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Team Aniston vs Team Jolie

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The marriage between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt is now all but over. According to court records, the divorce will be official on October 2—after four and a half years of marriage. So, who gets the advantage? Apparently, there are many.

Vanity Fair‘s interview with Aniston recently has made its September issue as an all time best seller. She also made an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show for the show’s 20th Anniversary Season Premiere yesterday.

Kitson boutique however seems to have its own way in capturing the moment. Inspired by the love triangle rumors between Pitt, Aniston, and the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Ms Angelina Jolie, it has been selling “Team Aniston” and “Team Jolie” baseball T-shirts. The creative maker, White Trash Charms, said that Aniston T-shirt is “overwhelmingly outstripping team Jolie and has been selling with unbelievable speed, so that in order to obtain one you have to join a three-month waiting list”.

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  • I’m on Team Jolie cuz she’s way, way hotter.

    That is all.

  • Ayu

    Well so far Brad Pitt seems to have agreed with you.

  • When we head downstairs to grab a soda in the afternoon, my husband and I pursue the magazines, occasionally picking up a present for the kids A guide to colleges, a Sports Illustrated for kids. Since we’re in “potential purchase” mode, we look at the covers. Brad/Jen/Angelina have been on the covers, usually several a week, for a long time. I wish I had kept count. I don’t think I have read a single article yet I find that their personal life has made it into my consiousness with surprising detail. To my surprise, I have a side too. Jen.

  • If a man leaves his wife for you, there’s a good chance he’s going to do that same thing to you. No winners here in my estimation.

  • Long live La Jolie, great actress, great brain, fantastic body. All hail the mighty Angelina!

  • Selling t-shirts and stealing men are wimpy ways to decide who is the better woman. The American public, with its refined tastes and delicate sensibilities, demands better from its starlets.

    Fans might say they want to see Angelina and Jennifer fight. Most guys, at least, really hope to see these two kiss and make up.

    Preferably after wrestling. In jell-o.

  • jane

    An affair, if A&B had one at all, is a symptom of marital problems, not the actual cause. If J & B’s marriage had been stable, nothing could have broken it up. People are quick to put all the blame on A&B but as in stories, there are two sides and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Jennifer Aniston has played the sympathy care long enough. Let her use her talent to further propel her career, not this.

  • FugiChin

    how immature to be wearing team A tees. Only immature air head like JA and her fans are able to pull off stunts like it. In the face of what is happening to the world, JA is throwing herself a pity party ?? absurd! What has Jen done so far, nothing.. everything about her interview is ME ME ME ! self centered.

    Jolie has talent, class, charm and a big heart. Anyone with some intellect and depths will want to be associated with Jolie without a doubt.

  • It’s safe to say both “teams” are equally immature here.

    Jolie may have intellect and depth, but wearing a t-shirt does not make you “associated” with her intellect or her depth in any meaningful way.

    Want to be useful to the world? Take the money you were going to spend on either of these t-shirts and use it to go to college. Or even just donate it to the Red Cross.

  • genie

    If truly JA has moved on, why does she sit on these interviews (vanity fair/oprah), and play a ‘pity me’ style woman. She is vindictive. she has hidden agenda. I agreed to one writer that she is self-centred…she never even mention that she has a part in the breakup. When two people don’t get together anymore, they both have their faults. she has to accept that people change, and it seems that B&J do not share the same things they used to love to do together. Brad has changed, he loves to do things other than those things Jen loves to do- like movies, doing more movies? Brad is now like more wants to scale down the movies and be more involve in other social issues, worldly issues. not vanity issues. Jennifer is pretty, i used to like her. I think she’s more interested in this hollywood type of fame. I never like Angelina before, but seeing how she changed since after doing Tomb Raider in Cambodia, she saw in her own eyes the poverty around the world? she took into herself at a young age (26?) to get involve in the humanitarian works. And i think this is what makes her attractive. She is intelligent and independent with good heart. Most of all, GOD knows what’s best for each one of us, and Brad is not the one for JA.

  • Ayu

    Seems to me that some people see JA’s interviews are her ways to portray herself as the victim of the situation. But given the same chance, others also attack AJ who keeps silent. There is no win-win solution. When there are people who like you, there will be people who hate you. I agree with Jane, there are always two sides on a story. My heart goes out to Aniston though. She may not be as gorgeous as AJ (as many men said), and may not be a perfect wife, but that doesn’t mean she cannot lament her split from her husband.
    But yes, enough is enough. For me it is unwise that she seems to always show that she still wants BP back while saying that she’s moved on. The only one who can really decide the winner is actually BP himself. Even if the whole world is behind JA, if BP loved AJ, what could we do? None of our business, I suppose.

  • May

    Angelina Jolie is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what a beautiful and talented woman!!!

  • steve

    I am on the Aniston team. She is a total knockout. Take away Angelina’s lips…then what do you have? NOTHING

  • Why do you all blame those two women?
    Brad is some guy with a good look, not a god. He should at least take responsibility for falling for other woman during his marriage.

  • steve

    You only live once. If you are good looking and want to enjoy yourself, then why shouldn’t you. I agree that it is funny to see everyone pinning these women against eachother.

  • longchin

    And what about Jennifer Aniston? Forget that gorgeous hair. Forget that glowing tan skin and that perfect figure. Just look at the face. Long fat nose which has gone under the knife. A chin that could be used as a weapon. A lost upper lip, And those super-close beady eyes. She looks like an attractive Mrs. Potato Head.

  • Semet

    Team Jolie! Shes such a positive influence on Brad with the Africa trips. Plus he gets to be instant daddy.

  • I’m an entertainment media junky but I still don’t get this fascination with celebrity and those who live it.

  • jelly bean

    Angelina Jolie all the way, what more can i say she is kind considerate, respects the real issues in the world one hell of an actress and not to mention her good looks, i may only be 17 and yes female but i am absolutly besotted over the women and i havent met her in person! the one question running through my head is where do i get a Tee from?? some one please get back to me asap!!! email me if you know,

  • jelly bean

    or post it on this site it wouldnt let me put my email!!

  • Lu

    Does anyone think that Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie will last longer than 3 years?

  • ernie

    angelina jolie all the way!!! who cares about t-shirts??

  • pretty baby

    JA will all know is not gorgeous. So tell how can you blame BP for strayin if he did? I come on you can’t live with somebody you don’t feel attracted to. Can you? Besides JA and BP look like brother and sister. BP and AJ make one hell of a team together!

  • Jewels

    Victor P., jello is gooey, says Booey; actually food sex (with jello or creams is quite Cool – Whip…!!!)

    I am on the Jolie Wagon. Could join the other “team” in her respect….

  • Elle

    While Angelina is out there trying to end world hunger, JA is busy throwing pity parties for herself and arranging interviews to draw attention to her sorry life. Let me ask you now, who is missing a sensitivity chip again?

  • I agree, jell-o is so not hot. I mentioned it only as part of my comment on the tastes of the average American guy, not as a statement of my own preferences. (And no, I’m not going to go into any great detail about my own preferences here.)

    However I will say that if either Aniston or Jolie suddenly decided to take an interest in me, I’d probably seriously consider going out to dinner with whichever one had called me up.

