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Taylor Hicks Goes The Distance With New Album

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As season eight of the hit show American Idol gets underway, season five winner Taylor Hicks is preparing to release his new studio album, The Distance, on March 10. Hicks’ fans have been long awaiting the new release, many looking forward to a more soulful sound than what was heard on his first post-Idol album (Taylor Hicks). The album will be released on Hicks’ Modern Whomp Records label. The first single, “What’s Right Is Right,” will debut digitally on January 27.

The album was produced by Simon Climie (who's worked with Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, and Faith Hill), and employs the talents of several notable musicians including guitarist Doyle Bramhall II, bassist Nathan East, and drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. The musicians have worked with several prominent blues, country and pop artists including Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney. The Distance includes eleven tracks, with some co-written by Hicks: “Wedding Day Blues,” “Seven Mile Breakdown,” “What's Right is Right,” “Woman’s Gotta Have It,” “New Found Freedom,” “The Distance,” “Nineteen,” “I Live on a Battlefield,” “Maybe You Should,” “Once Upon a Lover of Mine,” and “Keepin’ It Real.”

Hicks has been busy since being crowned Idol champ in 2006. He has seen his self-titled debut album certified platinum, performed with country superstar Willie Nelson and classic rock artists like The Allman Brothers, and Jackson Browne. He has also toured through Asia, penned the Random House memoir Heart Full of Soul, and made his Broadway debut as Teen Angel in Grease. At the beginning of 2009 Taylor embarked on a national US tour with Grease, with stops in Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

As Hicks indicated in a recent interview with Blogcritics, he is focused on doing his music his way. In conjunction with the Grease tour Hicks will be playing several intimate club dates. The performances will bring his new music to his fans and give him a chance to do what he loves best — play his music to a live audience.

For more information on Taylor Hicks please visit Hicks’ official website .

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  • Hicksfan

    This same article with the exception of that last part about a BC interview is exactly like about twelve others that have popped up in alerts, word for word. I thought BC was to carry writers who created their own articles not simply lifting them from other sites.

    Good Taylor is getting attention, but I look to BC to find original takes and original articles.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    I’m glad he is no longer tied to that sh!t contract he had to sign when winning American Idrool. I just hope that Taylor goes back to his soul & blues roots seeing how he doesn’t have to produce anymore of that retarded pop music.

    Taylor: You have a great bluesy voice with some soul… How ’bout an electric blues album with some amplified harmonica & some killer Vaughn-esque guitar work,Huh?? How ’bout it?!

  • MusicLoverLA63

    Taylor is a great musician and vocalist. However, he is an egotistical nitemare. I had a chance to work with him after American Idol and it was obvious that he is more into himself than his music. He gladly accepted our support while competiting on american idol. However, upon winning it’s my understanding that Hicks took measures to “distance” himself from many of the individuals who got him to where he is today, including his long-time manager/mentor – Jaan Childs. I work in the music industry and I have made a point to follow his career due to having had an opportunity to work with him. Although, I am greatly disappointed to know that Hicks suffers from an inflated ego, lack of character, loyalty, and in ability to develop a brand presence in the marketplace. It’s great he has a new ablum, but I highly doubt that his sales will exceed his debut album release. Enclosing, I am starting to believe the old southern saying “you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the HICK out of the boy”…. I wish him luck.

  • anne

    Just curious MusicFan..in what capacity did you work with Taylor. In the 3 years I have followed Taylor this is the first negitive thing I have ever heard about his character.. Every other report even from people who just don’t “get” Taylor …the one thing they say is he’s a nice guy. Sorry for your bad experience, but sometimes certain personalities clash. Maybe it was just bad chemistry between him & you.

  • Bucko

    Can’t wait for the new album – thanks for the news.

  • mavis

    I’m sorry to hear that Music Lover has had a bad experience. On Taylor Hicks self titled CD, Taylor expresses his thanks to the many he has worked with.He thanked Jaan Childs right along with his family, the Blacks and many others. From others that worked with him I have only heard he is so down to earth and supportive of his friends and other musicians. Many have remarked about how nice he is. When he left Grease on Broadway, the cast was in tears and there were plenty of hugs. Hope you will love his new music and remember that he is a very talented young man capable of erring. I wish everyone could enjoy the music I hear now.

  • Alan Clark

    Taylor is a close and personal friend of mine. The comments made by MusicLover are completely unbelievable, and obviously doesn’t really know him. Taylor is one of the most selfless individuals I’ve ever known. Very generous and he is himself. This is the first of its kind. Sorry MusicLover had an ego clash with him.

  • soccermom38

    The comment from MusicLoverLA63 looks like it has been cut and pasted from almost every other blog I’ve read on Taylor’s new album. Evidently, it is someone with a personal vendetta.

    I don’t know Taylor, but do know that I enjoy his music immensely and can’t wait for the new album. It’s nice to have music I can sing along with again. Congratulations, Taylor, and good luck.

  • OnceThere

    Listened to the new CD on KOL.com this past week. It is better than his Idol CD but still evades the mark. Sorry Brian, no electric harmonica or Stevie Ray licks. Instead Hick earnestly sings each song utilizing the same tonal inflection throughout the record, song to song.

    There are a few good tunes with “Seven Mile Breakdown” and a duet with Elliot Yamin on “Woman’s Got to Have it” as two highlights.

    One of the more unfortunate moments of this CD has Hicks taking the old Billy Ray Cyrus tune “Achy Breaky Heart”, using it note for note with rewritten lyrics. As a subtle twist of irony, this tune is called, “Keeping It Real”.

    Perhaps after he’s done wearing that pompadour wig in his “Grease” Teen Angel gig we may see him bringing back the mullet.

  • love it

    The new album is fabulous

  • Lee

    Love The Distance. Hope he can manage more publicity. Keepin it Real is one of my favorites. Very good lyrics.
    And that MusicLoverLA post is on every article about Taylor everywhere, copied and pasted. Must be keeping someone busy pursuing their vendetta.