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Teaching peace from death row

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Sunday’s New York Times Magazine has a story on Stanley “Tookie” Williams who has been writing books to keep kids from joining gangs from death row. He was one of the founders of the Crips.

The NYT mag story link will be good for a week. This page has links to more coverage and Mother Jones did an interview with him.

Originally posted on Tiger Beat.

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  • Donna Brown

    Mr. Williams, I’ve just finished watching the movie “Redemption”. I was so moved that I immediately jumped on the internet to find something about the books that you have written. I am a single mother of a man child age 11. Not wanting to lose him to the streets, I feel compelled to find your books for him to read with the hope that he will get some insight into making the right choices to cause a postive reaction from any action.

  • Albert

    4 cold blooded murders, never an apology, no denouncing the Crips, who continue the lawlessness that Tookie started, and we should spare him because of a few childrens books? Give me a break.

  • Renee

    i think that it is a great thing that he is doing and that if he is making a change and encouraging younger children not to follow in some bad steps he took than he should not be executed. Keep doing whatcha doing!!!

  • I love the Crips!!!

  • AJ

    This is ridiculous! Listen to yourselves! Before anyone says anything praising or condemning of Williams let them look at his victims bodies. michaelsavage.com has a link that explicitly shows these innocents. Although I don’t usually agree with Savage, you should definitely visit the site if you don’t have a weak stomach.

  • God

    We are all responsible.. But many of us choose to remain asleep. He woke up and did what he could to help others awake to how violent the world is, AND how he contributed to the violence.. Its pretty arrogant of us to think we’re clean of the blood we forse others to take responsibility for. Perhaps when we die, we’ll be supprised when we see jesus wearing a Crips shirt…

  • Brandi

    Yall all is wrong tookie’s life should be spared because you don’t know fo sho dat he killed dem people, your just going by what the news and media think…. He is writing books to keep people off the streets and try and stop gang violence, Have you ever wondered if you did something wrong you wouldn’t wand to be punish, and dats a fact…………

  • gonzo marx

    ummmm….Brandi…past tense

    to quote Dr. McCoy…
    “he’s dead , Jim”

  • you arent fooling fooling anyone any with that phony phon dialect! shame!shame!larry

  • never 4got MR Tokkie he wanted Da Bad think in Da world