    That would probably be the end of that, though. I doubt either one would be impressed by the McMeal I could afford to buy them.

  • Victor P.; maybe they haven’t frolicked among MCnuggets lately…

  • Jan Michel

    Jolie has one heck of a PR team. She has almost made us forget she is the same whacked out girl who claimed that she once “hired someone to kill her, but he talked her out of it”. Yes this kind of intellect can’t be quantified.

    Her preoccupation with death is explained as well…”I love life more than the rest of you”. Of course she does.

    And on geography, “Africa is a beautiful country”. Her intellect, deep thoughts and pure intellect are endless.

    Let’s be honest, what we like is not her brain. She is disturbed with a twist of kick0-ass sexy. The girl every guy and girl want to do until she turns 35. That gives her 5 years to milk it.

  • Ayu

    Jelly Bean: the only places I could suggest you are Kitson and ebay.

  • Jewels

    Victor P., it seems to be P.R., the team Jolie aspires; but I dunno, she might go for McNuggets. She’s kinda down to earth-y like that…

  • I love Angelina. Put me in a room with Aniston, Jolie and Pitt and I’ll jump Jolie’s bones faster than GW Bush can say “duh”. She is bar far the most attractive woman on the planet. Aniston is cute but not curvaceous like Jolie. I kind of feel bad for Pitt, though, because I don’t think he’s half the man Jolie requires. It may all be nice and new right now but I don’t see these two in a long term relationship. Pitt should be with someone like Anthony Hopkins or Ian McKellen.

  • Jewels

    Silas, you freak, Brad CAN and will handle her, elsewise(Texas-slang) would she still be in pic with him. (‘sides Silas, she is not a stupid woman!)

  • shark

    just because she doesn’t preach about world problems doesn’t mean jennifer doesn’t care about it! Angelina preaches about human rights but in the same time having sex with a married man? Angie likes to preach but can’t do the things she preaches herself!

  • pink

    I like Jen. Angie can go to hell and take Brad with her.

  • pink

    I don’t like Jen. I love her. She’s too cute.

  • pink

    I don’t like Jen. I love her. She’s too cute.

  • pink

    I don’t like Jen. I love her. She’s too cute.

  • Maggy

    I’m definitely on Team Aniston.
    AJ is a ho. She’s been linked to every co-star she’s ever worked with and BP is the only idiot to have obviously fallen for it.She’s obviously crazy to think that BP won’t do it again. And let’s be honest here… if mr and mrs smith was never shot?? BP and AJ would still be together. Who cares that Anjelina is this goody goody humanitarian with kids from all over the place?… Lets not forget her disgusting drunken(PUBLIC) antics with billy bob thornton, or how about wearing his blood in a vile around her, or what about making out with her brother?? (Ya… really something to look up to). I think she’s a self-riteous, talentless actress. A man who leaves his wife for another woman goes WAY down on my list. In other words. I’ve lost a lot of respect for BP.
    Lastly, someone was saying early that JA is playing the the pity card? Her marriage just feel apart and her husband is quick to make plans to remarry…. I doubt you’d be chipper in interviews after something like that happened. Let’s just remember that she is answering questions posed to her. At least she’s being honest here.
    I hope BP and AJ live a love life together… ppl like that deserve eachother.

  • Hey, don’t talk about my ho that way 🙂

    Well, someday. I’ll get her when she starts to age and we’ll bond over our liberal, humanitarian politics and our fading hotness. But if she tries to cut me, the BABsie/Angelina romance is over.

    That stupid store that sells the shirts says “Team Aniston” is out-selling “Team Jolie” by far since most women identify with Jennifer as a scorned woman.

    I’m with the hot one, though. Aniston seems self-centered and uptight.

    That is all.

  • Just Me

    I just want the people who enter this site to open their minds a little. Everyone had different views regarding these two women , the truth is that both are beautiful and talented .I look up to Angelina for many reasons , she has inspired me to look for more ways to help others.You cannot put into words the happiness she brings to the poverty stricken around the world .I’ve read some of the comments and i noticed one person commented “Angelina is a ho ” well, i found it amusing because in reality a person who does the grand deeds that she does should be allowed to get away with anything .She is a beautiful person both on the inside and outside. Just imagine if more people were as involved in helping others as she is .What a wonderful world we’d be living in !

  • Team Angie

    who ever wrote “take away angies lips and theres nothing ” i couldnt disagree more, her eyes are amazingly cat like .her body is beautiful , her skin is naturally tan , her nose is perfect and the lips just add on to her beauty , and i agree with the comment above me , she is beautiful on the inside and on the outside .Angelina could murder someone and get away with it cause she is an amazing woman . by the way …take away jennifer anistons eyes and you have nothing .. only a big nose , weird lips, big head , fake tan , and that high maintenance hair . I’d tell her to be more of a natural beauty like angie but its not her fault shes not as beautiful as angelina is and i dont mean that in a mean way , its just the truth …

  • Laura

    Your trippin if you think Angelina is nothing without her lips. I love Jennifer, but you know she’s gotta be a bitch and Angelina is sooooo hot physically, personality wise, acting… and everthing else she does! I’m straight as hell but I would jump on Angelina in a second!

  • Alexa Bauer

    Y’all act as if either one of them invented the Team label. When this all went down, who was in the limelight? And who chose not to say any thing? It is obvious that B&A did publicility first since they had movies coming out and got innundated with questions regarding the relationship. Now Jen has movies coming out and now she will face questions regarding the relationship. The only difference is that Jen did not claim that she “wouldn’t sleep with a married man.” Well, Big A, Brad still married, are you managing to still keep your legs closed?

  • teebug68

    I’d like to see all the ones who are on Team Jolie or thinks shes the coolest feel the same if it happen to you.
    Let her steal your man, and I would love to hear all you say how great she is.
    Brad Pitt is scum, how can I respect or like someone who could cheat,lie and embarass his wife. Then act like he did nothing wrong. Basically, he and Jolie think we are stupid enough to fall for all their lies.
    I am not saying Jennifer was the perfect wife (I have no clue what was she was like, the same with Brad, I am sure he wasn’t perfect) but no one deserves to go through that kind of pain.
    Oh, and Jolie saying she is not a home wrecker, does anyone else remember that Billy Bob was engaged to be married when she started with him???????
    I am done with those two (Brad & Jolie) no move they ever do will get my money. And ya know, don’t think I will be missing anything either.
    It’s like one of my friends said “I wouldn’t give my money to a waiter or anyone else who treated me like I was stupid or lied to me, and they are no different.”
    As far as Jennifer crying and all how many of you have lost someone, and didn’t cry,loose sleep, feel the pain, or look to your friends for support!!
    I say Go Jennifer, don’t tuckyour tail between your legs, stand up and fight. Talk and tell her side!!Oh and she can because she has NOTHING to hide!!!!!!

  • atta man

    I’m surprised that Brad Pitt would sleep with a woman who would sleep with Billy Bob Thorton. I would use condoms for life. Men think about stuff like this when choosing mates. It’s like she has no standards and you keep imagining her with him because the man’s a dog and your woman fell for his lame act.

