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Tatu vs Dixie Chicks

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From THIS PHOTO you might think that the Dixie Chicks are the hottest lesbo act going in the music business.

The Dixie Chicks, Emily Robison, left, Natalie Maines, center, and Martie Maguire, are featured in this undated handout of the cover of the May 2, 2003, issue of Entertainment Weekly. (AP Photo/Entertainment Weekly, HO)

Not so fast, say the girls of Tatu. Even just the casual photo with this news story makes me feel all funny.

No, but that’s not all. They’re actively publicly recruiting the youngest legal girls they can, as young as 14, for a nude photo shoot for their next album cover. Holy spine-tingling publicity stunt, Batman!

Now how exactly are the Dixie Chicks going to top this?

Wait, wait. Ladies. There’s no need to argue. Maybe you could work together, a win-win cross-marketing sensation. You could all get together for a big pay-per-view special that would surely break box-office records.

Grrl power!

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  • hahaha

    the best is t.A.T.u

  • tATu maniacs

    tATu is the BEST group duo than another group in the WORLD
    t.A.T.u ROCK!

  • yea mike is rigth because the dixie chicks are just trying to make tatu seem like the bad guys like they did toby keith. TATU are my hereos

  • t.a.T.u is flippin sweet!!!!! I am going on 16 years old coming Valentines day but anyway they are successful i think, all my friends that never like listening to music and are religious i made them listen to the hit song ”All the things she said” and i asked what they thought of it and they went like the next day and bought the album and i even told them that they were lesbian and they said they were fine with it. Besides think about it two hot girls kissing HELLO thats awesome.Also the dixie chicks lmao are just jealous that they are not getting as much attention so like chernaya Noch said they can go ship themselves to a different planet!

  • Chernaya Noch’

    t.A.T.u is one of the best duos on the planet! I am 14 and even though I am not into lesbians I would say that they are quite good. Their new album, Dangerous And Moving, is very good, their voises get a great workout and it is 16.7 times better than All The Things She Said. Zhulia is my favourite. They both have great voices that are very different to one another but together it sounds sweet. I am suprised that I like them, I am goth so I guess stereotypically I shouldn’t be but, there it is! Dixie Chicks can go ship ’emselves to a distant planet for all I care!
    Congrats to Zhulia Volkova for her newborn baby girl, Natasha!

  • Sharky,

    Fine. You might want to mention that to the country music fans. He’s still winning awards for his videos, albums, etc. The Chicks, for all that I have liked their music, stopped making any new music once they decided to get political and turn their artistic backs on the folks that put them on top. Heck, they were making babies and music at the same time before that. Remember the Chicks’ “Landslide” video? One was seriously pregnant in that one. IIRC, another was pregnant while making that album, just not showing yet. Music isn’t necessarily something that stops a female vocalist’s career in its tracks – I was at the Chicks’ DC concert and they made a point to mention their various kids were with them on the road.

  • Shark

    Bacon Boy, the Dixie Chicks’ current producer happens to be a womb.

    re: Toby Keith – his fifteen minutes of flag-waving exploitation are up.


    Dear Richard Porter,

    Pat Boone has a rap album. Goes great with milk, cookies, and Rush Limbaugh.

  • Victor, you might want to see if the local library has a copy of the CD.

  • Thanks for the advice on how to get with the program, Al. It’s tough, being left out while the greatest cultural phenomena of our era pass me by.

    Downloading videos via P2P is not a viable option for me, due to the limited bandwidth on my dialup connection. (And of course because every downloaded video is a terrible crime against humanity, taking bread right out of the mouths of starving and impoverished entertainment executives.)

    I can’t buy the CD to get the video, because I won’t buy CDs from major record companies until the RIAA figures out a more sane response to file sharing software than filing lawsuits against hundreds of college students.

    So, for now I’ll just have to judge by the photo above. That stiff-fingered breast grab bears scant resemblance to any loving caress. It looks more like a quarterback’s hand taking possession of the ball.

    Which, oddly enough, is not what I’d call sexy.

  • i can explain it…the Chicks have been off starting families.

    while Keith has been making it big with a song about cheating on yer girlfriend/spouse.

    gees, i just luv this family valus stuff.

  • Oh yeah, Toby Keith has sold roughly 25 million albums. He ain’t doing too badly either.

  • Really Shark?

    Perhaps you can explain why Keith is about to release a new album next month, and the latest thing on the Dixie Chicks official website are announcements that they are “retooling” their website, and their online store is having a clearance sale (back in January ’05). Oh, yes, the Chicks joke about working on a German polka album.

    And, hey, if Hillary can sing, she’s welcome to record too. I just hope and pray she doesn’t do a cover like the Chicks’ EW one.

  • it’s amazing how some people just can’t get themselves to exit the talk-radio echo chamber.

