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t.A.T.u. Not Lesbians!

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According to The Sun, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova, who topped the charts for four weeks in Feb 2003 with ‘All The Things She Said’ may even change the name of their band – though, as previously reported, that has more to do with the fact their former manager, Ivan Shapovalov, owns that name and has said they aren’t allowed to use it anymore now that they have dispensed with his services.

An insider told the paper: “The truth is the girls were never lesbians in the first place. They feel like they were exploited. They were only aged 14 and 15 when they started singing in concert halls and doing sexy routines. They still want to be controversial and shocking. They want to look and act hotter than ever before – but not as lesbians. Julia and Lena are getting rid of their skimpy school uniforms in favour of a sassier, sexier look.”

This shocking news, not, comes via CMU. If it weren’t for former managers, who would acts trying to re-invent themselves have to blame? Oh yes, they might have to take responsibility for their own actions.

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  • Tatu lesbian

    Jackass man you are

  • Cool


  • lez4tatu

    Im so freakin mad/sad. It broke my heart wen i heard that they fake. But it doesn’t matter cuz they r bff’s just like me and my bff. Now every time i listen to one of their songs, i start to cry cuz i really understand them cuz, helloooo im a teen and Lena said their song r about how had it is being a teen so i cry cuz i know how true it is and how hard it actually is. I really want to know cuz i know Yulia’s bi but i think Lena’s straight. Oh well! I’ll still luv them no matter wat!
    I luv u guys

  • zingzing

    shhh, doc… the mysteries of the language are to be appreciated, not questioned.

    “stop pandering to the wierd and futureless minority”

    this one’s great as well. this ryan guy has a lot of history, science and spelling to learn. obviously his eyes and ears haven’t been good portals for knowledge. maybe we should try the butt…

  • Perhaps Ryan can exercise his god-like powers to explain to us why, since there are such things as celibate Catholic priests, monks and nuns, the human race continues to insist on surviving.

  • zingzing

    “if gay was ok then how did the human race survive?”

    the logic of this sentence is truly the work of a god.

  • ryan

    not really gay? good we dont need any more perverts in the world!!! if gay was ok then how did the human race survive? exactly get a grip and stop pandering to the wierd and futureless minority

  • I dont care, their music is AWESOME!

  • jade

    i love them

  • Seriously

    Why Does Any Of It Matter?

  • Rocky

    The fact the girls lied just f**king breaks my heart.. i was never really obsessed with them but the song; All the things she said has been myn and my girlfriends song for almost two years, im 15 so i mean its perfect.. honestly though i dont think they faked it.. alot of people that are made to kiss end up dating anyway.. well they are still sexy

  • Eric

    Tatu’s really amazin’band. They russian language album “200 Kilometers on the wrong lane” is really kind of russia’s piece de resistance of it’s entertainment world and contains tracks that still have no analogies

  • laura

    i kno they real story they dated in 2000,everythin started out as marketin but they did fall in love when lena tld her parents tht r very religious ndalso homophobic they didnt accept the relation between lena nd yulia nd they end up brekin up… Cuz lena had to much pressure on her…. They rele wanted to be together but unfortunely they cldnt about the yuliasbaby she has two one one named vidka which is ivans daugher nd the other i forgot which is pervis dougher she has baby with ivan cuz when they were havin the party for the hit of all bout us she had sex with him without usin protection she was in love with lena when dat happened shes with parviz only bcs ivan told her to try a relationship with his friend parviz cuz she gave up on lena cuz she was datin her friend andrey theres alot more things to explain i kno they loved each other nd i hope they still btw yulias divoricing parvizyay her… I hope they get back cuz love is most important then enythin

  • lilAngelKiss

    if TATU r lesbians i totally respect them i mean i know how hard it is. No one knows i’m lesbian my real dad is ani-gay so i cant tell him. My mum doesn’t care but i’m to scared to tell. i even go out with boys but i dont like them. But TATO r hot so if their not lesbians who gives???

  • DanielleGardocki

    tatu are totally lesbians or at least bi there is no denying it! it doesn’t matter if one of them got pregnant! their kisses were just too passionate for them to not be totally and completely in love! and anyway they are adorable together and i hope that they continue to make amazing music for a very very long time! HAPPY SMILES to all!!!!!!