    I’m on team Anti-Pitt. No guy should adopt a kid with another woman before he’s divorced. That’s f-d up. It looks sleazy and it’s cruel to your ex. It’s like he’s asking for a lengthy divorce settlement. He’s rubbing salt in Aniston’s wounds. He could have adopted a dog from Hurricane Katrina and felt all saintly about helping out the world but no it had to be a kid!

    If you really were invested in your marriage, you wouldn’t start dating for a year because of all the pain. I think Pitt’s actions tell who the victim was. All you people saying Aniston is milking this don’t get her. The girl has never been good at interviews or opening up to the press. Pitt is a notorious mumbler during interviews. They’re both the most guarded stars ever. Then you have Jolie who can’t keep a secret about the last time she had sex or keep her kid out of photo shoots. Yeah like that’s gonna work with Pitt. This affair is the one thing she’s kept secret in her life. She must really love Pitt to lie for him.

  • teebug68

    If Jolie wanted to do some good what about all the homeless children here in the US?? What about all the homeless children or adults in the US? What about choosing a family in the US to adopt and give them a second chance?
    I am not against helping another countries but lets look here at home too.
    When I am getting rid of my sons or my clothes, I drive around the poorer neigberhoods, until I find a family. We adopt families during holidays, does that make me saintly?? No, it just makes me and the others that do give thankful for what we have.
    Remember in the US it is ALOT harder to adopt a child then any other country.
    Plus adopting out of the country, you have absolutely no risk of the mother coming back, changing her mind.
    Why, in the US the Bio mom has rights, and in different countries, they are poor and can not afford to come to the US, if she did change her mind.
    Sounds to me, like Jolie’s people are trying real hard to make sure we see how she is doing so much for the other countries because aftering her sleeping and having an affair with a married man, her popularity has dropped.
    I remember her going there when she was with Billy Bob to adopt a baby but before all this with Brad Pitt, I surely don’t remember all her charity work to this extent.
    Seems to me, I am being feed some Bullsh**!

  • no teebug68, you’re just wearing your cynical face today – and clearly an Anistonian!

  • Team Jolie here…us homewreckers need to stick together!

  • teebug68

    I am being cynical?? I am not being mistrustful, mocking nor suspicious. I am being honest. If being an “Anistonian” means not respecting those who sleep with a married man or cheat on a spouse, then yes that is what I am.
    I have been so lucky in my life with not having a man do that to me, nor having ever done that to someone else.
    So, *Alien*, if your partner cheated on you, and did it in front of all your friends, and then keep telling you nothing is going on, How would you feel??? How would you react??
    By your comment I am to assume you would smile, and say that the person she/he cheated on with was a wonderful loving person??? What if it was your sister and her husband cheated on her.
    Me, I would be right by my friends side with a beer, or wine and helping her slam both of them.
    Regarding the adoption look into it and see how many children we have here that are available but then look at the procedure and cost to adopt here. And the fact that the bio-mom can comeback. Now, look at the different countries, and the cost. $25,000 to 40,000 for Viet. Nam, waiting time 6 months, no chance of the mother coming back into the life. How much did Jolie Spend?? It was to give the child a better life, right??? Do some good??? You’ll be shock to hear about how low, and the time it took her.
    I am just not embrassed with what she does.. Sorry… Princess Di, Mother Teresa???? Research how many other actress’ and actor’s do it, and how long they have been doing it but they don’t advertise because they do it out of LOVE.

  • teebug68

    Homewrecker begins with “Ho”!!! And to all Homewreckers, it will be your turn one day….

  • atta man

    80 percent of marriages that begin as infidelity crumble. hahahahahahaha! there is a god and he don’t like hos.
    aniston says: “let them eat ho-hos”.

  • Cheaters cheat. That’s why you don’t marry cheaters or skanks even if you’ve had your fun with them.

    If you actually believe in archaic notions like marriage and MUST get hitched, marry someone boring, unexciting, predictable and responsibly reliable. If you’re the kind of person who needs drama and would cheat on that kind of person, don’t get married or have kids because you’re not an adult.

    That is all.

  • Kimberly

    Ok. Pitt definately did not cheat on Aniston and if he did… who cares? She seems like a coldhearted selfcentered person. If I was married to her I would’ve left years ago. She needs to stop blaming everything on everyone else and start being responsible for her own actions. Yes, its sad that they are going to divorce, but she filed for divorce whereas he did not. That means the end of the marriage is her fault and there for she is to blame. Also, she’s not a good actress anyways. So. Definately Team Jolie.

  • teebug68

    Kimberly, that is sick. Oh she seemed like a cold hearted person???? Do you know her?? If she was why didn’t he just ask for a divorceor a separation?? No matter what your partner does or doesn’t do it NEVER justifies cheating! Not when it is easier to just say “Hey, this isn’t working for me”!
    He didn’t cheat, I would believe that if there wasn’t pictures of them all over the place. And when they do come clean and admit it, are you going to still sit there and say they hadn’t gotten together until that very moment?

    Please, I am not stupid but when that does happen I would love to say, “Hey Angelina I thought you said you wouldn’t sleep with a married man” and “Brad, I thought you said you were not cheating on your WIFE”.

    But Kimberly, if it ever happens to you, I hope that you have friends that will sit there beside you and talk crap about the guy, and give you a hug, and let you know that no matter what was happening in your relationship, that you deserved a little more respect then that. I truly hope no onelooks at you and says,”Hey, you were cold, or you weren’t being the way you should be”.

    If I remember correctly Jennifer avoided cameras and being in public. She basically went into hiding. Never made a comment or a statement. Oh wait she did say in the beginning “I choose to believe MY HUSBAND”, at least until every where she looked there were pictures of Jolie & Pitt, and rumors of her not wanting children, etc..
    Too me, it seemed like She finally had enough, and said this is not right, Why should I sit back and be blamed because he couldn’t keep his dic* in his pants.
    Oh and Kimberly are you ina relationship?? If you are take a good look at your guy, and ask yourself what you would do if you foundout he was sleepingwith someone he worked with? Would you be friends with the other girl knowing she was screwing your guy behind your back and think that she was a great person??? And would you blame yourself?

  • Foley


    OK the end of Pitt’s marriage is Aniston’s fault because she filed for divorce after he cheated on her because as you said anybody would. That Aniston is so cold hearted.

    Your the pathetic type of woman who would stay in a marriage where your husband was cheating on you. Your as wholesome as Maria Shriver.
    I can read you like a book. You’ve cheated on your boyfriend before and feel guilty. You also feel insecure about how you look which brings on your cheating and drives you to throw insults at Aniston. Did a girl as pretty as Aniston pick on you once?

    As for cold hearted. Aniston’s Friends castmates singled her out as the sweetest. “A bleeding heart,” they called her. I bet you’re gloating about how bad she’s bleeding now.
    Jolie is a cool person but no role model. Who wants to marry someone who would tell everyone the exact moment she last had sex with you because she never answers “No comment” to a reporter’s question. Talk about an embarrassing mother in the making. “Maddox wets his bed.” Jen wouldn’t expose her future kids like this. Thanks God Pitt is infertile and no kids came out of this poser marriage.