    Springsteen involved in a hatefest? right.

  • Richard Porter

    You know Shark, the Dixie Chicks and the HATEFEST tour with Springsteen and other assorted has-beens sure must be kicking themselves that they weren’t able to pull off hijacking the elections from Bush.

    Again, the media tried to pull the wool over middle America’s eyes by insisting that Bush was losing and Kerry would win, right up to election day we all heard this whine. Want some cheese?

  • Shark

    Wait until Hillary makes a CD.

    Man, apparently nothing bothers you conservative, silver-backed houseapes more than some ballsy liberal female.


    BTW: re. “political savvy”, popularity, success, etc.

    The Dixie Chicks have sold more than 24 MILLION albums (and counting), hold dozens of ‘records’ in the country music business (ticket sales, cd debut sales, etc.) and after the BUSH comments, sold out every show on their tour in America.

    BTW: That fuckin’ troglodyte moron Toby Keith, remember “Shock and Yall”?? — is currently on the WHERE ARE THEY NOW show on CMT.

    He disappeared off the radar faster than Osama Bin Laden and Ken Lay combined.


    PS: I hope all your wives stab you in your sleep.

  • I still claim the Chicks were seriously airbrushed in that cover, if not wearing body stockings with major support. I mean, Natalie Maines just wasn’t (at that time) as thin as she appears on the cover. Yet, the whole gimmick was to show them “as they were” to try to argue that the politics weren’t the important part of their act.

    The truly amusing part of the whole thing to me was after the whole “boycott” thing, they were shut out of the various country music awards and “left” country music in a huff, claiming they could make it big in pop music now. Don’t remember any current hits from them, does anyone else? Last I’d heard from them, they were a part of the Springsteen & Co. anti-Bush concert series.

    I can’t discuss Tatu, never been interested in their music, sorry.

  • RIchard Porter

    I will second that Al! Even if it is the only good video they ever do.

  • Thank you, Monsieur Plenty. To get the propoer Tatu lesbo effect though, you need to see the career making video for their main hit, “All the Things She Said.” It’s on the CD and readily available for P2P download.

  • Superb choice of strategic homonym, Mr. Barger.

    Still, call me odd, but this photo of Tatu doesn’t do all that much for me.

    Perhaps it’s because this is the first image I’ve ever seen of them. It’s true, believe it or not. I’ve read about them before, but never saw what they looked like until today. So maybe I just wasn’t primed with any preconceived ideas about their “hotness.”

    There’s something unappealing about the expression on their faces, especially on the one to the right. She doesn’t really seem to enjoy what she’s doing, not for its own sake anyway. Instead it seems she only enjoys the idea of making the viewer jealous. I get the impression she wouldn’t even consider doing that without a photographer or some other audience present.

    Strangely enough, being the target of such crass manipulation doesn’t give me any sexy feelings at all.

    Guess I’m not as susceptible to faux-lesbian imagery as the marketers hoped.

  • Yes we suffer from the delay, but imagine the “making of” bonus video DVD when the album finally does cum out.

  • RIchard Porter

    Al, that image just brought a tear to my eye. Thanks big guy!

  • They’re getting awfully tardy with putting out a follow-up. They’ve probably been too busy making out to make a record. Ah, young love.

  • The Theory

    heck, i’d settle for another tatu explosion.

    i actually pulled out their cd yesterday. didn’t actually go as far as putting it in, but I did reminisce.

  • It’s been kind of slow and dreary what with nothing but feeding tubes and dead popes in the news. I sure wish the Dixie Chicks would start talking crazy and putting out nekkid pictures again.

  • Eric Olsen

    I think Trisha Yearwood is pregnant also. No, you say? She just looks that way?

    Tatu were lesbians the way David Bowie was gay: as a fashion/marketing statement.


    How dare you besmirch the name of these fine and talented Eastern European musicians! You show the ugliness of your very own soul when you make such rude and inconsiderate statements! I don’t know who this “Yulia” person is, but I, for one congratulate her on the forthcoming birth of her child!

  • zèle zailes

    Pfff…Tatu’s nothing else than a product. The Dixie Chicks have proved with their last album called Home that they were REAL musicians, and not only dolls (as we could think listening to their other cds…). The Dixies are not changing their style, they’re just leaving the commercial part to do MUSIC. That’s evolution ! The photo was to protest against the boycott from which they had been victims, an not only to choke and make money. Now that Yulia is pregnant, Tatu are dead, and as far as I’m concerned, this is not a tragedy…

  • Perhaps Ms Yearwood could get together with the Dixie Chicks next time they want to pose for the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

  • jeffreybradshaw

    i am a trisha yearwood fan i love trisha but i also want to see her nudeor totally naked just for one time cause she is sexy

  • Joe

    Tatu? I loved him on Fantasy Island. In a purely manly way, of course.