  • imissthem


  • chickygirl

    last comment

    i am 15 years old.

  • chickygirl

    ok that was rude. sorry. um i am just tired of ppl threating my kind. my sister is gay and so is my step sister. A lot of my friends are gay or bi. some ppl get jumped because others want to control the human race. t.A.T.u did not state they were or were not lesbians and you can’t get mad over it. They did not lie like i had thought but they did lead you to believe they were. like sb said look at g-a-y.com

  • chickygirl

    when i told ppl a jock told me it is wat i feel not wat others think do it doesn’t really matter if t.A.T.u is gay or not i still love them. and anna go screw yourself. wait then you would be playing with your own sex. nvm…

  • chickygirl

    i love t.A.T.u and nothing will change that but like the others stated i am ashamed that they lied. They are the ones to help me go through telling my parents. I was 7 when i told my best friend and it was bcause “all the things she said”

  • Sb

    As for the whole ‘Are they or aren’t they lesbians’ question? Well, there is no better answer than t.A.T.u’s own words on the matter. “Our first video was about love between two girls. Love, just love. We do not pretend to be lesbians, we’ve never said we were” Lena states matter-of-factly, “Julia just had a baby, and currently has a GIRLFRIEND, and we’ve both always had boyfriends. We share a special bond. We don’t like labels for emotions. People should not be forced to define their feelings. These are natural and cannot be labeled.”

    source g-a-y. com

  • I love you all!

    The (possibly) tangy-wee man is my favourite, but you’ve all done a sterling job of making me laugh.

  • Sarah

    I love this comments thread! I have laughed so much reading this!

  • Misty

    wow. i tough thay was gay..

  • amber

    i like tatu even if they are not lesbians and what does it matter i am straight with 5 children and i think everybody needs love who cares if anybody is gay or straight dont be a judgemental ass!!

  • jes

    Wow, people are STILL commenting on this ?

  • Anna you are reall ignorant
    i think people like you should die i don’t understand why ppl attack other for their sexual oretation

  • cnutz

    This is cunit. And i would like to say that even if those fake ass cunts are not real lesbians does not mean you should personally attack a sexual orientation that you aint knowing shit about homeskillet so eat my turds and swallow it down with my piss. Its yellow, possibly tangy. Then you can look me in the eyes and cringe because that shit aint orange juice.

  • Anna

    Lesbians, gays, and bi’s should seriously die.

  • Bradley

    I Dont care if Tatu are lezbos i just care if they make music i like 🙂 there lives are not my business

  • Adaora

    Now, that is SOOOOOOO disgusting! I won’t kiss a person without a penis (i mean a girl…castrated guys are included though)even though i need their kiss to turn me from an ugly frog princess to a human being. I like their song “All the things she said”, even though i don’t know what it’s talking about. The song has a good way of “Running through my head”…ha ha ha(I crack myself up sometimes!)

  • Flipe

    I realy think there a googd pair! They suit each other perfectly!

  • steve

    man i was like 12 when i saw “all the things she said” and man i likey.

    man it’s a shame their not lesbians. In a distant future i was hoping for a threesome. Hmm maybe chances are better now since they like guys? …hmmm

  • Lalala

    They aren’t lesbian Julia’s having a child in a month from now. They aren’t. . . .

  • jah

    tatu is rock….i love em so so so much….omfg..their kissing picture…wats the story..mm..are they lesbian or not…omfg…some said they only pretend to be one….^,..,^mmmm but i duno..i think they arent though…n really…?julia have children..omg..im 13…tell me sumthing please

  • flora

    by the way ^.^now i’m 13 xD

  • meme

    on its so good

    whay your love them becous akiss

    cmon them voic soo dam coooool

    ilove them so much

  • emo-whispers

    i dant care if they are les or not they both are f**king hot!!! (althouh id prefer ift if they were) hehehe

  • ooOps did i talk 2 much!!!!!! sorry but i’m really looki’n for a handsome boyfriend

  • i’m really a good kisser, pleeez u really wanna kiss me !!!!!!