  • sexy_girl

    I just bought this TEAM ANISTON t-shirt. So here is my vote 🙂


  • Mustang

    Aniston. She was in it for the long haul and has displayed amazing integrity. The hell with picking apart her looks – she is adorable. Angelina is gorgeous but I doubt she is in this for the long haul and Brad is the loser here.

  • robyn

    got my team Aniston t-shirt from http://www.sumosam.co.uk ordered it Monday afternoon and got it the next morning! I was shocked at how quick it came! Excellent service

  • Lina

    angelina jolie is a witch. she does not have a warm heart. she just uses the media for fame to make people think that she does so much for others. She’s not the only one who helps out for the third world country. Many other celebrities do it too but they don’t expose it in public becuase that’s not the reason of being giving to others, you do it because you want to and not use that excuse to use it to have more exposure all around the world. She is just being fake inside and out.
    On the other hand, I think Jennifer Aniston is beautiful inside and out.

  • Animal House

    Angelina and Brad are searching for meaning in their empty lives. Hey, good for Angelina in adopting a couple of kids from other countries. Great. She can afford to adopt 100 kids. I don’t think all this hype makes her a true good will ambassador. I don’t know what went on between the two of them and chemistry is an exciting thing but there was something more meaningful and lasting at stake – a marriage. You dumb ass Brad.

  • Linda

    Who’s side am I on? Well Jen’s, of course. What a cad Brad is and Jolie is a cold hearted home wrecker. A lying, backstabbing piece of real trash.

  • Team Aniston all the way!!!! Angelena is a BIN RAT!!! She thinks she is so wonderful when really she aint! i def agree with the comment i read above – take away the lips and what have you got?…a bit fat nothing! which is exactly what she is!!! What an absalute Ho, Jennifer Aniston is so beautiful and she seems so lovely! TEAM ANISTON!!! HA HA SO GLAD HER T.SHIRTS ARE SELLING OUT AND THERE’S A WHOLE STOCK ROOM FULL OF JOLIE ONES SOMEWHERE! HA HA BITCH JOLIE.

  • Keith

    Angelina Jolie all the way shes soooo hot!!!!!

  • CatwomanJolie

    You people are so quick to judge Angelina and Jennifer.Angelina is honest and a wonderful person for all that she has done and is still doing. Some say she is making this charity thing of hers so public ,did it ever occur that she does this because she wants to make everyone aware of the suffering other people are going through ?.Im glad shes going out public and making people aware of the things shes seen in those poverished countrioes…..it’s called awareness if you all didnt know, its not called a publicity stunt you fools, yes other celebrities also help out as well but are any of them unhcr ambassadors? she puts in the extra effort and puts in 120% of her devotion to the needy , she takes an extra step not only by donating large amounts of money but by physically being there to help the needy , by adopting children , by doing campaigns for awareness and much more. She is an angel here on earth to all the starving children she has helped and has yet to help out, its no wonder she was named ANGELina…her mother knew the type of person she would be raising . A very humane one. An aniston is your typical “good girl ” but no where near as passionate and loving or caring as Angelina is. The end.

  • xxTeamJoliexx

    People like Angelina only deserve the best . She has talent ,charm,beauty .She is caring and yea shes freaking passionate at all she does. Especially when it comes to helping out others.I wish more people were as great as her , I read somewhere she was like the modern day Mother Teresa and it’s true. People like Princess Di and Teresa would have loved to meet her to thank her for all the love and care she puts into helping out the less fortunate.

  • I heart Angelina

    A is for Angels J is for Joyfull
    N is for Nurturing O is for Optimism
    G is for Generous L is for loyalty
    E is for Exemplary I is for Incredible
    L is for Loving E is for Extraordinary
    I is for Independance
    N is for Nobleness
    A is for Awareness

    Come on all Angie Lovers !!Play the Angelina game 🙂 Put in the word that describes every letter in her name and/or last name ! 🙂

  • shark

    I find Angelina quite fake. Jen has just won the woman of the year by GQ!!!! She deserves it. She has been totally profressional about the whole divorce scene. As for the weirdo (that is angie) she deserves man eater of the year. She is not a modern day mother Teresa. She is HOLLYWOOD mother Teresa, which means the whole image is constructed by a good PR team. She is not smart she has good people looking after her image. Come on Angie had sex with a married man. Where is the moral in her action? Did she ever think that it was totally wrong to seduce someone’s else husband?? Pitt was having problems with Jen and Angie took advantage of the situation. Angelina always does what pleases her. She’s never considered the consequences.

  • Stef

    GO TEAM ANISTON ALL THE WAY!!! Listen girls if Jen can get over Brad Pitt then there sure is hope in hell for us to get over our men!!! She is a Godess we should all follow her example and be graceful. She was brave just sitting back and watching her husband work with Jolie everyday, I’d never let my boyfriend within 5 meters of Jolie. She should have left Brad alone and got a man of her own.

  • I think I’d have to vote with Anniston. She’s shown so much integrity during this whole thing.
    Angelina has a very strange history. She has done this type of thing before. Remember when Laura Dern was left at the altar when Angelina swooped in and married Laura’s finance, that Thorpe guy? He was suppose to be her “soulmate” which made the stealing of him okay to her. Gosh, wonder what happened? (HA) Well perhaps she’ll always be like that. Hard to have any sympathy for Brad either – wonder how he’ll feel when he’s the one left behind… esp. after blowing his “I’m a great guy” image and his marriage to such a wonderful gal? Have you guys visited the Jolie Homewrecker site that has that new song out about her? How funny! Happy holidays to you all!

  • Prinsess Nini

    Team Aniston! With out a doubt! I can’t take Jolie Such a slut spiltting “THE PERFEKT” coupel! I hate her. Jennifer Aniston seems to be really down to earth and kind. Who wouldn’t want her as a mum’!?

  • paige mathews

    team aniston all the way !!!!!! jen is a fab actress and got to the top by her acting talents not by sleeping with all ov her co – stars. angelina is a trout lipped ho who is only famous for starring as a real life version of a computer game boot that pervs wanked over – sad btw, shagging an old goat, adopting sum kid and stealing jens husband!!!!!!!!! every one knows it will last 5 mins then fall apart like jolies career!!!! enjoy ur life u home wreaking ho!!!!!!

  • violet

    jolie’s a homewrecker,manipulative- B$#@!.and her victim bp w/no brain just good looks, stupid ass,now adopting her children he fell into her claws- manipulating him going around the world for good cause,then hes stupid sh$%^* following along like a puppy.i have no respect w/this type of people, no matter good cause they publicize -mean nothing- clean their morality first.

  • Bella

    Brad used to have pretty bad taste in women. He had previously fallen for the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Juliet Lewis who does not rank high in the looks department – they must have something else, who knows. Sure, they’re very attractive but totally lacking the appealing persona that Jolie has. Brad has finally found his match in Angie. Both Brad and Angie are equally good looking, compassionate and intelligent. They deserve each other.

    Viva, Brangelina.

  • Nicki

    Angelina is a hoochie. How dare her take Brad away from his marriage! I hope that she falls flat on her face in all of her future endeavors. What goes around, comes around.

