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Taylor Hicks To Be In Broadway’s Grease

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American Idol season five winner Taylor Hicks is headed for Broadway.

Starting June 6th, Hicks will appear as the Teen Angel in the Broadway production of Grease. The role was made famous by Frankie Avalon in the 1978 film adaptation starring John Travolta.

Hicks says he will add a "soulful flavor" to "Beauty School Dropout."

Hicks is not the only Idol winner to step on a Broadway stage. Season three winner, Fantasia, starred in The Color Purple. In addition to Fantasia, several Idol contestants have made their way to Broadway. Season two runner up Clay Aiken is currently starring in Spamalot, season three's Diana Digarmo was in Hairspray, and season four's Constantine Maroulis was in The Wedding Singer.

"If you're gonna be a great entertainer and you're gonna be a great performer, then these are the things that you have to do to season yourself in that manner," says Hicks on why he decided on Broadway.

In addition to his theatrical aspirations, Hicks is hard at work on a new album. Hicks' first album after winning American has sold around 700,000 copies and was certified platinum. While those are decent numbers for a debut album, they were not the million plus sales expected for an American Idol winner. Not long after the release, Hicks and his label J Records parted ways.

Hicks has remained positive about the separation, citing that he wanted the opportunity to make an album on his own terms. "I've had the creative freedom and the time to write some of the best music that I've ever written in my whole life. …The options are unlimited and there has been some great interest now that I'm a free agent, so to speak."

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  • Debbie

    It was Frankie Avalon in the movie.

  • Dave

    Clay Aiken’s run in Spamalot ended May 4th.

  • Carol Channing

    Has Broadway become the dumping ground for AI losers?

  • Rori

    Conatantine Maroulis and Taylor Hicks are my all time favorite AI Contestants! This thrills me to no end to see that talent like theirs is being recognized in the best fields of entertainment! The uncommon good looks of Constantine and Taylor are unique indeed!

  • I really am in hope Hicks will don big fluffy wings and work an aerial approach while singing ‘Beauty School Drop-out. Harmonica and those Taylor Hicks trademark ‘tags’ included.
    Wipe off that angel face and go back to highschool
    Baby don’t blow it, don’t put my good advice to shame

    *insert harmonica*

    Baby you know it, even Dear Abby’s say the same
    Now I’ve called the shot, get off the pot, I really gotta fly
    Gotta be goin’ to that maltshop in the sky

    *insert Taylor tag*

    “It ain’t no groove thing,
    It ain’t no country twang,
    It’s a simple refrain;
    It’s a soul thang.”

    *Back to song*

    Beauty school drop-out, go back to high school
    Beauty school drop-out, go back to high school
    Beauty school drop-out, go back to high school


  • sweetsmoke

    This is the perfect role for him! No doubt the lights will be shining down on him and he will razzle and dazzle everyone in the audience.

  • Pamela

    I am so happy for Taylor. I knew the moment that his record came out that he was being told what to do with it. It just wasn’t “him”. The AI producers should know better. We voted for Taylor b/c we wanted to hear Taylor, not a watered down version. I like Taylor even more now for not giving in to them and going out on his own. He’ll be great on Broadway, and I can’t wait for the next record – his way!

  • Chelsea

    Honestly, I think Taylor Hicks kinda ruined the play. He took max and Lauras spot light. They have a new billboard with his face on it. Laura is no where on the billboard. Taylor Hicks sings a 4 minute song and is gone. I don’t think he should be getting his face on the billboard at least not that big. Did you see the other teen angels face on the billboard? No.. so why is he so speacial? Yeah he won American Idol andf congrats to him for that but I think its wrong that just because he’s Taylor Hicks he should be getting all the attention.

  • Leah

    I love Taylor Hicks! He is great and I would travel all the way to New York to listen to his 4 min. performance, if in fact that is true. If I had not already been married, I would have been on the Regis and Kelly show as a contestant for a date, and he would still be with me! Keep up the good work sweetie! 🙂