coming with three different sizes of ear pads, the headphones offer a tight but comfortable fit that provides exceptional blocking of outside sounds. They are a definite upgrade from the iconic white headphones that come with the iPod.

There are only two small things I would change with the TuneBuds. First the lanyard isn't adjustable for length. While the size will be fine for most people, the ability to adjust would be a welcome feature for those of us with fat heads. Secondly, and probably more relevant to most people, the dock connector does not have a release button. Because of this, disconnecting the TuneBuds feels like a more hazardous experience than it should be. The Nanos are tough but because of their size you almost always feel like you're going to break it. The Tunebuds require a small amount of force to remove when it should be a simple click.  

Despite this, the TuneBuds are worth every penny. The sound upgrade alone is worth the purchase.  Whether or not the lanyard is a good fashion accessory is up to you.

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  • Well done review, DJF. I have thought about getting a new set of buds for my iPod (mine is a 60GB rather than the nano, but…) but hadn’t seen any that I really liked.

  • I think the lanyard would be too much for the 60GB. If you’re looking for a good set of buds I’ve heard good things about the Shure inear series. Although be warned apparently they are dangerous when walking in traffic