  • Cruz

    What is with this saying that Angelina Jolie is a ho and a slut? These are the words coming from girls that are jealous of her. Get a life and get an education! words like these are disgusting and should not be use against anyone! I believe Jolie has a true and caring reason for adopting, yes because she has the money to help! unlike other stars.

  • ali

    I say stuff all the Aniston supporters. Angie rules!!!!!!!!!!!! who likes being innocent all the time, it’s bloody boring! lets face it Angie has nothing to hide. Unlike Aniston, the ‘oh I am so lonely and feel sorry for me’ but then flaunts her new lover in public, she is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. Aniston is not cute, more like annoying! The best acting she’s ever done is off screen!

  • AngiesBoy

    Jen ain’t you like in your late 3o’S, so when is it a good time to have a baby? and for those people saying it won’t last between Brad and Angie, well at least she has his baby! suck it in! Jen

  • east

    I love Jeniffer =D Angeliny nie mogę znieść ( I can’s stand Angelina =/

  • kristoffer

    uhmm… when people argue that angelina is NOT a homewrecker or a HO… well one who does it at least TWICE definately IS A HOMEWRECKER!!!! she’s done it twice people! and thats only what we know about… lets not forget about billy bob thorton’s fiance when angelina and him got married!!!! only an evil bitch can take away a man twice from two people…. an evil bitch. she is a wackjob… someone who is not human.. she only gets her PR to make her look “saintly” so that people forget that she steals husbands… forgets about the person that made her life POSSIBLE (her father) for no apparent reason… are more of a threat to the institution of marriages than homesexuals are (im FOR gay marriages by the way… just using an example)… and lets not forget… MAKES OUT WITH HER BROTHER!!!

  • IhateJen

    Whatever! i think a person who saves lives from an orphanage is a great person regardless what you people say about her. Without her, those kids would live a hard life! don’t worry about aniston she will live

  • Jake


  • Grace

    How can you say Angelina stole Brad. Jen and him decided to get a divorce. She filed for divorce. So what if he went to Angelina after that. Angelina is a very caring person.

  • Paloma

    I don’t care who is prettier between Jolie or Aniston. Or about their personal lives before or after Brad Pitt. I care about the humantarian work Jolie is involved in plus donating her money because she wants to share her wealth with the unforunate children of this world. Including adopting children who otherwise faced a bleak future, robbed of their childhood due to poverty. Jolie, scarificed her time, money, learned to fly a plane, is a Goodwill Ambassdor of the United Nations, this has not interfered with her movie career or earning more money, than Aniston for one reason, she is a better actor. Unlike Aniston, who’s main concern is lunching with her friends, shopping but no where is it ever mentioned what is doing with all her money or donating her time to better this world. Her only claim to fame besides her TV show, was being Brad Pitts wife. Jolie and Pitt, are not the first celebrities that have fallen inlove and crictized unmercifully nor will they be the last. Most people who are inlove want a child or more, as a testimony of their love and to be parents. Jennifer Aniston, could learn a lesson. She prefers a career, go for it but there are alawys younger women actors on the sidelines who will take her place. Being a “star” does not promise you happiness nor offer you peace within your heart if you only think of yourself or getting a face lift to stay young looking to get a part instead of what you can do. To make this world a better place for all humanity regardless of race, creeed or color. Hollywood, is famous for promoting young, pretty, women, the older women stars can testify who are great, experieced actors, receive less jucier roles due to their age. The same thing will happen to you, I am not saying anything to you about Hollywood and women, you already aren’t familar with.

  • anita

    I agree with the People who have the right morals in mind. TEAM ANISTON! I don’t believe in Adultary, as Brad and Jolie obviously do. I never saw the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, after finding out what they done. And i still have no interest in it. ya jolie does this huminatarin work. But is it for out of the goodness for her heart? How can someone with a so call “good heart” Lie, Cheat,steal, and disrespect? B&J “fell in love” is it love?…or lust? Obviously if they do get married it won’t last, cause these 2 people have proved marriage vows is just a piece of papers to them. The person i truly feel sorry for, is the innocent child they are expecting.

  • sammy 19

    Team Aniston gets it for me, Angelina should have stayed away, just for knowing Jen was with Brad. Homewrecker!
    You know it aint gunna last.

  • acuity

    Team Aniston!!
    Jolie is a homewrecker. And Pitt, he is a scumbag!!

  • smart one

    Team aniston!!!Team Jolie read on.
    A friend of mine was a waitress at this bar she waited when the Mr. Mrs Smith crew came to party. Her and another waitress and saw BP and AJ kissing passionately in a private cabana, of course it got aired on a radio the next day… AJ herself called a radio station and decleared that “Didn’t happen”. Well, why would you defend yourself to a redio station if nothing ever happened? She called!

  • G-dobbis

    Hey, whoever think AJ is a stunner blessed with a natural beauty, check out this site http://www.goodplasticsurgery.com under “becoming angelina jolie”.
    According to the site, AJ has had cheeck implants, a nose job(so apparant) lower lip reduction, upper lip filling to match the lower lip(she used to have thinner upper lip). What a natural beauty! She looks nothing like what she used to look like. In my opinion, I do think she also had breast implants, compare to her modeling good ol’ days. Jennifer Aniston might not be a true stunner, but is not a full fledged Mandroid either, she is a human!

  • s.g

    I think angelina is a man stealer and she doesn’s care about Jen’s feelings. I’am on Jen”s side

  • s.g

    I am on jen’s side

  • s.g

    Jen is better than Angie

  • I think angie is a man stealer

  • Angie is a bitch

  • I like Angie. She at least has causes and devotes herself to issues that matter. Angelina, when issues move her, acts outside of herself in an effort to assist and aide others. I’ve never heard of Jen Aniston so much as donating to the Salvation Army. She parties and parties and acts and parties. The End. WTF makes her such a great person? So Angie ‘stole’ her man. Big Tears. If he thought Jen was SO great and they were ‘in love’ he’d have never strayed. He loves Angie’s drive, passion and the fact that she gives a shit about issues outside of Hollywood and her own ass.

  • Team Aniston all the way, bitches!

  • bitche’s brew

    I can’t quite grasp this and let me know if anyone who can; Supposedly AJ is a devoted humanitarian who gives a shit about issues outside of her own ass but get this folks: She got paid to be a model for St.John which is a luxury clothing brand for 15 million dollars and guess what? she has been wearing the latest St.John pieces to conferences where she talks passionately about helping the poor and educate people about poverty in the world, I mean how can you preach about helping the poor while you are walking around advertising your sponsor’s luxury clothing brand? She is so real it makes me want to cry.

  • What is wrong about wearing nice clothes whilst doing good work? You’re so petty and mean “bitche’s brew”, you must be really nice to hang out with.

  • Team Aniston, no contest. But I have to say bravo for Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian efforts (which were going on long before she met Brad Pitt and ditched her previously publicly stated rule about sleeping with married people) and for her apparently genuine commitment to children. Jolie, obviously, is a complicated person with worthy traits and some that are less so. Kinda like the rest of us, whether we’ve seduced married people or not.

    Oh, and go Team Lachey!

