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By Abbie Gonzalez

I looked at my check on Friday, expecting a bit more money because of the overtime I worked. Nope. I lost almost 20% of my check to taxes. That stinks! I worked 10 hours overtime, and I loose most of that overtime money. The thought entered my head: “If I was on Welfare, I could make more…”

It is not worth my time to work so long and receive almost no compensation for my hard work. It is discouraging to see that the more I work, the less I get. It is almost like a cap on my check; as I make more, more is taken out to bring me back down to a “limit”. I can barely pay living expenses with that check, and I am paying the government also. Don’t get me wrong, I support the right of the government to charge taxes. I do not support the government taking that much for programs I don’t want or need (and that people don’t want or need). I also can’t get by paying taxes that are so high! I need is to pay my college bill, and replace my paper-clip laptop.

Don’t say, “But you’ll get it back when you file in April!” Hey, I need to save for tuition now, not in April! I would very much prefer a consumption tax, or a national sales tax instead. I would also like to see Social Security go away or be moved over to a private organization. Let’s see if it will happen in my lifetime. Guess I better not be too hopeful.

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