  • Hardly anyone is claiming that Tatu are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they did come up with at least one outstanding pop single.

  • I’m all for loving one another more, for sure. But what is the deal with TATU. What makes this duo so great? Sorry… I can’t see or hear it.


  • TAcoBriConJa

    TAtu rulezzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!! they’re were really the best!!!! I have nothing to say about them, ’cause ou know im speechless!!!! They were so amazing!!! Look If they were really not popular now, HOW SOON IS NOW for them to be popular enough to satisfy the whole world. Guys dont worry, If our friends hate them, ignore them, if you…we like to listen to their songs lets go… ’cause as they said THEY’RE NOT GONNA GET US!!! And if you guys inlove with your same sex, and it seems that ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID KEEPS RUNNING THROUGH YOUR HEAD, what’s the deal? Love each other more right?!!

  • Tasha

    T.A.T.U Rules! Dixie chiks are jest hores that jump on any thing. T.a.t.u makes there own way. Who cares if there not lesbians or are there music is the stuff that conts. The dixie chiks change there stilles so much who the hell are they. T.a.t.u goes with there own flow not with other bands flow.

    Any ways its the music conts. America is great I’m prowed of it if you dont like it dell or kill your self. There the great thing about america and russia there the only ones who left there home and cokerd.

  • Dixie chicks suck! t.A.t.u is waay better than dixie chicks – not only is their music better but their looks are waay better too! oh yeah and ……NUDITY ROCKS!…heck we we’re born naked! So who the hell say’s clothes make the man!?
    Take a quick listen to some of tatu’s songs and then tell me what you think http://www.bandbuilder.com/tatu/index.php?ref_code=D16712

  • M

    I used to think the Chix were homogenized Nashville product (I’m a punk rocker who used to work in country radio). “Home” changed all that – they’re an excellent group; great singers, good instrumentalists, decent writers, good rebels against the Nashville scene. I won’t jump on the anti-Chix bandwagon, even thought their politics are puerile.

    I mean, as a conservative and a rocker, if I limited myself to artists that were also conservative, I’d be stuck with Ted Nugent, Marky and the late Dee Dee Ramone, Lee Greenwood and Trisha Yearwood.

  • Thing is that I was totally unimpressed with the Dixie Chicks even before they started getting silly. Politics totally aside, I’m at a loss to understand why anyone would even consider buying a Dixie Chicks record when there are still records by, for starters, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris that they don’t own. Why?

    Specifically, I’ll take “All the Things She Said” over any recording by the Dixie Chicks. They may be a producers group, but there was SOMEBODY with some vision there.

  • Dave

    I think its a pretty large stretch to describe “Traveling Soldier” as an anti-war song; it’s anti-war in the sense that “Dead Man’s Curve” or “Oh Where Could My Baby Be” are anti-car songs. Its much more a tragic lovesong than a statement against war.

    And yeah, the Chicks are significantly better at being musicians than they are policy wonks.

  • Jabba the Nutt

    Dixie Chicks: Wide Open Spaces??? Is that the area between their ears?

  • Considering that the Dixie Chicks had a single out at the time this was said which was an anti-war song and it was playing on the radio at the time I’d say that everyone who had a problem with the London speechifying is a blooming idiot. Clear channel and all those idjuts who destroyed the products they bought really need to try that whole sticking their heads back in the sand routine because political engagement is obviously too much to ask for from these people.

  • Eric Olsen

    I wouldn’t call the Chix “phony”: they are superior players, singers and (to a lesser extent) songwriters. They may be politically naive and any number of other things but they aren’t musically phony in any way.

  • Simon Hawkin

    Tatu are as phony as the Chicks. They were selected by a producer who decided to bet on the chic of a lezbo duo. (They are a pretend lezbo couple too, if it makes any difference.)

    What’s important is the music. It’s not bad for the Russian pop scene. I cannot judge the Chicks music.

  • rosignol

    Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

    -Mark Twain

    The recent war (and the worldwide occurences of mass nudity trying to prevent it) are good evidence that he was right.

  • Eric Olsen

    Should have read, “what is truly wrong with the world today” – aliens are looking down and frowning, at least the ones with faces.

  • “they’re what is truly wrong with america these days.”

    That’s hard to believe, considering they’re from Russia.

  • SlackMFer

    TATU are the most retarded act i’ve ever heard of. they’re what is truly wrong with america these days. some stupid no-talent broads (that aren’t even that attractive) can pretend they’re lesbians and suddenly be played all over MTV. that photo and their video that consists of them making out as the whole concept, prove that they’re only trying to make money, and they knew that lesbians sell, especially on MTV which tries as hard as it can to make gays acceptable by showing guys or girls making out all the time. i’m just sad that it keeps working.