  • bitches brew

    Christopher Rose,
    The point is it’s not wrong wearing nice clothes: It doesn’t settle with me to advertise some luxury brand clothing you are modeling for(She was contracted with St. John for 15 million Dollars)and walking around in poor countries, sending messages “educating people about the truth of the poor”. She can wear the nicest clothes all she wants but why would you wear St. John (same suits in many different colors from the upmost recent collection)to those events? It’s obvious that she is using it to the best advantage which is to promote the brand. Do so at red carpet or other celebrity function! She is sending major mixed messages. For this reason, I lost complete respect for her.

  • DB

    Angelina took on the gig on the condition that all the pay would go to African charities. Psyche!!!

  • bitches brew


    Where is your back up evidence, psycho!!!

  • judy

    I have never liked Angelina, I always thought she was a freak, ( kissing her brother abnd wearing blood) she has done good work with children, I give her credit with that…but she seems to fall for her co-stars way too much, and I think she was the main reason that Jen and Brad broke up…I’m not too fond of him anymore either, he’s a cheater and a liar..I think Angie will dump him after the baby is born..

  • Acid BUrNzzz

    TEAM JOLIE all the way…… Aniston confessed on oprah that she too was seeing Vaughn while with brad You all are feeling it. Angelina jolie the best!!! NOw fuck offf.

  • tinabobina

    Angelina has class??? If you call sleeping with a married man, lying about it on a national television interview and then get knocked up WHILE he’s still married class… I would say you have a distinctly different view of class…

  • Indeed. I am no Jolie fan anyway and never was, and her conduct with Pitt didn’t help raise her esteem in my eyes. But credit where it is due: The woman does good works to help children and the poor. She does so much to raise global awareness of devastated areas in Africa. Her altruistic work – including the fact that she gives much of the money she makes away to help others – must be taken into consideration if we are going to be fair. She’s a liar and a homewrecker, apparently, but who among us is without sin? I don’t approve of her recent behavior, but at the same time I am grateful for her humanitarian pursuits. As for her expensive wardrobe, I don’t care what she wears as long as she is helping people.

    In any case, I don’t intend to see her films, but that was true long before she sucked face with her brother, stole Billy Bob Thornton from a clueless and out of town (for work) Laura Dern, and shocked the nation with that tawdry Brangelina business.

  • aaki

    TEAM ANISTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she has and will always rock!!!!!!!!!!
    She & brad were perfect!!! They ROCK!!!!!
    ANgie is a bitch! i hope she jumps up her own ass & DIES & then rots in hell!!
    She is a man stealer!!
    JEN naturally loks pretty. ANGIE looks like a pig with good hair!!! EWWWWW the thought of her makes me feel ill!!

  • Mara

    Neither! I initially felt sorry for Jen when she and Brad split up but when she wouldn’t stop whining about her divorce in public, I just got tired of it, as did a lot of people. Sure divorce is painful for anyone but the only thing her constant whining did was make her look pathetic and cemented the “victim” image. Now she will be forever remembered as the “woman who was scorned by Brad”.

    As far as Brangelina is concerned, gosh they could’ve at least waited until the divorce was finalized before they started humpin on each other. Poor role models in my opinion. Evidently Angie has shown Brad a different world and obviously, he liked it too much as he’s now with her.

    The only person I feel sorry for in this situation is Vince. Poor guy has to pick up where Brad left off and that’s gotta be some task.

  • Sandi

    Congratulations to Brad and Angie. Baby Shilo Nouvel Jolie-Pitt has been born. I can’t wait to see how beautiful the baby is!

  • Kat

    Aniston fans, when are you going to wake up to realize there is no more “Brad-Jenn” and never will be? You people go on and on about how they’re so perfect together. Really? If they’re so perfect together then why did Brad shack up with Ms Jolie in the first place. If he was really commited to his marriage he would’ve told Angie to screw off. It’s obvious there are other problems in the marriage besides the Pitt-Jolie scandal. Just because they look so happy in public together does not mean everything was fine and dandy. They’re actors, they’re supposed to act that way in public.

    So, do what your beloved Jenn did and move on because you people seem incapable of accepting that they’re no longer together.

  • Judes

    There is no team to be on. Aniston lost her husband when she declined not to have a family with him. He didn’t cheat on her with Jolie either. Brad and Aniston were already seperated for some time when he started the Mr.& Mrs. Smith with Jolie. He comes from a very loving family in which his parents have been married for over 35 years and only wanted and I quote,”a little version of Jen to have and to hold.” That’s what he said in an interview about wanting children. I don’t know why Jen refused him that. It’s her lost and she needs to face that! Actually I think she has and that’s why she’s on these rampages of trying to speak her side of the story. However, all they are are whining fits. The bottomline, why didn’t she have Brad’s baby? She stated it herself on Oprah, “If I would have had his baby, yes, I’m sure he’d still be with me. And I have to deal with that.” Even she knows where she went wrong and she even knows why she lost her husband. Jolie is everything Aniston isn’t. She’s come a long way from what she used to be (bi-sexual, self-mutilation, kissing her brother, etc.) but she admits that she never had a worth for life or for breathing before until now with bringing greater good to the less fortunate. She has finally found her calling… herself and I believe Brad is very attacted to that. I think Aniston needs to find herslef because if she thinks she has, I hope to God she’s hasn’t yet. Jolie could care less about her career verses Aniston is all about her’s. And there’s nothing wrong with that but I believe when it comes down to it; Brad realized Angelina was what he was looking for in a companion, a mother, a significant other, and he was truly amazed by her strength and assertion in bettering the world. She and Aniston are truly beautiful women on the outside. Brad does not say one negative word about either woman; he only defends them because he very much respects each of them and is an honorable man at that. Jen however, can whine all she wants; it’s pathetic because she knows she lost him for a stupid reason. I would have had Brad’s baby! I don’t know anyone who won’t have. The women are definately gorgeous with and without make-up, with very curvatious bodies, and wonderful hair. But subtract all that and what do you have. From what we’ve seen, Jolie has much more to offer, her generousity, her intelligence, her privacy with personal issues, her beautiful children, her modesty on her good deeds, and her honesty and openess about how she has made mistakes and has learned from them. I truly respect anyone who can openly say she was following the wrong path and doing “questionable” things and has now found the right path into living life. She doesn’t dwell on the past. She only tries to learn from it and moves on. Brad and Angelina have moved on. Jen has HAD too. But she definatley needs to start taking some blame for why her marriage failed because it’s about compromising not about what YOU just wnat and that’s why I can’t stand Jen at times. It’s her selfishness and self-centered attitude that I can’t give her any remorse for. She knows her marriage ended because of her and everyone else needs to realize that too.

  • vam

    Team Jolie 100%

    It’s obvious that Jennifer wasn’t to concerned about her marriage. She knew how desperately her husband wanted a child. He was already in his 40’s. How long should he have waited?

    Many actresses have kids and a career. Why couldn’t she?



  • Timothy

    for all those stupid idiots that thinks angie’s fake…especially her lips…have a look at pics of her when she’s eight…those sexy plump lips are still there…all you jen supporters are so stupid that you probably accuse her of having surgeory then….hey i have notice something about jennifer when she came and visit sydney the other week…when they interviewed her and the cameras got a bit close all my work buddies agreed she actually looks like a man with long hair……let me be stupid and say maybe jen was born a male!!!!!

