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Team America: World Police

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Oh, man!

I rarely get giddy over a coming attraction, but this one has me salivating:

Plot Outline: Marionette superheroes fight to end terrorism and put tired celebrities out of their misery.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the politically-incorrect geniuses behind masterpieces like Orgazmo and BASEketball, as well as the South Park franchise.

This film is set for release in theaters just a couple weeks before the November election. One suspects it will have more impact on the election (as well as more factual basis) than anything Michael Moore has to offer.

(In fact, it even pokes a little fun at Mr. Moore in the trailer.)

Remember: If you fuck with Team America, you get what you deserve…

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  • I am Deeply Offended that these reprobates would abuse the First Ammendment to make fun of our President and Important Political Thinkers such as Mr Moore. It is an offense against any proper ideas of Geometry and Theology.

    I trust that Attorney General Ashcroft will be looking into these gentleman’s activities.

  • Ah, Fortuna!

    It’s not the Right who should be worrying about this movie, believe me.

    “Putting the “F” Back in Freedom.”

  • HW Saxton Jr.

    Gentlemen, Let us have a bit of dignity
    and decorum here. Leave Ignatius out of
    this. Thank You.
    Your Working Boy,

  • Mathieu Gagne

    To Al Barger: Redneck!

  • Eric Olsen

    I guess you can’t hear sarcasm over the Internet

  • g stomberg

    moore is the best film maker ever and bush is the worst president ever, if you can call an illegitamate president president.