  • duz any boy here wanna be my boyfriend ?? really i’m looki’n for one pleeeeeeezz

  • i wish t.A.T.u were boyz because i’m looking for a boyfriend!!!!!

  • t.A.T.u are lesbians because in ‘all the things she said ‘ they were KISSING and also if u see they’re picture’s there are lots of DIRTY pictures!!!!!!! but still i really love them sooo much and i love all of their songs!!!!!!! LOL

  • flora

    I forgot to say…
    they are a beautiful dream…they are like angels..I wish I was one of them!:)

  • flora

    hey..just like all of u(I can say it coz I read every single coment)I’m tatu’s fan…I’m happy to share my opinion with you guys cause i know tatu have brought us amazing feelings since their clip “all the things she said”.I just could see into their eyes a dream to become pop stars and they did everything they had to, to get it.I love them and I know that we all can forgive and still loving them.well btw I’m 12 years old.

  • TATU AREnt Leshbeanss! ZOMG but i already towld everyone i was a lesbian just soo i cood be lyk them!1!1! I even ordered a lesbian mail order bride from russia for a reeel tatu experience and paid for all her hair dressings and clothensteins. As a 7 year old it is very hard to make a living for my lesbian wife and i and i am so annoyed!1!1 now my life is ruiened!11! THANKS YOU GAY MONEY HONGERY PRADUCER GUY! YOU SUCK!

  • lizthelez

    their words here people:
    “we are not lesbians, we just love each other,”
    “orientation does not matter to us,”
    though they do admit to having boys all the time- yulia just broke up with “Vlad,” and lena has a steady guy named “tolya,” while still admitting they love each other. it’s not spelled out or black and white anyway u look at it. Go figure.

  • fan

    Tatu girls are not lesbians. Julia has two childern. Lena has a boyfriend. Julia might move to Los Angleas for her job and family needs. They are also are to start to makeing songs in 2007.

  • No, they’re not.

  • woo

    these girls are great, buh im confused…are they or are they not lesbians? everyone’s asking that, buh cant someone give a certain answer? they are so cool! i think sacrifice is so good, all about us and especially all about us. and the video…

  • i no no 1 is on but come on TATU u need to get back in the game. U girls r all i think about i am going mad every time i think of u i say ” they will never come back ” plez prove me wrong. I will always miss the uniforms just bc im a tomboy and i love the shirt and tie look with jeens for both Julia and Lena. im the biggest fan u will ever lose. if i had both your adresses or emal adresses u woul be getting letters 4 TATU to come back and julia i hate your hair under the wig. I love lena’s hair in “all about us”. i love julia’s in “all the thing’s she said” just given the love

  • im a 14 year lesibean and it’s disipointing bc i wanted the to have some one like Julia bc she is hot

  • Y isn’t ant 1 one ?

  • fu** u all if u have a problem with tatu i dont care if thier nat lesbains but the sure did act like lesses durring photo shoots but not durring all the things she said

  • Tatu may be gone but thire spiret will always live on in me. the y need tog get back to sining ang the will kick *** again . come on i love u girls.

  • hayls

    a luv t.A.T.u so much a think they r soo lesbians..are they not maent to be gettin married? twould be soo cool .. as a 14 yr old gay girl i love listenin 2 thm probs more thn any1 else!!

  • nikki

    are any of u goin with somebody

  • MurphysAngel

    if Tatu really are lesbians, i totally respect them. in our society today, there’s so many people that look down on the gay community. we are only a small percentage that’s growing rapidly. but if they really are, than i respect them for being open about it. but i dont look down on it if they were just faking. thats okay too… cuz if it was just a publicity thing… it sure did work!!

  • confusedTATUfan

    ok hold the phone- r they gay or not? sheesh- i mean they’ve taken part in homosexual activities so they aint exactly straight but i wish they would say flat out what their orientations are b/c this is driving me nuts- i just wanna know! i’m a lesbian and i think that if they are too they shouldn’t be ashamed and if they aren’t….well i’ve got mixed feelings about that- i just wish i knew- i love tatu! especially lena- shes adorable! anyone got answers?

  • Jessica

    TATU not being gay is only a rumor, they said so themselves!!