  • jill


  • jolie eww

  • mr tattoo

    ansiton is a dirty whore in disguise and ginga i know it’s hard for you to write any thing else, as you obviously lack brain cells

  • bellie

    if i could i would fart on jennifers face lol

  • grow up`

    This message is for the one who posted that Angelina had plastic surgery; I went on that website and I couldn’t stop laughing. It showed Angie as a teenager and then her as an adult. Come on, have you ever heard of growing up? Everyone’s bone structure changes when they grow up, look at your childhood pictures and all the changes your features have had throughout the years.

  • Lucy

    all those people who take Angelina Jolie side are stupid. Angelina Jolie said that she never had a relationship with Brad Pitt and that she could never date someone who has cheated on his wife. Well wake up Angelina cause you are the reason he cheated on his wife. And her lips are like freakishly large. Jennifer at least has a pretty face. And all those who think she doesn’t try looking at your face in the mirror and the mirror will answer the question for you!!!!!!!!!

  • plasticangie

    Angie is a homewrecker- cant wait till the day her and brad seperate. Brad stop thinking with your penis!
    She is a weirdo who carries human blood around with her- who made out with her brother and who carries her kids around the world like they are puppets.
    As soon as shes bored with brad she steals the next man/woman from someone!

  • wiseone

    who gives a shit about this…all i wanted to say is jennifer is ugly and angie is crazy.


    GO JENNIFER ANISTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    angelina jolie my ass

  • team aniston

    jennifer aniston has class, style, beauty, and a clean appeal… angelina jolie is too dirty…

  • anti-jolie

    for those who claim that jolie has a good heart because of all that adoption stuff… what kind of example is she setting for her kids, about how her relationship with brad pitt started?… she would have to tell them that she broke up brad’s and jen’s marriage… what a “nice” story

  • anti-jolie

    … oh by the way, i forgot to mention that jolie made out with her brother, eewww and a 1/2… good thing it isnt in her adopted kid’s blood… hopefully the new born has brad’s blood

  • Chez

    Team aniston all the way. That fucking big lips stole aniston’s career and husband!

  • bergdorfbrunette

    Well, the thing is, Brad and Jen were an adorable couple, right? Then Brad starts making a movie with Angie, and the two have this amazing chemistry, and at the time, angie fills in all the spaces that jen couldn’t (being a mother, putting family first, etc.) So, of course, there’s going to be a lot of attraction there (between angie and brad). All married couples should stay together, and Brad and Jen aren’t an exception. About the two female personas, I think that Jennifer is ordinary compared to Angelina, that’s why her t-shirts are outselling Angelina’s, because, most women are ordinary, right? Only a handful are extraordinary. Angelin ais extraordinarily gorgeous and sexy. Any married man would fall for her. The thing is, she should have tried to control her emotions for Brad, seeing that he was married. But, I guess that was just the bitch in her, right? There’s a bitch in us all, right? Jennifer should have fought for her man.

  • first brad was in new orleans tellimg every one how they should rebuild the city. like he knows. now he says he will not marry angeilina until same sex marriages are allowed. just who does he think he is

  • SuriNotCruise’s

    Im on Team Aniston! Angelina is a whore/homewrecker/poser/phsyco/freak/b1tch…

  • BlackMan

    angelina rules…maniffer (aka jennifer) should get a chin reduction…why are you all defending her when she was the one that divorced brad..you cannot judge what happen in the relationship!! did jennifer say in her interview that he cheated on her?? if he did i am sure jennifer will not hold back spilling the beans as she loves playing the victim….even cox said in an interview that brad was attracted to angie but did not do anything….brad and angie waited to be together…so stop fucking saying that angie is a home wrecker….if jennifer was not such a self absorbing bitch then perhaps the married would of lasted…her and her long nose can go to hell…and fuck she’s annoying…i just saw derailed and i swear that women in not only ugly but cannot act

  • Punk dude

    All you aniston supporters go and shoot yourselves in the head please. You all have no brains in your head to waste

  • dark faith

    yeah angelina rules anisyon fan’s suck not aniston her fans imature asses.

  • lala

    um….jennifer makes the better wife cause she knows who her babbies daddy is!!!!

  • Leissa

    wake up. jennifer has no babies you air head! remember she was too young to have one at 35 something. punk dude is right where are your brain cells

  • dark faith

    I agree jennifer has no kids and all those lies that people write angelina is not an idiot she has been with other men and is in this relationship she chose to have a baby why because they wanted to as far as that lie about her baby not being brad’s hallo I think its been proven is not true it was brad who wanted that baby I am pretty sure he convinced her to have her for him he is some one that needs to procreate to feel more compleet as a man he loves he adopted kids too be he doesnt seem he would have just settle for that he wanted his baby she gave it to him so move on aniston fans let them all including aniston live their lives you are only causing aniston more harm with your pitty the more you do the more dependant she becomes of it, angelina brad and THEIR CHILDREN ARE A FAMILY andurstand what that means brad and jennifer wernt aver a real family they seem single most of the time they were married unless they were at some movie premiere or some award show if they were really in love they would have had children together she had a chance to have a baby during that time her character on friends was pregnant and didnt want to I remember she said it on one of the entertainment shows that repor on celebrity.

  • Bojana

    Team Jolie,of cuorse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anelina is way more beautiful,smarter,hotter then small,pathetical Jen.

  • mamie

    I really don’t see jolie as a good influence. He morphs into whoever he is with, now he’s dirty hippy daddy. she’s pretty curvy, never takes a shower covered in tatoo’s mommy. A miniature united nation…how sweet. Try making peace with your family first before travelling the world being an ambassador. you cannot give what you do not have………


  • aby

    Look i think its not jenn or ange’s fault i say its brad’s. But if i had to take sides i’d 100% be on Jenn’s because she is so talented and kind-hearted. Angelina’s really weird aswell she like wrote her husbands name on the back of her shirt and the name was in blood. WHAT A FREAK!!!!

  • It’s almost commical that most males that responded to this issue at hand, think highly of what Angelina and Brad did. I can only hope and pray that you’re significant other never decieve you while you’re in a committed relationship. I noticed that many of you commented on Angelina’s missionary efforts in helping people. Let’s ponder this idea for a second, and become critical thinkers; Is it wise to only accept those efforts and pretend that it’s acceptable that her generosity halted when it came to taking Ms. Aniston’s feelings in consideration when she bedded her husband? There is no excuse for this behavior. Someone mentioned Ms. Jolie successful effort in evading the fact that there are so many hungry, and homeless children that are in need of a home right here in the United States is definitely something to think about. I believe that in this country, many of us have became so selfish,and tunnel visioned, refusing to acknowledge other’s pain. I wish no harm to Angelina or Brad, however, life has a strange way of reminding us that the true meaning of our existence is to extend love and compassion to others, including matters of the heart. Angelina and Jennifer are both attactive women, however, looks fade; we get old; what’s left and what really matters….?, the bottom line?, how we treat our fellow man/woman. “As a man/woman sowth, he reaps.”

  • Donnie Marler

    Well said, Hope.

  • Bliffle

    Personally, I’m on team Scarlet. Especially since I’ve learned, during my scholarly studies at the grocery checkout counter, that she is “desperate” to appear nude in a movie! It seems that many among us are also desperate to see that movie.

  • capshe and ristab

    Why are you arguing each other for them?
    Leave their private lives alone…

    Let them be…

  • Are

    Jennifer does not adopt orphans from the remotest corners of the earth, she does not made a visit to refugee camps, she was never an ambassador , however, those things do not make Jennifer a less a person. You don’t have to go euthopia or Cambodia to show your humanitarianism. You don’t needs cameras to capture your moments with the refugees and orphans. You don’t advertise humanitarian works, i supposed.

    Well, congrats to Ms. Jolie (the Malibu-based Mother Theresa).

  • smart one

    Any Anjelina supporters are dumb-blinded dimwits who deserve to be f*cked by the media!
    Don’t you get it? Her humanitarian work is PR. Her back in the day old crazy persona was PR. This woman apparently has an IQ of genius analyzed by hand writing specialist(maybe that’s why some of you are dumb-blinded dimwits here). everything she does or says is well calculated. Now her honest, real, down to earth, fierce passinate caring persona is another cameleon attempt to boost her image. Bottom line is: does she stay on top of head line? Check. Is she continuing to get work in the industry? Check. There! She is as comformist as any other Hollywood actresses out there. She just is smarter than they are, by using different angle to appeal. She is a marketing genius. If this doesn’t make any sense to you, you don’t know anything about media and how hollywood works. Therefore, hollywood makes money by targeting naive, gullible dubmassess like yourselves!!!!!

  • Jennifer Ann I. Ston

    A Google search on the exact phrase: “Angelina Jolie is a slut” has the final say.
    Results: 799,000 for Angelina Jolie is a slut. (0.14 seconds)

  • llll

    Those of you just assume that JA or AJ is self centered, or they have no class, or they are throwing themselves a pity party. Have any of you actually seen the interviews that you are so quick to dismiss as them whining about their lives? Has anyone actually read the vanity fair article? Has anyone heard JA say that she does not “want to be defined by the divorce?” These are the things the stars have actually said… and if we can not believe their own words, and instead believe the hell that the media has created, then what does that say about ourselves? So before you judge someone, or say that they have no class, watch the interviews, know what you are talking about, because ive seen them, and they are nothing at all like how youve discribed them.

  • princess adw

    jennifer aniston is perfect i dont no wat brad seen in angelina he and jennifer were lovely together
    i love jen she is amazing and screw brad for leaving her he dont no wat he lost

  • blinker

    i agree ,i dont know what Brad saw in Angie , to be honest i think he should just have stayed with Jenny she is amazing,and its not charity work that only shows that one has a kind heart,if one wants to be known for good deeds i think you start it at home before you go to others,as the saying goes all that glitters is not gold so people should begin to look beyound the face..jenny is really ammazing.luve her.

  • Tina




    “i dont know what Brad saw in Angie”


  • Tanzzi

    Brad should have stayed with jen. angelina is a straight up homewrecking hoe. Has anyone even bothered to notice that she never became a “mother Teresa” or a “saint” (as you angie ass kissers put it) until she got with brad and ALL the media attention was on her. All she wants is publicity. And for all you people putting angies tan is “real” Hello if you had an 9 digit bank balance i bet your tan would be looking pretty real too. Jennifer will always be americas sweetheart while fish lips will always be a first class slut. And have you read the tabloids lately angie lost her curves annorexic bitch at least jennifer is toned and doesnt make-out with her family members and screw around with scum bags like billy bob thorton. I mean come on if you really loved your husband/boyfriend would you let him do a racy movie with angie let alone let him get within five feet of her? I will praise brad about one thing not signing the adoption papers yet becuz before its all over with and angie makes him sign ALL the adoption papers (she obviously wears the pants in the relationship) for all the kids she gonna adopt hes gonna have to move to a gotdamn ranch in the middle of nowhere just to have space to let them run around. Im willing to bet shiloh isnt even his. if it werent for brad thet beautiful baby wouldnt have anyone considering angie ignores her. Her excuse “i have to pay attention to my adopted children first cuz they had it so hard” . Shit bitch 2 years from now they wont even remember what went on before your skanky ass came and adopted them. Jen needs to marry vince and start a family just to show brad.

  • cera108143

    considering i AM A WIFE, i am definately, and without a doubt on team Aniston. Sorry, homewrecking, lying, and then pretending you’re a do gooder are just not positive atributes in my book. If you can willingly have a child with a MARRIED man, than you’re sick… and so is he.

  • starlight


  • jolie_side

    well.. i no matter what i think jolie is quite an honest person, unlike maaany hollywood stars. i believe that she advertises her charity figure because do you have any idea how many rich people because “jolie does is, so it’s a cool thing” ??? i also believe that still she doesn’t show us all the charity she is involved in.

  • jolie_side

    i meant to say many rich people do charity because

  • Cute Girl

    Team Aniston!
    She’s a nice person!And good actress.
    Jolie looks like a whore! (and I bet she is!) Sorry Jolie fans but this is my opinion

  • GT

    My personal opinion is why be sayin angelina is a slut and shes weird and Jens a crap actress and is ugly. Why isnt brad having anything bad wrote about him after all it was him that left Jen. Angelina wasnt the married one, i think Brad was foolish to leave Jen. I hope Jen meets a nice man, and starts a family. I think they are both great actresses and both beautiful. And btw what has how hot they are got to do with it?

  • RealityCheck

    I agree with the poster who said that Jolie must have one heck of a PR team to make so many people side with her after all the homewrecking she has done. Personally, I don’t like her, never liked her, never will. Just look at her eyes and you’ll see why. Her eyes are really cold. She is a snake in the grass. I don’t care how many children she has saved and how many millions she has donated: she’s just NOT IT. She is the product of tons of PR, but they will never be so good as to overwhelm the really intelligent people who like using their own heads. I also agree with the other poster who said that of all the actors who worked with her, Brad Pitt was the only moron who decided to wreck his marriage for her cheap persona not seeing what was (and still is) obvious to everyone. It’s such a pity that they have children now: they make the damage irreparable. Who cares if she loves him and is ready to lie for him? She is a psycho but love doesn’t make psychos any better.

  • Val

    Aniston has more class in one DNA cell than Angelina in her entire lip cluster. (Yeah, lip cluster!)

  • Angel714

    Funny how that got skewed trough the media because I ordered a Team Jolie shirt and Kitson sent me a Team Aniston one immediately. When I called to inform them of their error, they promptly informed me that they had no more Team Jolie shirts in stock and it would be another two weeks for my order.

  • Nika

    team Aniston!!!!!!!!
    Love you Jenny!

  • team aniston

    im team aniston all the way..all you people need to remember she did nothing wrong in all this..it doesnt matter if u like jolie,thats ur opinion but just leave jennifer alone….all of u sad people who slag her off obviously have mental issues like a certain some1 else in this sad old story…