  • trueles#1

    Those TATu videos was so freakin sexy but it was to fake sexy lesbians in it. Why i just wanna know. They broke many hearts jsut to make a quick buck. Now look ones got a baby and the other doesn’t even matter. Why?

  • Tatufan1

    Wow now i know their kisses was lies and fake. If you ask me they kissed pretty good to be pretending like that. Man was it HOT though. Rock on TATU in my world you are the same HOT lesbians i saw you as. I got get me a girl like Julia or Lena. She will be a real lesbian though

  • Lesbian

    Man they broke my heart with there lies I am 13yrs old and pround to be what i am. I don;t have to lie about being straight so people can like me. Shame on them. They still are the sexiest lieing lesbians i have ever seen.

  • les101

    I knew it all along i don’t know why they had to lie they are HOT no matter what they do. It was fun while it lasted. I stil love their music. I love you TATU no matter what you do!!!!!!

  • john cena fan

    oh yeah and the bobcut (her new hairdo) its a wig her real hair is boycut

  • john cena fan

    ok finally i got the story straight they are not lesbians they just love each others as friends no the manager didnt make them kiss they think its normal so they actually kiss yulia or julia has a baby in russia and a boyfriend so yeah and i didnt get this from a fan they said it themselves

  • john cena fan

    ok this still doesnt answer my questions but i gues ill keep wasting my time looking for answers by the way “all the things she said” was not the only time they kissed they kissed many times in concerts or on camera but maybe its a publicity stunt or sumthing to get more populer but i blame the manager for that

  • anonymous

    No surprise. I like their music, but I absolutely hate the whole “omg, look we’re kissing!! lolol” thing. And even if they were really gay, everything that they were doing purposely infront of the camera would have been fake, anyway.

  • djrank

    i think tatu r realli gud i lv em,n i dnt care if der lesbians or not,coz iv gotta fella n im sound wi it.ders songs r da bst i lv all about us,n friend of foe,tatu we lv ya x

  • virginia

    i don’t care if they are lesbians or not. i just liked them cause their music rocked not cause they were lesbians or not. i could care less about their personal lives cause it’s their business and nobody else’s.as long as they make music i like just like any other artist that makes music i like i’ll think they’re cool

  • This stuff about Tatu not being lesbians is a big lie made up by bad people to bring down the girls. It’s a slander. You know they do it all the time. It’s probably just a lie made up by some of Mariah Carey’s lambs to bring down the competition.

  • and it hurt me to know that you both aree not actually lesbians,your kisses says that you are lesbians but your both eyes talk more in saying you both are actually girls.as a thirteen yeaar old kid who idolizes you both,your popularity chaange

  • please tell the worldd who you girls really are.and may i know the 11 year old lesbian?im kinda interested with you actually

  • i love tatu so much and as a matter of fact i consider myself as a tatu obssesed.but that was before coz now they appear as just a friend.aany info bout them?

  • Reggie

    Personally i do not care if they are lesbians. either way THEY WILL ALWAYS BE SO FREAKIN HOTT!!

    Their latest video ‘All about us’ speaks for itself

  • emma-jane

    im shocked that they lied to the whole world im really shocked and i think that there school uniform was really britney spears but i like ALL of there songs emmaXXXX

  • emma-jane

    i cant believe that your not lesbians as an 11 year old lesbian im ashamed

  • KCorma

    as much as i like tatu, they arent really lesbians. it was just an act which did help their career a little. i think the u.s. liked watching two girls kissing eachother but now it seems we dont care AS much. but their new songs are cool. i really like loves me not. but they arent lesbians is what im trying to say :[

  • Jenny

    just for your information, they ARE lesbian lovers, partners if you will. and kept the name T.a.T.u. thanks for spreading rumors though, really.

    they have a new video out,
    “its all about us” dont miss it, its amazingly good

  • I love tatu’s uniforms I think they are so cool and funky

    from Annabel

  • er…didn’t this story break more than a year ago? i remember reading a brief bit of the story in the paper, when i worked at a newsagents. And i haven’t worked at a newsagents for over a year now…

  • The Theory

    that’s a shame. i’ll miss the school uniforms.

    that said, which one will date me now?